A ‘Kipahit’ experience: Whither PH?

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Mahathir and Anwar are in opposition ranks - but will their truce hold?

Hours after the Kimanis by-election result, the wisecracks were already circulating: “Kimanis has become Kipahit” (manis means sweet; pahit means bitter) for Pakatan Harapan.

Barisan Nasional romped home to victory in the Kimanis by-election in Sabah with a larger majority of 2,029 compared to its 156-vote majority in the 2018 general election.

One of the big issues that BN played up was the issue of the Sabah temporary pass, which the Sabah PH government plans to issue to undocumented persons in the state. Just two days before the by-election, speaker after speaker from BN railed against the proposed pass at a large rally. Full article on Aliran website


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Bayi Yoda

Every by election a painful reminder for PH.
If no structural reforms to take place in 6 months, many shall follow Bersih to parade.
If economy does not improve purchasing power of general public, then more will switch camp to may be 3rd force in GE15? If so Anil should start to kickstart events to diminish rocket ammunition on Penang island?


PH betrayed rakyat with unfulfilled promises, no courage for reform, infighting, irrelevant policies, repeated excuses…

Barisan Muafakat will easily win GE15. Gerakan will win seats in Penang.

Time for Ambiga to initiate a street protest to wake up PH that is deep in hibernation?


Why the dissatisfaction ? Is it the leadership ? Is it the policies ? Is it the unfulfilled promises ? Are the people not imformed of all the succesful policies properly ? Is not the right imformation reaching all the corners of this nation ? Are they maybe not explained in an simpler language to the common man ? Or are the people’s mind locked up in believing that their race and religion is under threat ? Especially the Malays. How is this problem going to be over comed by the PH leadership ? How are they going to change… Read more »

Charlie Mouse

Wishing everybody a Happy Lunar New Year.
Remember it is a cultural event, nothing religious at all!

DaXuan Yong

Year of the rat hopefully can see the return of tunglang to add spice to the otherwise bland commentary and articles in Anil Universe!

Cheers kopi kaw kaw!


Harapan is afraid since it has been unstable. PAS and UMNO merger exercise with remnants party like MCA and MIC will also will also be short dream excited dream if they win the next election. They will then evenutally disintergrate as we are aware UMNO and PAS will not share the same plate and food after the election since both are greedy and corrupted to the core despite the religious front. Mahathir now is courting Hadi Awang as a backup plan in case DSAI came up with a new plan to dislodge him as PM? Malay politics are unpredictable, the… Read more »


Kelantan leaders each get RM50K bonus besides Mercedes Benz.


Tell people to focus on afterlife while they themselves enjoy good life now! Truly hypocrites. Zaid Ibrahim of DAP must highlight this to Kelantan folks to gain new ground for Rocket!


for a low income earning state, even at night the streets are so dim lit, such a backward state YET THEY HAVE THE AUDACITY to purchase MERCEDES benz and 50K bonus ! are they feeding themselves whats due for $$ they could hv received from disgraced Najib. shameless bigot in religious garb


PH = Putus Harapan?
= Pasti Hancur?
= Percaya Hilang?

Dah tak boleh diharap lagi!


The company behind the Impossible Burger is hoping to gain halal certification for its new products Impossible Pork and Impossible Sausage


Impossible Pork is designed for halal and kosher certification. But for those who don’t eat pork for religious reasons, it may still be tough to swallow.



At last the taste of pork can be made legal to taste good for all. Muslims will be happy tanpa was was!

Cheers bak kut the made possible!


Bak Kua with impossible pork will get more market share in Muslim consumers! Once tasted sure cannot resist! Time will come.


Siti Kasim’s article on the Third Force and citizen’s movement. We need to save our country from the despots, racists and corrupted politicians.



Mahathir has once uttered publicly that “Anwar is unfit to be PM of Malaysia”. These were his words then,whether or not in anger. Whatever we see, feel or wonder about Mahathir, then and now or when cryptic or not, Mahathir can be said to be a man who truly holds on to his words. How he achieved his words is another story, and that of course is another seventh wonder of Malaysian politics – why he is still deemed ambiguous and oxy-moronic throughout his political career. Mahathir will no doubt announce, one day, that he is ready to hand over… Read more »


The PPSMI policy was mooted by Mahathir in 2003 prior to his retirement and discontinued in 2010 after the BN lost its simple majority in parliament after the 2008 general elections under Badawi despite of an overwhelming victory in 2004 general elections under the same pm. When Najib took over post 2008 the malay deep state consisting of the academics, ultras, nationalists , professionals , language extremists and mono lingual parents forced him to discontinue the policy because of the abandonment of the non malay votes in 2008. He did exactly that but suffered a worse defeat in the 2013… Read more »


Yes, Harapan is not a perfect government, but I only see they try to do their very best. I see they run the administration with good governance. Please don’t say they should fulfill the election promises while you close your eyes from the facts that the previous government had in fact robbed every Malaysian. They fooled all of us for so many years and many of us had been patient yet it is unbelievable we push so hard before they even finish their second year as a government.


An interesting write-up on Bodohland by a foreigner:

Don’t waste your time reading the ignorant comments; they will make you realise that the (some people) are more dumb than you knew.

Ma jiji

Incompetent PH is now revealing they are only a bunch of fools !
Rotten right from head to toe managements are only taking the rakyat to deep abyss. What we see everyday is the authority spitting with all sorts of venom through their saliva ! Are we now only waiting to suffer from the widespread coronavirus ? Must all of us now wear masks ?


PH lost direction the PH YBs tasted good life forgot how to serve rakyat now. Likely one term government since rakyat are fed up now!

Must have guts to counter the deep state of civil servants operating with BN mindset.

Must prosecute those minority racists out to create trouble worry not of abang-adik connection!


Fascism means exploiting for profit and power. The annual floods, land grabs, poisoning, diversion of common wealth for fake mega-projets, market manipulation (through publuc investment), deliberate undermining of education, ratcheting of terrible work and pay. etc. are part of the process. The biggest thugs are the most privileged: the new gentry.

The old regime simply criminalised criticism of its colonistion of certain states. Though we can now air the subject, there are no tangible changes yet, only hot air. BN is clever enough to blame PH for what it imposed for decades.