Large crowds for Bagan Pinang nomination


So it’s going to be a straight contest between BN’s Mohd Isa Samad and Zulkefly Mohd Omar of Pas, after the independent candidate failed to find a local seconder.

Malaysiakini reports that the BN and Pakatan crowds were about equally matched, with the BN side thinning out towards the end.

But one eye-witness claims the Pakatan side outnumbered the BN supporters by about five to ten times during a wet morning in Bagan Pinang. The FRU and police kept both sides apart while choppers hovered overhead as usual.

“It must have been demoralising for the BN side.”

A timid group of “Makkal Sakthi supporters” (in BN colours) tried to wade through the Pakatan crowd to get to the BN side but Pas Youth members forced them back amidst much heckling and shouting.

Judging by the respective turnouts, which would give Pakatan the edge, in the end, much would depend on the “postal voters” – and of course the money being spashed around.

If you were there, perhaps you could share your impressions of nomination day in the comments below or tell us what you think of the by-election as a whole.

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Ahmad Yahya

Please stop making conclusions about hudud or Islamic state.

I don’t think any local government-owned TV stations have given you this information. All they do is telling the non-Muslims that Islamic law is violent and barbaric.

Ahmad Syafiq

Oh ya, talking about past contributions, I don’t think that Gerakan K is able to differentiate between government and political parties. Who helms the government? Political parties. What is the responsibility of the government? To take care of the people as best as it can. If you fail to take care of the people, the government will be changed. So, do you expect people to remember past contributions by the so-called government of the day? Hell no. The job of the government is to govern, not to rule. We pay tax to the government, and regardless of who is the… Read more »

Ahmad Syafiq

Aiyoh… people! Just ignore this Gerakan K character. He’s just here to make you all worked up like hell. And let’s just leave him/her with his/her views and we have ours. Besides, this is freedom on the Internet, right? Where one has the right to express his/her own opinions. However, we can’t get that from the mainstream media, as they are pro-BN for sure. So, after being fed with years of 1-sided information, one would feel like wanting to throw up, right? I myself included. Thus, this biasness have given rise to blogs and alternative news media on the Internet.… Read more »

Ken Wong

I suspect this Gerakan K is actually secretly planted by DAP to deliberately say stupid things so that more and more people come to the defence of PR. The way he is arguing (pretty mindlessly, I must say) is seriously damaging the image of Gerakan and making it a laughing stock.


Gerakan K stand for Gerakan kuku ? or Gerakan Kalah ?or Gerakan Kiasu ? Don’t use the Gerakan shameful lah! Remember the back door minister !

Gerakan K

Why you are ignoring contribution made by Gerakan for Penang? Why always harping on backdoor minister? I believe as long as the minister able to do his job well and thus serving the people and country, I see no problem being a backdoor minister. I see KTK perform well until he has to manage another minister.


Ok, back to the Bagan Pinang by-election. It’s a by-election to choose between 2 candidates – one, a corrupted ex-MB, and the other one, an honest, capable, hard-working politician. Not sure who the voters will vote for. Some people say the ex-MB’s corruption is “technical” … i.e. “not really corruption”, “only money politics within the party”, “already served his sentence so should be given a chance to serve the people” etc. etc. Hmmm … Perhaps we can look at it this way. “Money politics” means a person who uses money to buy votes. Where does he get the money from… Read more »

Gerakan K

How do you know Pas candidate is of honest, capable, hard-working politician? You assume too much or generalized Pas member as such. Any achievement so far? Unlike Pas candidate, BN candidate is an ex-MB and full of administrative skills and experiences running the state. Vote BN to ensure no beer ban such as in Selangor.


The profile of the PAS candidate is obtained from readily available news reports. The profile of the UMNO candidate also.


y’day Isa interviewed for 1 hr in astro bernama. surprisingly he can give an example of malays and chinese leaving in one kampung(forget the name)at bagan pinang. the situation in this kampung are that chinese having pig farm infront of malay village. but malays can tolerate and live happily. so, what the heck he try to say? why the same level of tolerance not shown during temple demonstration at section 19 in shah alam?

Gerakan K

It was due to PAS “Malay majority” concept. Section 19 in Shah Alam is malay majority area. Now you begin to feel the heat when PAS begins to push its Islamic State agenda. Nothing you can do except to back BN in next GE.

people power

I must say that Gerakan K definitely is an intriguing character with time at his disposal as he continues his psycho battle relentlessly for whomever he/she serves. Frankly,no difference to me whether it is BN or PR supporter as long as the truth surfaces. My fascination is why do most commentors are perturbed by this character and tend to get into a virtual fist fight with this character. Naturally we are emotional and tend to defend our individual stand for whatever we chose to do minus the facts, issues in hand for the community. Just like our sibling, all five… Read more »

Gerakan K

You sounded like a truth hunter. OK what is your stand regarding to my questions over LGE refusal to declassify exco minutes & recordings that related to Kg Buah Pala. Please scroll up, to view my questions posted. Let me hears your subjective opinion.


“Gerakan K,

I think BN is doing right by sending Isa as a candidate. He is the best in UMNO. The best in BN as well. Although he is involved in money politic, but he simply the best and most clean among UMNO and BN.”

The cleanest (of the lot), eh?

Funny then that even you previous … Mahathir Mohammad, can’t stand Isa Samad’s …

the priest

Just remember …
Who (snatch) dead body upno or pas
who call other pendatang upno or pas
the lines goes on..

the priest

U really nuts, u dont even understand. Isa is just punished by a ban, MACC didnt charge him for such a big case which declared guilty, conpare with Teoh Beng hock based on Rm 2k+ was interogated (- and later found dead). Toyol with a mansion by his income as an MB even with x10 times (probably) could not effort such a mansion also nothing done to justice. LGE fought for justice end up in jail. if u dont know keep you … mouth shut

Gerakan K

If you old enough, you will know Isa is experienced politician and administrator. He also very popular in that area. As PM Najib said, he has been punished and even criminal should be given a chance. LGE also ex-convict, mind you.


Gerakan K,

I think BN is doing right by sending Isa as a candidate. He is the best in UMNO. The best in BN as well. Although he is involved in money politic, but he simply the best and most clean among UMNO and BN.


Just read Malaysia Insider’s article

I do wonder if people like Gerakan K gonna sleep over this. I hope that such people are not part of leadership. Blind shepherds leading blind sheeps. All fall into the pit hole

Gerakan K

Looes74, while you keep whacking me, how about the following question that I posted. No single PR supporter able to respond to my question. See following: ————————- I think LGE has something to hide in this Kg Buah Pala issue. Reason: 1)LGE refuse to declassify minute/recording of exco meetings (I mean all, including KTK’s time). Can some PR supporters tell me why? To cover up any malicious decision/directive towards the residents? 2)Because LGE refuse to declassify these important information (as condition for debate by KTK), LGE has a reason to avoid debate with KTK. Is LGE a coward? 3)LGE refuse… Read more »


Gerakan K Obviously you are one of the BN supporter and I respect that. However, to quote from The Star is not really credible because it is owned by one of the political party in BN. Also, if the economy is so great what is the cost of daily produce when compared to income for an average Malaysian (pardon me not 1Malaysia like our beloved PM trying to drive home which is a waste of tax ringgits). How much the average has grown when compared to price for produce. If you can run that number and spin it positively than… Read more »

Gerakan K

What are you talking about? Job vacancy advertisement also need credibility? Are you mean that The Star publishes fake job vacancy advertisement? Please put some substance to your comment. The Star is a listed company, and I will never believe The Star will ever publish faked job vacancy advertisement.

Chris CK

Job vacancies are legitimate. But it doesnt matter. When big bosses in USA ask to shut down, they shut down and move out.

BTW. Speaking of job market and economy, answer this:

Let us look at the differences between salaries earned, the cost of a vehicle and a house between 1973 and 2009.
YEAR increase
1973 2009
1.3 liter Japanese Car 7,000 60,000 8.5
Double Story House 45,000 300,000 6.6
Engineer Salary 1,000 2,000 2

52 years of your BN rule led to this. And you tell me the economy is good. You have been blinded by your political masters.

Gerakan K

Salary is commensurate with qualification, experience and the status of the company offering the job. Interpersonal skills and proficient in English also important. There is nothing to do with BN government. Why people don’t study hard during school time and blame BN government instead?

Gerakan K

You as die-hard supporter of LGE, what is your stand regarding to LGE’s refusal to declassify all exco minutes and recordings related to Kg Buah Pala? Do you believe LGE trying to coverup its own mistake or even abuse of power?

Chris CK

If LGE made a mistake, then he should be held accountable for it. If he does not declassify, then we will suspect he made a mistake and I will await and apology. Will Koh Tsu Koon be held accountable for destroying Gurney Drive, blatantly breaking construction laws in Tanjung Bungah and such? What about the Jelutong highway and the PGCC? Not blame the BN government for lack of qualification? Dude, BN has been butchering our education system for 52 years. Just look at Singapore where everyone speaks English! Government policies do matter. Dont be ignorant. Remember the BM-English-BM flip flop?… Read more »


Looks like PAS is going to win with a small majority, unless there is some manipulation. The ground support is all out for PAS.


Karma, It’ll go either way. But 2 important news that would sink ISA 1) UMNO has declared that they don’t have to be generous in terms of seat arrangment. Gerakan has submitted thir candidacy plans for GE13. Muhyiddin told Gerakan to back off. By the way, no news on the torn Koh Tsu Koon’s picture. Plus, I am definitely sure Ahmad Ismail that Bukit Bendera division chief might stand for elections after his suspension. ISA Samad is one good example 2) ISA Samad declared that he’s the MB as compared to Nik Aziz. So you see some malay votes would… Read more »

Gerakan K

Stop make accusation without any proof. I can also say that there is manipulation from PR camp. Just recognize that Bagan Pinang is BN strong hold like BN recognizes Permatang Pauh is PR strong hold. The postal voters are not brainless people. They have their on thought.

Chris CK

tell me, whats your stand on Ahmad Ismail’s remark that we are all “pendatang”? I’m no racist but your party blatantly uses race as a calling card…

Come on boy, we all wanna know. After all, it was made in the dominant party of BN. You tell me Gerakan K

What happened to the People’s Movement Party that was supposed to unite all races in Malaysia? Did you guys achieve that?

Gerakan K

He has been punished by UMNO. What do you want? We simply can’t hang him because of this offence, mind you. We need to follow rule of law.


“He has been punished by UMNO…..We need to follow rule of law.”

Where is the Sedition act which pass by most of the BN law maker?

Only punished by UMNO and he can outlaw, this is the BN style of rule of law.

No wonder we have so many back door minister now days….

Gerakan K

dear Y, yes in this case, the AG has acted smart. Charging him with sedition even can escalate the tension caused. KTK even acted smarter by play down the impact so the tension can be defused. What is so big deal about his picture being torn? KTK is a real leader that can tolerate dissent.

daniel oh

madam gerakan k,pls take note 51 yrs of beend umno control is over,gerakan is too small a fly in the eye of armno. gerakan ex exco told me personally, in exco meeting armno exco said ‘yes’ ,mca, gerakan,mic all had to agree and said ‘yes’.what is the point of voting for beend.i am a gerakan member,i still think pr can do better, let us give pr a chance.51 years is enough for bn to end.stand up to be mr gerakan k .


I was wrong about BN not taking the quietly forced retirement of the Armed Forces Chief of Staff into consideration. Najib announced that Port Dickson will be made an Army Town. I do not know what this really means. I supposed this is a (sweetener) to the Army personnel living there.


K, were you there on nomination day? If not let me try to give you an idea why the traffic looked jammed. This was how it was organized that morning. NORTH side was BN’s supporters. SOUTH side was PR’s supporters. EAST side was the low hill slope which led to the Nomination Centre. WEST side had buildings. Right in the center between north, south, east, west was the Buffer Zone and Policemen. No traffic was allowed to go through. Traffic coming from the North and South had to make U-turn to go back to where they were coming from. I… Read more »



You missed my point…though 100 supporters each are allowed, thousands turned up on that day and took part in the rally. I think this is silly and dangerous. And ought to be stopped before something goes out of control. We don’t see such pointless antics in the First World, only in Banana Republics.


Hi anil , I was there that morning on nomination day.You wrote…”A timid group of “Makkal Sakthi supporters” (in BN colours) tried to wade through the Pakatan crowd to get to the BN side but Pas Youth members forced them back amidst much heckling and shouting”…From what I could see, the men who led the group were big-sized looking men. They did not look timid that was for sure. They had a look that said,” Here we come, Get out off the way!!!! ” Now why were they made to walk through a Pakatan crowd knowing full well that they… Read more »


I think it is silly to mobile thousands of supporters for the nomination. What are they trying to prove ? Seeing the scenes of chaos and violence, I tend to support the EC proposal to control the number of people attending the nomination. It is obvious that both set of supporters are outsiders rather than voters. Otherwise the roads wouldnt be clogged with traffic right ??

Ken Wong

Ha! ha! ha! This Gerakan K is a real clown, trying to use scare tactics to frighten people into supporting BN. As a clown, I suppose he will also be able to rationalise why he supports the use of public funds to finance trips to Disneyland.

Gerakan K

Where is the proof? Any court verdict? That is why I said that there are plenty PR supporters blindly listen to PR propaganda without first examine its truthfulness. Just stop visit RPK website for a month and you will be cured naturally from this decease.

Chris CK

Haha….Just see Najib using his state jet in NST during election campaign. I sincerely pity you Gerakan K, for you are the one who has clearly lost it. Muhyiddin using the govt helicopter to go to an UMNO opening. Thats your public funds.


Court verdict? Who would trust that anymore in Malaysia???Only the clown like Gerakan K would use this to convince people….

Chris CK

Go ask Malaysians around if they trust the police, courts or the MACC. Go ahead…

Gerakan K

I remember that when high court ruled in favour to PR’s Perak MB Nizar, all PR supporters pouring unreserved praised to our judge, our judiciary system as just. But when the high court decision overthrew by Court Of Appeal, then the same very PR supporters claimed that our judge is bias, our judiciary system collapsed, etc. This is the norm within PR supporters. Nothing suprises me.

Chris CK

Your court of appeal sure went “express” when Zambry appealed. When Nizar appealed, they took their time. Enough said.

Barisan is robbing your country dry. Dont you even care?


From all the comments I read here (and also in many other blogs), I am of the opinion that BN is dead meat come GE13. I think GE13 will be a snap election….that is right after the Sarawak state election. So all you guys who want a better malaysia for all…please make sure that you get all your friends and relatives who have not registered as a voter to do so immediately. Dont be caught off guard if a snap election is called sooner than anticipated.


Thanenthiran of Makkal Sakthi party is the real hypocrite to the indian community.One time he joined up with the ‘GREAT 5’ and for indian’s rights.
Just to get a post,he opened up a party b4 Uthaya comes out from Kamunting….


Gerakan K
very good thinking.Even if Gerakan and MCA loses in the election,UMNO guarantee big shot position in the cabinet. Very good. In this case, why vote gerakan and MCA in? No point. Better have PR in to have more say like U love to become a brother here just like UMNO.