Live – Anwar ceramah in Penang


Pakatan is holding a ceramah in Bayan Lepas, Penang tonight with Anwar among the featured speakers.

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What does it matter where he contest.

He is a Malaysian for all not a Malaysian for Pekan or the chicken Malaysian like Teng who runs to a Malay area for protection or a Malay first and Malaysia second by the Mud.

Maybe you should tell where Teng should contest and why he run away from his constituency instead of asking Anwar.

You see just like your Cheap you are not fit to ask. You are as cheap as him

SL Wong (@wong8898)

The chicken fella is no where to hide.

Wherever u go, whatever u do, i will be right here waiting for u.

Egg. (how u want your egg to be cooked this time?)


Gerakan K (Team)

Flip flop Anwar. Where are you to contest actually ??? Hmmm, Penang or Perak ???


Anwar nak kelentong apa lagi malam ni