Live – Batu Sapi, Galas by-elections


Latest updates from polling day for Galas and Batu Sapi by-elections.

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3 things happened in Galas By Election:-

1. Nik Aziz did taste his own medicine..he was confronted by his very ex own man Ustaz Md deris..

2. Dont play around with YBM Tengku least Nik Aziz should give way to UMNO uncontested..saving his own face

3.Kelantan is not careful Tok Guru..


Can someone please explain why the Chinese votes swing back to BN at Galas?

We all know that the Orang Asli community voted for BN because DPM promised them things like school and electricity/water. Also it was reported that PAS did not help to rebuild the damaged church of orang asli.


Actually Barisan won fair and square. Pakatan Rakyat has no excuses at all. At the moment Pakatan Rakyat is busy house cleaning. As you know PKR is sorting its leadership issues. DAP is also doing its general election spring cleaning too. PAS leadership is also bringing in new and talented members into its leadership. Pakatan is now consolidating its position and membership. So dont worry. Jangan khuatir. In fairness to Barisan other matters aside, they ran a full swing campaign. Pakatan is going to be ready for the general elections which is very soon now. That is when we are… Read more »

Ong Eu Soon

DAP always believe the chinese votes are solid deposit for Pakatan. This is what BN like to see. When the campaigns were focused on chinese areas even PAS can neglect the Malay votes. DAP is acting like it is the appendix of BN. Racial politic is the triumph card of BN. Why until now DAP still can’t go beyond racial politic to it’s own detrimental? Penang can be defeated easily if DAP still stick to racial politic, hoping that the chinese votes can deliver Pakatan the victory. Eventually Keadilan will be defeated by a small margin of chinese vots that… Read more »


LKS predicted that Batu Sapi will herald a change…Now his wish has been granted….People have rejected PR in a strongest manner possible !
The message is LOUD and CLEAR.

People are saying NO to PR’s racism, corruption, nepotism, unending political drama and inflighting…at this rate PR will be humilaited in the 13GE…


This buy election, UMNO has played smart. Vote first then (allegedly) get paid unlike previously.


If this is truly the way to secure unwarranted votes, the voters who voted to get paid filthy money are doing their own doom. Their conscience will follow them to their graves, their future generation’s condemned destiny theirs to wail day and night and no one’s to blame but themselves. It seems some people are desperate in rural communities to the extent that a few hundred enticing ringgit is a lot to feed them for a whole month. So their desperation for a quick fix in November says a lot of their mentality – the future is not theirs to… Read more »


If we look at by election previously before the tsunami, the opposition never had a chance at all. After the tsunamis almost every by election was won by the opposition until UMNO and BN started the BUY ELECTION. Then it did have some effect especially but not TOTAL EFFECT as can be seen in Sibu. The rural poor especially the Indian must really wake up otherwise they will be forever poor and marginalised. IT IS ALL SO OBVIOUS.


These 2 victories does not signified any increase of support to the BN. As for Galas, it is because of Kuli who as always has the Chinese support because of his moderate stance. For Batu Sapi and Sabah & Sarawak, as I have always said before PR must really buck up especially on the rural folks if they want to march to Putrajaya. In Batu Sapi, PR has done quite a good job even trouncing that local Yong Teck Lee but they must collaborate more with the local especially on local issues. The increase in BN majorities is because of… Read more »


Like it or not, Galas + Batu Sapi says a lot about how far the opposition still has to go to win Putrajaya. Say what you want about UMNO/BN should be kicked out of power, the people are weak and there is not enough resources to beat UMNO/BN.

Ong Eu Soon

There is no tsunami as expected, the 2% chinese votes that swing back to BN will be a nightmare for Pakatan especially Keadilan and DAP. All you need is just a 2% chinese votes to be swing back to BN which is possible as majority of those who voted for Pakatan during 308 GE were BN core supporters. If Pakatan want to retain Penang state government, LGe need to bulk up or he can pack his belonging and go back to Melaka. Another 2% to 3% swing of Indian votes and Malay votes will seal the fate of Pakatan in… Read more »


Thought there was a sense of half-heartedness in PR, both in Batu Sapi and Galas. What was real was Ansari falling into the water.

If only we had a reasonably free press, we’d have better information to fight the BN and to straighten out the opposition. There’s only way to get a free press and we can’t get it with BN.


Congratulations to BN on their convincing victories.


Some critical advice, For future strategies, wherever PAS/PKR campaigns in a MINORITY SUBSTANTIAL constituency, it MUST WITH CLARITY *promise and pledge* to ***END (Discrimination)*** and give all citizens EQUALITY to ensure the minority vote. Alternatively, DAP could run in such constituencies so a minority face could be seen to prevent the racial based voters from doing what they did here. In the Batu Sapi case, BN’s Tsen won because the minorities were still afraid of PKR and just voted on the racial line. As for Galas, it could very well be the Hudud issue that might have affected the voters.… Read more »

Gerakan K

After PR losing the polls, DAP’s leader wanted to sue Berita Harian[1]

People are observing every action of any politician and vote accordingly. Don’t blame the voters if they do not vote you now and in the future.

[1] An unconvinced Kit Siang to sue Berita Harian (


Good Pakatan Rakyat lost both Galas and Batu Sapi Buy-Elections, might as well! Stop licking your wounds, just WAKE UP!

About time we the Rakyat/Electorates give those “Yang Berhormats of 2008” a tight slap for being too relaxed, not listening to the people/supporters, too arrogant and not being able to stay united by backstabbing each other.

Let this be a warning that we are not their “Fixed Deposit” and will never be unlike those goons in BN.

Let’s now see if Najib dares to call for an early GE-13.

Gerakan K

Heartiest congratulation to BN !!!

1Malaysia is the answer for all Malaysians !!! Bravo 1Malaysia PM Najib for his brilliant concept !!!

For PR, stop manipulating the TBH issue. People are fedup about it.

The protest in Penang was real one. The people of Galas and Batu Sapi also voiced their disapproval of PR.

Admit your mistake now or lose all states in next GE.

Finally, BN will capture Penang next !!! Bring on the GE 13 now !!!

Justice of Penangites !!! Justice for Kg Buah Pala !!!


Stop talking nonsense. BN will NEVER end (racial discrimination), so which idiot would vote for being a second class citizen…?

Gerakan K

A lot of Chinese and Orang Asli voters in Galas and Batu Sapi had voted BN, so are you trying to belittle them ???


Frankly speaking I and many Penangite really don`t give a damn about the Kg Buah Pala residents who have not sign up the compensation promised by LGE. They can go to hell and any blame should go to UMNO & MIC who are stirring trouble forr their own agenda. It is these few stupid folks who have been misled. The KBP folks promise have been fulfilled with a RM 700,000 double storey house. LGE must make sure that the developer complete those houses before the next GE to shut up the mouth of UMNO, MIC BN


at the end of the day, money talks



While waiting for the results, we did a very subjective “EXIT-POLL” computer generated result for Batu Api[with limited basic information on today’s local climatic conditions & “heart-feel” sentiments]… this was the interesting result….. let us enjoy the “WIN” by PKR/PR Coalition!

Batu Sapi Parliamentary Seat: NOv. 4th 2010

Voters Turn-out : 15,774 voters

PKR/PR Coalition: 6,570 votes
PBS/BN : 5,933 votes
SAPP : 2,477 Votes

Spoilt Votes : 794 Votes

UnOfficial Result pending confirmation from EC

Latest: PKR/PR Coalition has WON the Batu Sapi Parliamentary 13th By-Election!


Hey Ani,

The low turn out may be a good sign for the opposition. Those who blindly & “fatally” love the PBS/UMNO/BN are those in the remote parts of the urban & sub-urban parts of Batu Sapi, right?… their absence will lower the support for the ruling coalition… while the “solid” turn-out of Chinese, Bumis[with the ex-USNO, Ex-Berjaya & unhappy PBS & Rebellious UMNO] will throw their support behind the PKR/PR Coalition or SAPP, right?

All the best…. May the results be a positive & motivating factor to usher in the “REAL CHANGE” in the 13GE!!!


Without hands on feedback or actual “pulse reading” of the local’s sentiments… it is rather difficult to give an objective view of the possible outcome of Batu Sapi.[Galas can go either way, with Tok Guru Nik/PAS & Ku Li having almost equal respects/reverance.. the senior Age factor will tilt the balance to Tok Guru]. Based on the overview & superficial reading of the general public sentiments of Sabah, Sarawak riding on the PR Coalition’s Success/Strength in West Malaysia…. the message of “Change” & “Replace UMNO/BN and their local lackeys,[which includes both PBS & SAPP”]” will be more meaningful and and… Read more »


DUN GALAS – Pengarah Pilihan Raya PAS Datuk Abdul Halim Abdul Rahman berkata, PAS mendapat petunjuk yang baik berkaitan peluangnya untuk memenangi pilihan raya itu.


DUN Galas…Setakat jam 4 petang, sebanyak 8,073 telah keluar mengundi. Jumlah ini mewakili 69.88 peratus.


4.28pm DUN Galas…Setakat jam 4 petang, sebanyak 8,073 telah keluar mengundi. Jumlah ini mewakili 69.88 peratus.


4.28pm Setakat jam 4 petang, sebanyak 8,073 telah keluar mengundi. Jumlah ini mewakili 69.88 peratus.


If the Batu Sapi voters are mostly from the internet blog here, PR will win downright.