Kajang by-election: Caught in the act – Fake posters being put up


This just in. The dirty tricks team are at work.

Smacks of desperation more than anything else.

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Wee Chin

I could not understand EC’s logic that the presence of kangkung at PRK Kajang is a provocation.
Kangkung represents the notion that BN is hiding behind price hike.


What has the 7-11 party contributed to the chinese community since GE13? They are only clamoring for cabinet positions with EGM after EGM.

Pak Tim

Well, it will left to be seen how well informed or misinformed Kajang people are. Based on past results, Kajang has always been a close fight with significant numbers still ignorant to the misdeeds of this minority federal government. We will see if Kajang appreciate what it means for a wife and mother to come out of retirement and stand on behalf of her husband once again. Shame on this minority government, what a bully they are. Whatever the outcome of this snap election, we will bury that bully in the next GE.


PR knew they are in a tight rope and that their majorities will be slashed by more than half or could even lose. They could be trying to get sympathy votes by trying to create a scenario that fake poster were put up. Why did not the volunteers apprehend the saboteurs when they were caught red handed.

Pak Tim

The only way PR can loose half their voters is (if the) BN to cheat …