Kit: “Sarawak hurricane gaining force”


The large turnouts at ceramahs in Sarawak continue. This was the scene outside Pakatan’s operations room in Senadin in Miri at 11.00pm today.

Observers said such a large turnout had not been seen in recent years. This is actually Supp territory: in 2006, Supp’s Lee Kim Sin trounced PKR’s Chai Chook Hui by 4799 votes. This time, Lee is up against PKR’s Michael Teo Yu Keng. Supp also holds the other two state seats in the Miri parliamentary constituency – Piasau (held by George Chan) and Pujut.

Thousands listen to Anwar in Miri - Photo credit: Tian Chua via twitter

In front of Teo’s clinic in Miri. Among the other speakers were Guan Eng, Anthony Loke and Pakatan candidates.

Ibans in a long house in Selambung, Krian attending a PKR ceramah. Also present was the Tuai Rumah.

Over in the industrial town of Bintulu, Lim Kit Siang informed 1500 people that activist Wong Chin Huat was refused entry into Sarawak earlier tonight. He called on voters to condemn the “latest case of Sawarak CM’s abuse of power with their votes”.

Kit Siang, who has seen it all over his long political career, couldn’t help marvelling at the turnout in Sarawak’s fourth largest town. “Swak hurricane gaining force. Biggest Bintulu ceramah crowd in history – 3 times yesterday’s crowd nearly 3 times donations – RM10,896.70,” he tweeted.

In the 2006 state election for the Kidurung seat within the Bintulu parliamentary constituency, the DAP’s Chiew Chiu Sing defeated Supp’s Paul Yong Khing Kee by 1664 votes. In Kemena within Bintulu, the PBB’s Stephen Rundi Anak Utom clinched victory over a Snap candidate by 1572 votes in 2006. This time around Stephen is up against candidates from Snap and PKR and an independent. In Jepak, the PBB’s Talib Zulpilip thrashed a DAP candidate by 3179 votes in 2006. Talib will be facing four other candidates now, with the PKR representing Pakatan.

One Kuching resident reports that DAP ceramahs in Kuching have drawn packed crowds over the last few days. Some even gave up the idea of going for these as the roads were so clogged.

And the goodies are coming out. “Yesterday, at a BN ceramah, they were giving out tupperware and umbrellas. Another civil servant got a free air ticket to come back and vote.”

But he said it is still quite difficult for the opposition. “They are seen as disunited. Look at Padungan and Batu Lintang, where the incumbents were dropped without much explanation.”

Pakatan candidates will also be up against the BN’s might and machinery, he said. “They (the BN) would probably have booked (directly or indirectly) most of the helicopters, four-wheel drives, long boats, accommodation all over.”

On the positive side for Pakatan, the ‘Datuk T’ video tape is a non-issue.

“People want change, but the main factor holding them back is fear.”

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The Winds of CHANGE has started blowing all across Sarawak. The Rakyat is warming up to the prospect of getting ridof TAIB/UMNO/BN
& Cronies. Vote wisely for your loved ones’ future.

There is a grand awakening of Sarawakians and CHANGE for A BETTER TOMORROW will prevail as more and more people have finally come
to realise the truth about the excesses and abuses of Tyrant Taib.

UBAH, UBAH, UBAH. Hallelujah!!!


There is still 6 more days of campaigning but SUPP is going to be crushed unless Najib starts throwing money left and right and not just after the election. Its got to be cash up front, signed checks at the very least. But he is not going to do it because he can’t take another beating over ‘buy-election’ in Peninsula itself. All he can do is make promises of projects which will not be good enough to help SUPP.. Taib is gone. Its probably already in the works with Najib making the negotiations and manouvering as he stays until the… Read more »


looks like this time – it is different unlike previous ceramahs – the voters are smarter and wiser – Pakatan will make inroads hopefully to form the next state govt – Jom Ubah !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Old Unce

Pray harder! Change is coming! Change will be here April 16 2011. Then the state can initiate proceedings to regain stolen Sarawak assets and properties … locally and overseas. Let the word be sent out to prospective buyers of such assets, Sarawak has a claim upon them. Hidup Rakyat!


Fear of what? fear of doing the right thing?fear of taib mahmud not grabing more people land!U just got to be kidding mee!! Hello we’re living in 2011 not in Japanese occupation era!!


To Pakatan,


The wind of change is now blowing over the urban area of Sarawak. For it to be effective, the hurricane must blow into the rural and interior of Sarawak. This is where the change can shake off the corruptible Taib (administration). Hopefully these rural folks will wake up to the facts that they are still so poor after 53 years of BN rule

Francis Ngu

Pakatan will triumph in Miri, Lambir.


Wow, that’s most encouraging sight! Keep up the momentum Sarawkians.



Politicians should heed this advice: when you give very little back to the rakyat, the rakyat have very little to lose to vote you out. This is esp. true for the pek moh regime.


wow! never thought sarawakian crowd are massive like that 😮

Fatimah Mohammad

I hope we are not fooled by the numbers of those attending the ceramahs. Being a Sarawakian, I know them well especially the kampongs folks. They are easily manipulated. RM 5 can turn them into someone else.
However I hope this wind of change is really happening. Focus more on the youth and work extra hard within the last 48 hours of campaigning period. Pray for the best n In solidarity.

ChangeWe Must

For too long …. (Taib Mahmud’s administration) has (grabbed) the wealth of Sarawak and destroyed the land of the Natives to ENRICH (the) family & Kronies.


watching this video,reminds me of Han Chiang High School 308.
it was a historic day in Penang and i hope Sarawakian can do it as well.


Same thing happened. Koh can’t find successor. Gerakan kenna trounced

Andrew I

Couldn’t find a successor? It’s because any potential threat had to be dealt with. So, in the end you had a court full of village idiots…lots of ego and nothing else.

Andrew I

May Penang lead the way!

Sariah Saptu

Big turnout in Pakatan ceramah is because people are sick of the on-sided reporting on TV, notably Astro Awani that is BN-biased in its panel discussion.

I have heard a great deal of the spirit of Han Chiang High School.
Can someone please elaborate the details?