Kajang by-election: Chew Mei Fun speaks about her chances, experience


And another video below, this one produced by Puteri Umno.

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Chew dare not speak up to protest the statement by Wan Junaidi on statutory rape. How can she be brave enough to say no to Umno?


LGE protest against banning the use of Allah by non muslim but dare not stop the Penang state govt enactment banning the use of Allah by non muslim. Does this not show that LGE DAP is afraid of PAS. Worse it show that LGE is a hypocrite

Awang Selamat Ori

If Chew Mei Fun can win tomorrow, I will strip naked and walk the streets of Penang, with Yang uncle acting as escort. Just how can she win? Just what has she done to deserve our votes? Can’t you see her sad face on tv everyday, pleading for votes, sometimes, looked as though she is crying? Pitiful, in politics, if you betray the trust given to you by the electorates, you cannot make a comeback again. Just how can she win? Just where is the mathematics? Don’t understand. Though she may be hard working or mainly because she is always… Read more »


Underdog. She has the chance to create an upset. Awang is in panic mode