Learn from Pakatan Harapan’s defeat in Cameron Highlands


What are the lessons to be learned from the Cameron Highlands parliamentary by-election defeat for Pakatan Harapan today?

Although Pakatan Harapan’s share of the valid votes cast rose from 40% (in the 2018 general election) to 41% at this by-election, it was not enough to make a dent on the combined Umno/BN-Pas effort of 56% this time, slightly down from the MIC/BN-Pas total of 57% last year. (Pas did not contest this time unlike in the general election last year, when they fielded a candidate.)

So the general trend is not unexpected, in terms of the share of the popular vote.

Still, the thing to bear in mind is you can’t beat Umno and Pas when it comes to playing the race-religion card. No other party is going to win more votes by pandering to the racial and religious conservative lobby – because no matter what it does, it will never be enough to outdo these two parties. Full article on Aliran website

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Umno and PAS has cemented their R&R collaboration/alliance ahead of Semenyih by-election. MCA is still thinking of kicking Umno out of BN? Or MCA and MIC still R&R (Rest & Relax) between Umno and PAS?


Umno + PAS will get 65% of Malay votes.
This alliance does not need MCA and MIC.


But why Wee Ka Siong still campaign for BN?

Ah Keong

MCA is still clueless now that Umno is joinjng forces with PAS.

Ah Keong

PH only got 10% of malay votes in Cameron Highlands byelection. I think PH should not grant too much help to those who do not support the federal government.


More Malays now see PAS as being a bigger defender of Malays and Muslims than Umno, according to a survey conducted by research firm Ilham Centre.

“Nearly 30 percent of Malay-Muslims picked PAS as the main protector of Malay and Islam issues compared with only 27 percent for Umno,” Ilham Centre executive director Mohd Yusri Ibrahim told a forum last night, as reported by The Malaysian Insight.


PH lose one and every tom and dick from the broad coalition says it because PH did not meet their special interest expectation.. Seriously neo-liberal policy is the reason they lost Cameron Highland? It has NOTHING TO DO WITH IT. PH GOT AN INCREASE IN VOTE. They could not win the Felda votes because palm oil prices ar rock bottom and not enough money to dish out..THAT coupled with the fact PAS successfully transfered all their votes to BN WHICH IS THE THE MAIN ALARM? NOT PANDERING TO THE RACE-RELIGION CARD WHEN ITS THE MAIN PROBLEM?? LEFT WING ATTITUDE THAT… Read more »


Senior citizens in Malaysia died in rush for free food coupon.

Two female senior citizens died while several others collapsed as a crowd rushed to get free limited food coupons at the ICC Pudu complex in Kuala Lumpur today.


Does the PH government has the courage to address the issue of in inequality of wealth distribution among malays. Why are some malays billionaires and some are poor. Is this not the result of NEP mismanagement?

Stop blaming the chinese , indians and the other races. Stop playing the race card. All of Mahathir children are billionaires, how did this miracle happen?


When was the aborigines considered as dummo organization? Their specials sama sama?


Just follow Hitler’s method. Superiority of the Aryan. Here racing and beliefs.


9 The key brainwash (of perception) in the art of war is this: Don’t trust DAP in the coalition of PH. DAP is anti-Islam, blah, blah, blah! To win hearts & minds of Orang Asli (the majority of Cameron H. voters), PH & DAP should send people into the interiors to live, work & socialise with them, to talk in their languages, to empathise (not mock) in their beliefs (nature, spirits, etc), to build more schools with stay-in teachers near to their homes, to bring about economic opportunities (eco-tourism, herbal medicine, cultivation of Tongkat Ali), to provide amenities like electricity,… Read more »

Rohaya MS

Abuse.of power.

Alawiyah Yussof

A wake up call. Arrogance may be one of the factors.


The big issue and concern is the mentality of the hinterland malays and has far reaching consequences other than just jolting up the PH government. This BN victory aid by PAS is fought using Race and Religion and they won. For one, this will only encourage the continuity of such dispicable tactics – lying, dividing the races. Secondly, the extremist elements within PH especially those in Bersatu will see the result as an affirmation of their strategy of using Race & Religion and for good measure also throw in the “by hook or by crook” underhand tactics. It will be… Read more »


Malay G25 must communicate their messages in Bagasa Malaysia. Kampung Malay people cannot understand English!


After 9 months, Gobind Singh still cannot revamp RTM to counter the wrong information and slander against DAP? Maybe nobody now watching TV1?


Firstly the PH candidate was a failure the moment BN fielded an orang asli candidate. Secondly the results show that race and religion is more important than corruption and governance to the rural folks. Thirdly the non Malays will shy away from voting as PH has failed to implement what was promised. Lastly CH folks should now ask for their promised benefits from BN ie tol renewals and handouts.

Meanwhile PH please do not focus your effort on abolition of death penalty. Criminals who kill should pay with their lives, else PH will lose many votes in the next GE!