LIVE from Bkt Selambau: “Big shock” announcement


Ceramah only due to start at 9.30pm

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Dalbinder Singh

Datuk Seri Anwar is worried that the people get convinced by Najib thus he is using such strategies, but all I can say is mantain your sincere strategies Anwar, changing it towards public relations is not going to be really helpful. The rakyat is with you and hungry with change. I disagree having Najib with PM with all the allegations against him.

Samuel Goh Kim Eng


How really big is big
If forever in our minds dig
If from the tree we get fig
Or wait longer from oil well’s rig?

(C) Samuel Goh Kim Eng – 050409
Sun. 5th Apr. 2009.


let’s say, if DSAI & team didn’t ‘package’ the so-called surprise as such (building up people’s expectation that the ‘kejutan’ to be out of this world), do you think the BN-controlled media would ever bother to bother sharing it with the mass prior to the announcement? yup, it was a good PR (as in, Public Relation)-stint alright. the ‘kejutan’ was quite a disappointment for me as anybody else’s commenting here, but come to think of it, for once the PR (as in Pakatan Rakyat) got to finally grab the BN-controlled media’s attention, like, big time. the ‘kejutan’ may not big… Read more »

Andrew I

Dalbinder, it is. What Antares said last night about Anwar, I’m sure a lot of people will relate to. I didn’t like Anwar until that truly disgusting period in 1998.

The thing is, it has taken us this long to get where we are. I’m happy for every victory, however small, that Anwar and Pakatan is able to garner.

Hopefully, we’ll soon be UP BN’s way.


anwar is just a normal people like us. he was too beaten till almost dead in the lockup. he is a better people than us because he got the integrity, determination & strong will.

Ramesh Laxman

If you are like me who has worked in Third World countries you would have known about this . Leaders or their assistants fix a time and he never show up. And more often if they do they never keep time though they ware very expensive watches. I hope that our leaders or those who hope to lead us will not lead us by our nose over the cliff.


mana kejutanya ?

anwar pembohong!!

sama jer macam 16 sept!

Dalbinder Singh

shockers are only done by public relations people , i guess anwar believes in frank media. isn’t it good ?

Sam Yap

What “kejutan”? Didn’t feel the earth move. Anwar should be more careful of what is and what is not “kejutan”. PPP VP and 11 divisions is not a small deal but everyone knows that PPP is a spent force. PPP couldn’t even respond forcefully in the face of Ali Rustam’s attack on their value to BN. I hope that this “BIG” announcement will not adversely affect Pakatan’s chances in swinging the voters over to PR’s side.


kejutan apa?nothing is there to say kejutan….hmmmm

Andrew I

IPF is another party that BN has been stringing along all these years.

How much longer is it going to take them to realize that they’re banging their heads on the wall?

johanssm / khun Pana

6000 is a huge number and effectively wipes out Kedah’s PPP.
We need more friends than foes .
Does not matter if our new comrades will be in DAP or PKR or PAS.
Let us welcome them as they wanted to change .
I do hope Anwar did remind them not to bring over some of their bn culture into PR.
No bribery and no demanding of positions.
let us keep PR as a clean grouping.


Come, come fellas, Is’nt that good news? What are you all expecting from Anwar…a miracle? He is no messiah, there is a limitation he can do. Perhaps, if you are old enough, you recalled most defections in the good old days, it was the opposition members going over to the BN regime. We see defections coming over to PR now and that is great!… if I may add, with a tight by-election in Bkt Selambau, it is timely and a great booster! At least now, there will be a domino effect of more defections, hopefully in the near future coming… Read more »


THe big kejutan is “I WAS NOT TERKEJUT AT ALL.” Huarghhhh!


With a vice-president of a BN component party joining PKR together with about 6000 members is surely a jolt for BN. PPP members would be well represented in PKR. They all are aware that a win for PKR candidate means a place for him as an EXCO member. He will be the only Indian to represent the Indians (as well as the other races, as PKR is multi-racial). An opposition Indian voice is not relevant in the state assembly for now. This is the sentiment here. PR is ruling the state of Kedah. The Indians have realised that it has… Read more »

Ramazi - Caucasus

Thanks for your great dedicated effort Anil, hopefully U could be considered to be a candidate for the next bi election by the time I will be back to support U. I am in Southern Russia and have been on line to follow up this blog up to now , its 2110 now. Its great. Well done


As far as the Bukit Selambau by-elections is concerned, yes, its a big ‘kejutan’. It may have been advantage PR with a thin margin previously, but Semi-Value just lost … Now to focus on Bukit Gantang. BN is making a big onslaught in the Chinese community, trying to win back the votes it lost in droves in GE 12. Will sufficient Chinese there return to MCA to swing the advantage to BN ? Hard to say. I won’t comment on Batang Ai, simply don’t have any direct information sources there. In the wider scheme of things, the aftermath will be… Read more »


Come on! The suspense is killing me! So Najib has placed Malaysia under UN supervision, to make it a model UDHR-compliant nation? Altantuya isn’t really dead? Anwar has joined UMNO? Whaaatt iiiisss iiittt?


The big “kejutan” will come after PR win big in the by-elections, that is the repeat of the next RAHMAN prophecy, Razaleigh-Anwar could join hands to oust the Be-eNd gomen, Razaleigh will be the next PM, the Anwar, then a PAS leader with “H” initial… Long live PR!!!


Mana kejutan nie.

man shah alam

harap2 esok ada lagi kejutan .teruskan anwar


Will PPP be good for PR? Ali Rustam must be laughing his head off the entire night in Malacca…


Hi Rakyat Bukit Selambau, Selira rakyat Bt Selamabu (indian supporters) goes back to MIC and supports BN,…. tak ada pendirian, macam lalang, bila Najib bebas tahanan ISA, Hindarf, anak saya bolih tahu apa tujuan dan objective nya, budak kecil pun tahu. Ini semua strategi jahat dan zalim dari Najib and BN. Kalau Bt Selambau jatuh balik ke BN, maka semua rakyat Malaysia bolih lupakan REFORMASI buat selama lama nya. Masa depan rakyat berada di tangan orang orang India, jangan terpengaruh degan segelintir orang yang gilakan kuasa, semua rakyat ikut terlunjuk saja. Pakatan Rakyat mesti berani memancung BN keluar dari Bt… Read more »

thepplway 求真

I’m waiting here ,is it online now,bro?


as anwar, he likes to put things right as what he was and continue to rectify when found wrong as he is