Large crowd at JB ceramah


This was the scene last night at the Sutera Mall in Johor Bharu.

Pakatan ceramah at Sutera Mall

Pakatan ceramah at Sutera Mall crowd at back 30 April 2013

Large turnouts like this are being seen in towns and cities across the country, from Tawau to Putrajaya to Penang – but how will Pakatan fare in the rural areas?

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fairplay lee
fairplay lee
1 May 2013 4.03pm

Pakatan is three quarters on the way to Putrajaya. Come Saturday they will reach the gates to Putrajaya. Come Sunday after midnite they will take over Putrajaya. May 6 new government.

Pak Tim
Pak Tim
14 Sep 2013 3.37pm
Reply to  fairplay lee

As usual, Johor didn’t deliver despite being so close to Singapore.

1 May 2013 3.46pm


Not to dampen our spirits but,

In previous elections DAP had many large crowds in their ceramah but it did not translate to votes on polling day because:

1.Many just came to see out of curiosity because they saw a lot of people.

2. Many in the crowd are not registered voters.

3. Some were registered voters but did not go out to vote on polling day

4. etc, etc.

It must be told to them to come out in the same large number to vote on Sunday 5th May 2013

1 May 2013 11.23am

Contrary to BN mainstream media reports, foreign investors to Iskandar would prefer a strong opposition party in Johor to provide check and balance against any potential abuse or corrupted practices (if not already taken place) in the projects in Iskandar that is detrimental to their business interest.

1 May 2013 10.28am

Oh My God! Can say,’Ya Allah!’ or not?
Cannot think of a bigger word to express the size of the crowd.
“God is watching us”.
Tsunami is coming from North, South, East and West.
God is angry too.
EC to better stop anymore dirty tricks, but to observe FAIR elections, and the loser can hope to make a comeback in future elections.

However, this kind of crowd has never been seen in Malaysian political campaigns before.
Its frightening.
Its like ‘Woodstock’ in America.

Anak Malaysia
Anak Malaysia
1 May 2013 10.13am

These are Pakatan Rakyat troops that all will one heart that we are heading to Putrajaya & we want a new government. Come on, bro & sis it is time to show People power. It is People vs. BN.

UBAH !! We change government @ 505