Kajang by-election face-off: Wan Azizah vs Chew Mei Fun


The turnout of BN supporters was estimated at 3000 (Malaysiakini) to 5000 (FMT) at nomination day for the Kajang by-election. Pakatan had “slightly more” supporters showing up (FMT).

And this is the BN’s ‘Haka’ dance squad:

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Wee Chin

Koon Yew Yin said MCA once rejected his 30-Million offer to build Hostel for UTAR Students, as MCA members wish to make money renting out their properties to the students.


My personal perception of Kak Wan Azizah: She’s just a housewife who supported her husband (Anwar) wherever he went. Not like some ‘First Lady’ type who like to boast, interfere or show her ‘stuffs’ ahead of her husband. When her husband was politically attacked & brought to shame in late 1990s, she got up, wore her armour of truth & justice, marched to take the place of her husband & stood firmly by her party principles & cause until her husband recovered from violent treatment in jail & was cleared of uncalled for accusations. Only then she relinquished her role… Read more »


Chew Mei Fun, on election day she will become Chow Mei Fun, that means char been hoon, that is, bungkus… Yang: voting on her capabilities, ability and past services??? All these attributes yang plucks from the sky !!! Sorry la yang, people cant remember what Ah Fun contributed in the parliament like Pakatan’s ladies did. What capabilities and ability you were chanting about? Call her when your longkang got stuck, she can clear. Wonder this is considered as past services ??? How is this kak fun to fight with kak wan, let us see !!! Please no tipu tipu ya.… Read more »


Tell me what Kak Wan has contributed when she was MP for Permatang Pauh beside using the name of her husband

Awang Selamat Ori

Tell me what Char Bee Hoon had contributed during her terms as MCA Parliamentarian for PJ Utara and all the Ministerial perks? The folks at PJ Utara highly educated were so fed up with such a lame duck MP that they gave her a thrashing she will never forget. Aiyah, Uncle Yang again, cannot blame him lah, he is only good at petty issues. Tony Pua thrashed Char Bee Hoon so bad that she ran away, now she is the Penang MCA chief… Also, now there are some reports that said she is from Penang. Penang? Really? Thrashed so badly… Read more »


Kee, beside name calling and blind bodek bodek what can you really do. You should try better to rebut my comment. Let me ask you, in Kajang who really know Kak Wan to vote her if not for the party emblem

Awang Selamat Ori

Very poor comment from uncle Yang. Who does not know Kak Wan in Kajang? We should ask Yang, who does not know Kak Wan in Malaysia! Who amongst us in the Malay community knows Char Bee Hoon? Very very few until she was asked to contest in Kajang. All these while she contested only in Chinese majority areas as she comes from a racial party.

Look, she is now working with Perkasa, birds of a feather flocks together, is it not uncle Yang?


The more interesting question is will the Selangor water deal go through now that Anwar is no longer running? The water companies seem to think that the purpose of the MOU was simply to side-track Anwar and now that Anwar is derailed, Putrajaya (might) renegade on the MOU to cause more friction in PKR..

Phua Kai Lit

May the voters of Kajang teach the Ma Chai Association’s (MCA)
candidate a very big lesson. That it is both a shame to collaborate with lawless
UMNO Baru and utterly stupid to stand as a “sacrifical lamb”
candidate for UMNO Baru-dominated BN.

Meanwhile, the voters of Kajang should extract as much goodies as possible
from the ruling regime. Go for it, it is your tax money anyway !
A new hospital is not enough.


Chew Mei Fun come in on her personal appeal with the voters voting on her capabilities, ability and past services. Azizah is a party candidate and voters will be voting for the party not for her appeal.