LIVE: BN routs Pakatan in Bagan Pinang


Live coverage of developments from the Bagan Pinang by-election.

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yeah I agree all must respect the BP outcome. Whatever raesons should be kept within the next BE or GE. Should the result turned the other way round, I think BN would also accept it. So, only Muslims accept what Allah knows best for us.

Ong Eu Soon

A small surprise win at the last GE has made the Pakatan supporters and leadership to become too complacent. All those no brainers think the winning of Pakatan at the next GE is a foregone conclusion. In reality it is more complicated than what they thought. If the Kedah MB and the Penang CM still in power, Anwar’s dream of becoming PM will turn out to be a nightmare! Anwar is also a big time disappointment to those who voted for change not the same; he doesn’t seem to provide the needed leadership to stop the Kedah MB and the… Read more »


Yes, PKR must do something about its deteriorating situation. PKR has been delinquent when it comes to discipline. The mantra of “Pakatan does not sweep things under the carpet” under the free-for-all madness for self-flagellation needs to be seriously examined and qualified in its application. When each and every Tom, Dick and Harry can hide under this slogan and display his indiscipline, prejudices, disdain and personal ambition against the coalition’s principles and aspirations and escape scot-free from punishment and rebuke, this is a sign and precursor for the downfall of the coalition. Let the Pakatan make doubly clear to any… Read more »


Actually PAS didn`t lost the Bagan Pinang as it was already an UMNO seat. Despite the last tsunami, UMNO was able to held on to it. This election was no different. In fact the Indian and Chinese voting pattern were more or less the same except that some Indian tilted due to the cash pittance they were given at the last moment. The most drastic change is the postal vote in which more than 80% went to UMNO. causing the majorities to rise significantly. As I see it, PAS and Pakatan should not be alarmed as the pattern goes the… Read more »

Vijay Kumar Murugavell

For the thousandth time ,STOP insulting Bagan Pinang voters for their decision, they decided,
don’t forget ketuanan rakyat.
Listen to the message, stop spinning reasons for the losses,what is required here is a response to the issues not a reaction.


Ai yah, why so surprised People? By-election, so election bought la! The people already promised to deliver Bagan Pinang back to BN if he fielded Isa, you really cannot lose with 5000 postal votes la! It was a sure win from beginning. The local Malays want him and the Indians are flocking back to UMNO. There were good times with Isa when he was MB, with truck loads of money spreading out from Nilai to PD. His minions were dropped like flies when new MB took over. Let’s see whether Jibby will be squeezed hard enuff to make Isa MB… Read more »

people power

Sorry people need to be a critic. Only a couple of comments in this blog actually means anything. The rest is the typical gibberish. The same spin either BN/PR is not the issue but we are still in a coconut shell. We the public know the flaws and the mishaps, yet we, the public continue to sing the same song does us no service except to serve our own needs. For once if we can be truthful to ourselves and seek just irrespective of our origin with our own sacrifice,then we can really see the change that we all desire… Read more »


Stay well BN… rule the World


Fatimah you said,
3. People voted for opposition in GE 12 not because opposition is GOOD, CLEAN and POWERFUL but simply because BN was weak -CORRECTION because BN is WORST in terms of GOOD and CLEAN in comparison with PR.
BN is still POWERFUL because they form the FEDERAL Govt that controls the funds .

Money talks.
Good and Clean will be compromised, just like a man who would steal to feed his family and himself.


This is an expected result and what I had predicted based on input I received from sources in BP. The Pakatan cheerleaders can sit down and cry and point to various alleged evil plots of BN as the cause, but that won’t help to reverse the result, it will help to delude them. No doubt in the next few days Mkini and Malaysia Insider will be filled with stories on how the BP win was a hollow win or how UMNO now endorses corruption. For now the alternative media will not allude to the “national implications” and “message” of the… Read more »


bn spins that the indians are returning to bn. How do they know that if they are not in cohort with the EC? If it is true then the indians deserve way the they are threated in the pass 50+ years. However I am sure bn will also spin that the chinese are returning to bn too.


Congratulation to BN and 1Malaysia.


PR is weak…from the beginning.
308 is a 1 hit wonder.


You all forgot one major factor, the Indian voters. There was a complete swing of the Indian votes Out of 1870 Indian votes, PAS only got 483 votes. 1387 votes went the other way. Thanks to kapitan lge and his arrogant and bullying ways. UNless he is thrown out, KBP will continue to haunt PR. DAP must stop being the chauvinist and bullying party and the achilles heel of PR. It is DAP that is going to cause a debacle for PR in the next GE.


How does one know these specific numbers? Isnt my vote confidential?


the way i see it…Anwar can’t do as what u mentioned.
PR is weak. Anwar is weaker. He is more interested in
jetting around…giving talks. He is just missing…lots
of the time…..overseas….
Maybe ..he shud do that full time…talking & self glorification. What a shame of a fella.


Despair not. I hope Anwar Ibrahim is studying the aftermath of this massacre closely. Now is not the time to play nice. People are fed up of PR instability. Many who swore allegiance to PR in 2008 are beginning to waver. Do what Raja Petra said. It is now time to be ruthless and dictatorial. Prune PR of the dead branches and thorns in the side. For starters, a stern warning must be given to the troublemakers in PAS that anymore beer or concert antics will not be tolerated anymore. Next is to (take action against) Zulkifli Nordin who is… Read more »

chinese malaysian

a blessing in disguise for Pakatan they will have to work more harder as a team/coalition
in confronting an awaken BN…

to all the DAP adun of NS….
this is a wake up call…
without the Malay vote DAP or PAS is nothing….unless they start engaging/approaching the Malay voters who are the majority in Malaysia..DAP NS will lose all their state seat…


We all have to accept and respect the BP voter decision.Their have make a right choice at the right time.PR needs to reorganize and more forward to 13GE.
Malaysian people needs better government to run this country.Think Big and Think Good for the country.We need to save Malaysia from corrupted BN.Next GE13 is our real goal and not bagan pinang.

Angela Ooi

I am disgusted and disheartened with the horrid results and am convinced UMNO must have found a full proof method of cheating their way through. A real black eye for RAKYAT Msia!

Fatimah Zuhri

1. Have you ever stop and wonder that perhaps your party does not represent what the RAKYAT wants?

2. Perhaps your party’s understanding of what the RAKYAT want is actually what your leaders want?

3. People voted for opposition in GE 12 not because opposition is GOOD, CLEAN and POWERFUL but simply because BN was weak.


Ah, an UMNO … speaking. Go back to your hell hole.


anil, postal votes went almost 100% to BN?

bubur kacang

End of the day, its PAS–


8 – 1

Samuel Goh Kim Eng


While we wait for the official results
Who can we approach with views to consult
With intelligent voters there’ll be none to insult
Let’s hope no one wins too easily by technical default

(C) Samuel Goh Kim Eng – 111009
Sun. 11th Oct. 2009.

pandan voter

Hope the next by election to be at Selangor – Pandan

Constitute of Ong T K…


Cant wait to know the result. With God’s help Pas will win.