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For Aliran leadership to understand the significance of Tik Tok among the younger generation (short form video plus text can trigger the brain grey cells more effectively)

“PAS is a social media-savvy party that has taken advantage of newer platforms such as TikTok, which has helped it reach out to young voters.”


Today people especially the young ones do not read anymore.

You need to spread your message via short interesting videos over the internet.

Aliran must take note.


KUALA LUMPUR, Nov 21 — The police have today warned Malaysian social media users against uploading content that would threaten public safety and order, after the online public brought up clips by youths on TikTok bringing up the May 13, 1969 racial riots and violence after the 15th general election.


Aliran must keep up to stay relevant. Need to review its marketing approach to reach new audience.


Anil can gather feedback from its readers (focus group approach) on how to improve Aliran’s reach to wider audience.


“PAS would like to thank everyone, especially the young voters, for putting their trust in us and PN.”

– Abdul Hadi Awang


Seen this coming from the start. Now those PH supporters who have been cursing BN supporters as running dogs, eunuchs,… inspired ala Superman Hew, now looking to BN as their savior for a moderate and open Malaysia, a whole 360° switch from the tone 24 hours ago. Poetic??? This sort of hate politics is also what pushed the malays to the extreme right. Must be proud for single-handedly finishing off the moderate, progressive, pro-economy Najib. The religious flames have been stroked, but unfortunately this there’s no strong Umno or prime Mahathir to keep them at bay. Ps: Superman Hew should… Read more »


Why you dont say about pushing the nons? Say about porky, boars and Red beans? You no say about ABU from Haris? You no see but at least over 300k postal votes fly into KL? What makes postal votes fly? Suddenly you blame on Superman? This you kojak Lex Luthor? You cant see the Malays orso desert UMNO? Superman in politics are talking about politicians in UMNO. Why not lodge report if incite race and religion?


It is very WRONG with the PN (Bersatu and PAS) ruling the country. WHY? Because they are religiously talking of HATE of other non muslim citizens and by luck/default hate of BN, PN gains . The confidence will give them the intensity to do more harm for the long term. They may not be aware but their believe that it works motivates them.


At least DAP is gentlemen enough to apologize to GPs. So PN, BN and PAS must also be humble and not arrogant to apologize for insulting others.

A Rakyat 888


” Doing so will ease community’s sensitivities, says Datuk Mohd Asri Zainul Abidin” 


Ah asked the same of other political parties earlier. But ah think its done. We should just move forward and let the newly formed Government get down to the business of governing our Nation or there will be no end to it.


Who is more “alpha male” between Anwar n Muhyddin to lead the country?

Today 2 pm will be revealed

Alpha 888


1. Pact to form new Federal Govt now in question by Sharon Ling dd Monday, 21 Nov 2022

“Ahmad Zahid, who retained his Bagan Datuk seat, also said all 30 Barisan MPs who won in GE15 had signed a statutory declaration and given him the mandate to determine any political pact in forming the new Federal Government.”

Cont. to B2


The Aliran team of political scientists and analysts have been very quiet during the 2-week campaign period. To show their impartiality?

Freddy Lim

Nobody ever heard of them that means their articles could not reach outtto the masses. Time for Aliran to rethink if it’s strategy is still relevant today.


Have they ever appeared on ‘Ruang Bicara’ on Bernama TV?

Otherwise nobody will take notice.


Bernama TV Ruang Bicara hosted by Sherkawi Jirim is very influential in embedding messages to makay psyche with input from local professors like Siva, Azmi, Syamsul… Anil and Aliran folks should find way to be guests in the program to air alternative views under the new Unity government administration.

Alpha 888

Boomer-ang dd 20 Nov 2022 11.04pm ” Seen this coming from the start. Now those PH supporters who have been cursing ……… finishing off the moderate, progressive, pro-economy Najib. ” =============== Yes, they all knew the Blue Ocean man had the charisma to pull off a major win in GE15, despite him facing some ‘setbacks’. They also came to understand that they were really, really were no match for him. The winning of the 2 state by elections of Johor and Melaka told them so.  … Now they are seeking ( on a count of them having only one leg to stand)  to smoke… Read more »

Alpha 888


>>>> Barisan Nasional had the “resources” to win the GE15 but most of the time, their performance were lackluster and some went about shooting their own foot and there were those who were just quiet, etc. Not sure why just yet. The man of Blue Ocean had already laid the foundation since mid last year for a win. So, how did they get to lose GE15?

Probably, all will get to reveal itself later as time passes, just like this one.

Cont. to B6

A Rakyat 888

“ZAHID COMES UNDER HEAVY FIRE” by Zakaiah Koya and Alliison Lai dd Thursday, 24 Nov 2022


So, ” The cat is now out of the bag “. Whatever was going on behind the scene, whatever denials made before, now we know. These politicians do not know that when one deals with public matters secretly, one cannot hide it for long, for sooner or later, the truth will come out.

Alpha 888


dd Monday, 21 Nov 202211:43 AM MYT

” As I have mentioned previously, I will reject cooperation with Pakatan. I am even willing to be sacked from the party and will not change my stance,” said Hishammuddin. “No Anwar, No DAP, if any parties feel that action can be taken against me for my stance, please do so.”

Cont. to B5

Alpha 888

B2 == 2. REPORT: 29 BN MPs BELIEVED TO HAVE SIGNED SDs SUPPORTING MUHYIDDIN AS PM  dd Sunday, 20 Nov 2022 11:48 PM MYT ” All 29 Barisan Nasional MPs except Umno president Datuk Seri Dr Ahmad Zahid Hamidi are believed to have signed statutory declarations (SDs) backing Tan Sri Muhyiddin Yassin as prime minister. According to a source, this was facilitated by Sembrong Member of Parliament Datuk Seri Hishammuddin Hussein on Sunday night (Nov 20), Utusan Malaysia reported.” ” Ahmad Zahid in a statement said that any Barisan MPs who violate party instructions will result in the removal of… Read more »

Alpha 888


>>> Is supporting another MP or Party while still remaining in one’s own party against the said law as stipulated under Article 49A?

Alpha 888


” Ahmad Zahid did not have the power to make decisions on behalf of UMNO and Barisan. He cannot (claim) the party’s mandate without agreement from the Barisan and UMNO supreme councils ….. As such, any decision the president makes for the party without going through the right process is invalid in terms of the party constitution.”

Cont. to B4

Alpha 888

B6 == 5. GE15: STOP HARPING ON WHO WILL BE BN’S PM CANDIDATE, DR WEE TELLS OPPOSITION by Yee Xiang Yun dd Thursday, 17 Nov 2022 8:15 PM MYT ” If they are as confident as they say, why the need to ‘jaga tepi kain orang’ and keep harping on who Barisan’s prime minister is going to be? ” >>>>> Sorry Dr. Wee, but please don’t say, why “jaga tepi kain orang” or not to be a busybody, or mind your own business, more so during a campaign period for an election. Its what the Oppositions normally do to win an… Read more »

Alpha 888

A2 == Before the GE15, the Opposition vehemently denied and said that there was no deal, no pack, no agreement between the coalition leaders of these 2 parties. So, now, if they get together, does it mean they lied? All their clueless supporters who cheered their Opposition leaders who said those nasty things and the supporters also equally said likewise, and now are you people going to go down on all fours and lick back what you people have said before and during the election campaign? How is this going to make Pakatan Harapan a respectable government of integrity? Not to worry,… Read more »


Post GE15, must be realistic instead of idealistic. Principle must be temporarily set aside to ward off immediate danger.

Now green is a bigger threat than blue.

Please thumbs up if you agree

Alpha 888

A1 == GE15 : BN AND PAKATAN LEADERS SPOTTED ENTERING SERI PACIFIC HOTEL by Rahimy Rahim dd Monday, 21 Nov 2022 10:30 AM MYT ======== The Final Count – BN 30 , PH 81, PN 73, GTA 0, GRS 6, GPS 22, OTH 8. So, what is the Opposition going to do now. Are they going to eat their ‘vomit’ they spewed about their opponents before and during the campaigning for GE15. The Opposition said on stage in front of the Rakyat that BN was dirty, kotorrr, rotten and corrupt to the core. With what face are they going… Read more »

Alpha 888 ( A Voter )

It is all bright and sunny this morning on election day. By evening the votes will begin to be counted.


all pha, you mean if it is cloudy and raining day, things will be different? no votes to count and everyone sleep?


Zahid pulled a ‘trigger’ tonight and Abah caught off guard.

We may be seeing Wee Ka Siong and Anthony Like sitting side by side in parliament….


Wee Ka Siong prefers PN to safeguard his ministerial position? Probably he prefers to sit next to PAS lebai?


‘Seri Pacific Move’ neutralised the advantage of Abang Jo and GPS as kingmaker.

Perhaps Abang Jo’s cockiness immediately after GE15 is short-lived.

A Rakyat 888

How nice. Clueless Opposition people no more cursing and criticizing BN people. They must have seen the bigger picture and the greater good.

The meaning of Hypocrisy – the practice of engaging in the same behavior or activity for which one criticizes another or the practice of claiming to have moral standards or beliefs to which one’s own behavior does not conform.

Just a thought. Hee, Hee. ( Last laugh, maybe? )

Alpha 888

No, that’s not what ah mean. What ah mean is totally opposite of what your Opposition people mean or has been trying to say all along, which is all doom n gloomy, thunderstorm with neck deep flooding and no to election. You catch now what ah mean.