Kelantan state election predictions


Tonight, we will look at the upcoming Kelantan state election.

In the 2018 state election, Pas won 37 seats out of the 45 seats (52.0% of the popular vote), Barisan Nasional picked up eight (37.6%), and Pakatan Harapan failed to win a single seat (10.0% including Bersatu’s 2.4%).

In the 2022 general election for Kelantan parliamentary seats, Perikatan Nasional’s (mainly Pas’) share of the popular vote soared to 63.7%, BN’s share plunged to 26.8% while PH’s share slipped to 8.8%.

Abdul Rahman Kasim, the Tasik Gelugor Pas information chief, is predicting a near clean sweep this time, with PN grabbing 43 of the 45 seats.

For my part, I predict a PN win in Kelantan as the Pas share of the popular vote of 63.7% last November is likely to be too high for PH to overcome. This seems to tie in with a recent survey, which shows that only 10% of voters in Kelantan approve of Prime Minister Anwar Ibrahim’s performance.

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The Undi 18 has unleashed a nightmare scenario for Malaysia where young voters who should have gravitated towards Harapan did not materialise, thanks quite possibly to religious schools and poor education, and reinforced by tunnel vision effect of social media algorithms. But youth voting bank is plastic. They have made a decision 8 months ago. That was the first step, right or wrong. Since they, they either reinforce their decision because of further information/misinformation received, or they change their minds because of new information/misinformation. It’ll probably happen in the next few elections until they are fixed to a party/coalition and… Read more »


Ilham Centre made a lot of predictions.

We shall see how accurate are the speculation when the PRN results are announced.

Unlike Anil, many ‘political analysts’ also made all sorts assessment based on their ‘expert opinion’, and may have to eat their words soon.


Key To Change Lies With The Malays (Perubahan hanya akan berlaku apabila orang Melayu buka minda)

Mariam Mokhtar:
Malay race-based parties blame non-Malays for their failures.
Ordinary Malays are prevented from achieving their true potential.
After decades of conditioning by Umno-Baru, Malays are TAKUT of change.


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