LIVE from Bkt Selambau: FRU disperses crowd again


My contact in Bukit Selambau reports:

0026: Three PKR supporters are believed to have been detained for not dispersing, though I am unable to confirm this.

2355: Police have given a final warning for the crowd to disperse. My contact is concerned that there could be arrests.

2350: In Jalan Cinta Sayang, the FRU are asking the crowd to disperse, but some are jeering and not moving.

2340: Over at Bandar Baru in Bukit Selambau, Anwar has addressed a crowd of around 5,000 as the eve of polling draws to a close.

In Simpang in Bukit Gantang, a crowd of 5,000 has just listened to Husam Musa and other NGO activists talking about whether Umno is really the defender of Malays and whether Pas is a puppet of the DAP.

Abolish ISA Movement coordinator Syed Ibrahim has pointed out that there are still 27 people detained in the nearby Kamunting Detention Centre. Helicopters have been circling overhead throughout the night.

The crowd is now dispersing. On the main road outside the Expo site, a boisterous crowd is roaring and waving Pas flags at passing vehicles.

2335: The mamak restaurant in Jalan Cinta Sayang in Bukit Selambau has pulled down its shutters as people were taking refuge there. About a thousand people are near where my contact is standing, with more across the road and all around.

2330: My contact who only just arrived at the scene is unsure what triggered the latest incident. It is at the same site where last night MIC folks confronted the PKR crowd. The MIC ops centre is just a couple of doors away from the PKR main centre.

2318: The crowd jeers. Uncertain yet if any arrest. Now the rain has stopped and the crowd is moving slowly to the road again. The FRU trucks appear intimidating. A chopper just flew over our heads. I’m moving closer.

2308: The FRU has moved in to disperse a crowd at Jalan Cinta Sayang, where the PKR ops centre is. Hardly 10 minutes later, three FRU trucks arrive to reinforce the personnel there as the crowd of 2,000 was refusing to budge.

It is raining and the crowd is seeking shelter in nearby shoplots.

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I had friends from Simpang and Kuala Sepetang who stayed back after Ching Ming just to VOTE FOR PAS!!!!!!!before they return to KL and Singapore on the same day!!!!!!!!!!!!!THIS is TRUE!!!!mind you,they took unpaid leave!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!WHY?????because they want to teach amno a lesson for … the country and their racist educational policies!!!!!Tun’s visit moves more fencesitters to PAS!!!!!!He was the culprit of them all!!!!!!Wolf crying wolf!!!!


k for kasut buruk.Where are you??????I prove that your stupid analysis was all wrong!!!!Chinese votes 85% for Pas.Malay Pas votes DO NOT SWAY!!!Even after TUN drop by!!!!hahahahhahahhahhhaaaa.Indians voters support Pas and Pkr too!!!where are you now ,coward??????

Andrew I

Another lunar eclipse in the skies of Malaysian politics. And right after the rocket went to the moon.

Well done indeed, Pakatan.


Thank you for the live coverage again, Anil. I don’t know what we’d do for info if not for guys like you.

And btw, the video is apparently about something that never happened – according to the news of Ntv7 last night!!! Hahahaha!


it’s funny that they were roadblocks after the results, as the celebration for the winning party is prohibited. they can planned to catch the civilians, but they can’t see the hantus.

anyhow, congrats to both winner in the 2 bukits, we ate the bukits, and let go the batang for them to mum….


Ibans in Batang Ai have made the wise decision to vote for BN. They just loved the BN.

As i have mentioned before, the Ibans are better off when the CM is a NON Iban


well done pakatan …..


What a great win for PR! 407 is much better than 308 because it shows Rakyat’s wish is deeply entrenched.
We are celebrating with “Fireworks and Firecrackers” in Singapore!!!
Congrats to Pakatan and Rakyat. Cheers!

anna brella

FRU again to control the crowd/behaviour at an election? Why the need for all this pesta riaish atmosphere and loud hoohhaa for this simple and solemn democratic activity? I look forward to the day when elections and voting in Malaysia will be handled by the electorate in the same restrained manner that they now use when say, they go to the post office to post a letter or to the bank to withdraw some cash. But having said that for now, congratulations to PR/PKR’s Manikumar for having won the state seat in Bukit Selambau. “Imagine Power To The People” John… Read more »


Word is out…people are coming back as far as Singapore and KL to vote


I would say, the 5000 strong crowd were not 100% PR supporters but, with the actions and intimidation of these ‘RED Gurads’ they were pushing more fence sitters to the side of PR.
Cheating and bullying by UMNO are their means to gain power…when people who have tasted money and power, they will abuse it to clinch on to rule. Sad to see this sort of despicable mentality is allowed to continue….

Andrew I

One professes standing for change. One represents no change.

Zero is what we’ll get.


where s najib?? not in any ceramahs. knows he is not popular.see his face, … so mahathir instead…….ha ha ha!


The people of all races of Malaysia reject Mahathir brand of racial politics-one that divide the Rakyat.
Say NO to Racism ,Corruption & Nepotism.
Say NO to Mahathir
The Good PM Malays are:
Tuanku Abdul Rahman first PM
Tun Razak
Hussein Onn
They were respected and they did NOT made themselves Finance Minister to enrich themselves …
Thank God for Anwar,Nik Aziz,Tengku Razaleigh,Zaid ibrahim,
Nizar Jamalludin and many Honest non Corrupt Keadilan & Pas Leaders.
With these Leaders there is Hope left for Malaysia.


BN you can use all sort of tactics but it will just harden the rakyats drive to removed the evil one from power. My prayer is for it to be 3-0 tomorrow. God Bless those that are voting tomorrow and hopefully majority of them will make the right choice.

Sam Yap

Welcome To Najib’s Malaysia!
You Can Have a Ceramah But You Cannot Speak,
You Can Campaign But We Are Watching YOU,
You Can Stand for Election But You Must Not Win,
You Are A Malaysian When We Need Your Vote,…
You Are What You Are Because Of Who You Vote For,
So Vote Wisely If You Want To Be a TRUE MALAYSIAN!



Bukit Selambau folks should be angry enuff to vote against UMNO/BN!


Selambau seems to be the most crucial by election as many hands are helping over there. It appear that the supporters are conquering the area rather than locals them selves.

Gantang would most likely be Nizar !! Go Nizar!


This high handed action by the FRU will hardly endear the people to vote for BN. Maybe we should thank them for helping PR.


Umno/BN has the dubious distinction of being known as the political alliance that destroyed itself through a freakish and fatal combination of dementia senilis and protracted puerilitis.