Tearful Kit Siang reacts to ROS shocker (Video)


Lim Kit Siang reacts emotionally to the ROS’ unjust action “at the behest of its political masters” two day’s before nomination day.

View from 9:00

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Mike Terrence

To Gerakan K (Team) Its (people) like you all who think you are Judge and have rights to prosecute before investigation ended. Morale bankruptcy is evident in Gerakan since birth so stop trying to incriminate others.

Gerakan K (Team)

Drama drama drama. Crocodile tear crocodile tear crocodile tear !!!

Salah siapa sekarang ???

Yang menang jadi kalah, yang sudah kalah tiba-tiba jadi menang. Boleh macam itukah Anil ???

Suddenly, whoa it is Excel fault ??? Sudahlah jangan tipu.

See, anil, why Ambiga/BERSIH muted on DAP election scandal ???

p/s: Most convicted criminal crying when the judge read the sentence. It is normal, it is natural. The point is you have to play to the rules.


When did UMNO/BN play to the rules? You, MCA, MIC are juts their stooges. Fielding Zulikifli Noordin is like spitting on MIC and making sue that the UMNO Pasir Mas candidate not show up during nomination to ensure that Ibrahim Ali will fight it out 1 – 1 with PR.


To me it makes no difference what logo that DAP makes use of for GE13. The main thing is that they are part of PR which is most important. I am committing my vote to ABCD.


Dont cry….fight !