Live – Climax of Tenang campaign


Tonight is the final night of campaigning for the Tenang by-election tomorrow.

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Phua Kai Lit
Phua Kai Lit
31 Jan 2011 2.23pm


Only a small “battle” within UMNO/BN’s Johor stronghold was lost, the “war” is not over yet!

30 Jan 2011 7.17pm

It is SAD to say that the chances of PR now after Tenang will most probably resulted to be defeats in many other area in the coming 13th General Election. PR ABLE TO WRESTLE THE RAKYAT from BN in the last election and within the last 2 years BN HAS COMPLETED A TURNAROUND of this situations. As a Malaysian you can only dream of change but in reality BN will still rules for many election to come. We rallied for PR but PR LET DOWN THE PEOPLE WITH THEIR MULTI PROBLEMS ESPECIALLY WITH PKR. Stop the dream, because it ain’t… Read more »

29 Jan 2011 8.45pm

If the chinese again voted for amno after all the past and present racist treats & nonsense by amno-utsan-pekasa-perkim;not to mention the unfair second-class treatment , then indeed you can conclude they are stupid…