Is the Kajang Move justified?


The Kajang Move is one of the most hotly discussed topics of conversations in coffee-shops and homes across the country at the moment.

Now, Selangor Mentri Besar Khalid Ibrahim has a reputation for being scrupulous in protecting public funds not only from being squandered or frittered away but also from falling into the grubby hands of politicians who want a slice of the pie for their own vested interests or for partisan purposes. Many Malaysians appreciate him for that and it is no wonder that Khalid is so popular after the disastrous stewardship of Selangor under Umno’s Khir Toyo.

But on the flip side of the coin, PKR treasurer general William Leong paints a grim picture of the present situation in this excerpt from a recent comment piece:

It is acknowledged by all from Pakatan Rakyat to his BN opponents, in particular, the Auditor General Reports that Khalid had been financially prudent in running the state.

However, implementation of state projects have not been satisfactory. One example is the Auditor General 2012 Report which revealed that Selangor only spent RM640.24 million or 56.3% of the RM1.14 billion it received from the federal government for the maintenance of non-federal roads between 2010 and 2012.

Even though the underspending accumulated RM631.27 million in surplus, the report said it reflected inefficiency in managing funds provided by the federal government.

Furthermore, the report said a survey conducted by the Auditor General Office of 545 respondents in Klang, Gombak and Shah Alam showed 80% of them expressing dissatisfaction with the condition of the local roads.

Other problems include woes caused by recurring flash floods and lack of flood-mitigation projects. However, it has since been discovered that the Selangor Public Works Department spent only RM45 million out of a RM67 million budgeted in 2012.

Therefore, there are efficiency and coordination issues that have to be addressed.

Khalid cannot be faulted entirely because he inherited a civil service with a five-decade culture of inefficiency and complacency.

However, Anwar is correct in being concerned with the tardiness in taking action and implementing measures for the benefit of the people.

Anwar at the November 24, 2013 special congress in Shah Alam said: “Pakatan Rakyat’s achievements are not measured in terms of whether there is a surplus or deficit in the budget but how we prioritise the needs of the public.”

It is giving priority to the people’s needs that is the ultimate objective of the Kajang by-election.

Besides inefficiency, there is also sabotage and non-cooperation by the agencies and privatised entities.

The public may not realise that throughout Khalid’s administration, he has had to do battle with forces bent on retaking the state through the withholding of services and non-cooperation by these agencies and privatised entities.

One example is Alam Flora’s sudden termination of municipal waste collection services. The state had to scramble to appoint contractors to avert a disaster.

Another is the water supply shortages when the dams are full.

In the ongoing and protracted negotiations for the state to wrest back control of water distribution and the holding back of the Langat 2 Project, the National Water Services Commission (SPAN) has put on hold 878 development projects on the ground that there will be insufficient water supply in the future while Khalid points to the fact that there is sufficient supply presently.

The satisfactory resolution of these issues must not be at the expense of the Selangor people and requires the cooperation and talents of not only Khalid but all Pakatan Rakyat leaders, including Anwar.

Khalid, Azmin and all of the PKR leadership support the Kajang by-election because they are fully aware that Malaysians are about to face the perfect storm of economic hardship coupled with heightened political tensions.

There is an urgent need to batten down the hatches and strengthen the Selangor government leadership.

It is not a case of changing horses midstream.

It is to recognise that there are horses for courses.

So what do you think? Is Khalid’s scrupulous administration of public funds sufficient grounds to retain the status quo? Or are the reasons provided by William Leong sufficient justification for the Kajang Move?

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Without Kajang by-election, Najib would not have delayed toll hike.


I have some questions and observations from the statements made by Rafizi, Anwar and now William. 1. If Khalid’s performance was poor, why did then PR and PKR nominated him to be the MB merely a few months ago? 2. Anwar’s a complete failure as the Opposition Leader and as an MP for he has contributed nothing or provided leadership to the PR during times of need. Other leaders such as LKS and Karpal have contributed far more in their capacities for the nation and PR. As such how can Anwar be an effective MB when considering the fact that… Read more »

Rich Daddy

Hi calvinsankaran,

that is why I said, nobody going to believe such stories cooked by pkr for this by-election. Anyway most people there still support PR no matter what especially the candidate is Anwar. The biggest picture / target is BN.


Most urbanites will still support Anwar for uniting the Pakatan faction to put pressure on BN.
Without a strong voice from opposition MPs, do you think Najib could delay the toll hike?

Dont agree

Another is the water supply shortages when the dams are full.
As far as this is concern , Why blame Khalid? Blame the central gorv., for not releasing the control of water management to Selangor. Khalid want to take over but again and again his request was turned down. Now who is to blame? Whatever you say, Khalid did rather a good job. Forget Azmin.


PKR menasihatkan penyokong Pakatan Rakyat, khususnya di Selangor supaya tidak memandang rendah dengan apa yang boleh lakukan oleh Umno sambil mengingatkan mereka bahawa pada 1977 parti Melayu itu menggunakan kuasa darurat untuk merampas kerajaan Kelantan pimpinan PAS.

Justeru, menurut Pengarah Strategi PKR, Rafizi Ramli, kehadiran Ketua Pembangkang, Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim sebagai ADUN di Selangor adalah penting bagi menghalang Umno bagi mewujudkan situasi darurat sebagai alasan merampas negeri termaju itu.

Rich Daddy

Hello rick, you are doing the pakatan disservice

The UMNO mentality / culture continues. I thought PKR is the pioneer for change. Who is going to believe such story ??? Maybe you can do so in other areas but this is Selangor. Anwar will win this by-election, no doubt about it. But as the saying goes, you may win the battle but loss the war instead.


They forgot so easily, Perak

Bubble Bubble Bubble

Satu lagi jamuan may serve Kajang Satay to entice voters ?


Is the so called “Kajang Move” going to bring greater benefit to PKR and its teammates in Pakatan or it is just Anwar’s one man mission to grab power?

Rich Daddy

Power to UNLEASH 2.8bn reserve !!!


Remember Perak !!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Everyone is entitled to his or her own opinion… As for me, i am resolute to kill Bn. Therefore, i make no speculations or assumptions on Anwar but my full undivided support without any reservation. Personally, i find this “Kajang Move” interesting. I must say, we cant afford to lose Selangor but from what i see Khalid may be a good financial guru, savings heaps for the Selangor government, that is laudable but the money saved not spent on the rakyat what is the point. I hope the Kajang folk will give Anwar a chance and see how he manages… Read more »


Anwar creates this Kajang Move to move the attention away from the religious issue. Now all the attentions are on Kajang instead. Very smart political move! He may be doing it for himself, but indirectly he is also saving Malaysia.


Exactly and also from the DAP ROS election issue

fed up

The main problem is Anwar can’t be trusted as he is under the thumb of a certain blue eyed boy. No one wants the latter to be the mb or holding a high post in the Selangor govt or even glc, but if Anwar call the shots, we know what will happen. They are all interested in the kitty and just can’t wait to put their grubby hands into the kitty. The idea p… off many people. I have never been a bn supporter but now I am certain that even if I continue not to vote bn, I won’t… Read more »


fed up, Its not good to spoil your vote. Both are the devil, vote for one that you think will benefit us. Maybe BN after the drubbing will realize and be more accomodating. As you see PR with DAP, PKR and PAs are now becoming more arrogant and dictatorial. Lets give a balance where neither is too strong. Lets give a chance to the new and young leaders of MCA and Gerakan.


No matter how we argue or whatever reasons given, the final conclusion is all these leaders are mother of all liars using the rakyat as pawn for their play play. Look at DAP … election fiasco when someone not voted in suddenly goes up to about 10 place. Anwar and Taib said they will retire but now seem more active then ever. Anwar (entices) Adun and DAP/PAS support so what is there to condemn BN UMNO. Jais under PR with PKR, DAP DAP confiscate the Bible while DAP, PKR PAS remain dumb and silent and yet they have the nerve… Read more »


Truth is given Malaysian historical political baggage as a result of Mahathir’s era, even worst sheenigans can be justified – because of decades of allowing sheenigans quite a few devastating. To expect PKR, which has the biggest political challenges, to wash away UMNO’s culture and baggages without using some dirt themselves is just unrealistic. Is it a wasteful? Yes. Should it be not necessary? Yes. Must it be better than this? Yes. But those are not the choices that is presented, not options available. I still say the issue really is whether the move also transform PKR itself rather whether… Read more »

Kok Keong

More questions are raised: 1) If the civil servants and agencies have been unwilling to work with the Khalid administration because they are Umno/BN backers, how would Anwar (as MB or a key member of the Selangor government) fare any better, not forgetting that Anwar comes with more baggage than Khalid that these Umno civil servants and agencies can easily cite for not willing to work with the Anwar administration. 2) Many have already stated, and this account still has not addressed: if there are all the problems with the Khalid administration, why can’t Anwar offer advice, suggestions, etc without… Read more »

Pak Tim

I may be missing something but has there been any indication from PKR that DSAI will take over as MB? That idea so far is only an accusation by the federal gov propaganda media, a minority gov mind you. Perhaps, DSAI’s plan is to turnaround the cancer left over from umno days. He can’t do it directly unless he is an EXCO?


Kajang folks should not complain any by election will mean more short-term instant ‘sugary projects’ funded by BN to please the voters there. Also, it is an opportunity to learn more about local politics from ceramah since last May. Of course the local mainstream media will again feature twisted facts once again. I am eagerly awaiting fresh reports from Anil and Malaysiakini!


Fakri, Previously we detest BN & UMNO cronies getting the benefits of almost everything. Then start the decadence with the handout of RM100 by LGE DAP that brought about more handout by the BN regime. With it come the ketuanan or supremacy over the rakyat like what LGE DAP is doing to the people of Penang swapping our land and sovereignty, environment etc for their cronies without any regards for the people. The Kajang episode is another one of their whim and fancy by taking the rakyat for a ride to play play to consolidate their power. We must put… Read more »

liu liang liang

Yang aka “180 degrees”
u talk about ikan bilis when satu demi satu big jaws sharks e$cape all these years


How do you explain why BN never take any action on those civil servants who abuse public fund as uncovered by the AG’s Report?
I cannot support BN for that simple reason.
Penang government can give handout as the state coffer has surplus.
BN gives out BR1M despite high debt and budget deficit then reduce subsidy instead.
Do you think Penang will have more low-cost housing under Gerakan?

K S Ong

Selangor MB has to deal with Federal-led opposition, some uncooperative civil servants and BN cronies defending their turfs. We have to give due credit to Khalid for striving against all odds, especially in trying to undo some very lop-sided water contracts. Perhaps, Pakatan needs a stronger leader and concerted efforts in managing Selangor better, in the face of deliberate opposition or even sabotage. If even a slower paced Kedah could be lost due to indifference, what more Selangor, being the richest and most vibrant state which is top of BN’s list for takeover.


What if one woke up in the money & see selangor fell under UMNO. It can happen you know


DAP, PKR and PAS are now showing their true mentality just like the tokong In Penang
Ketuanan over the people


PKR with the support of DAP and PAS is wasting rakyat money and resources and taking the people for a ride in their quest for power. We must reject such parties and leaders who did not walk the talk. .

Rich Daddy

If there is a chance, MB Khalid definitely fit to be the PM of Malaysia. GST can be cancelled. On the other hand, Anwar is not fit to be PM. His UMNO DNA still strong and kicking. We can see from this stupid kajang action only for 2.8bn reserve. Imagine the hundreds billions of federal reserve if he managed to realize the PM ambition.

MB Khalid is the better choice for the PM post.

liu liang liang

ai yo yoh you rich daddy should follow the q of viagra-suatained ricj politikus giving out ang-pow$ to fish for Kajang votes. My friends in Kajang are awaiting satu lagi goodie$ this time may be free galloping horse concerts selaki lagi from that K-pop stars ???


Khalid is a typically treasurer top official, once the money is in his hands, you will need a big plyer to ply open his funds


Anwar Ibrahim has finally revealed the reasons behind his party’s decision to field him in the Kajang by-election: