Kajang by-election: Anwar Ibrahim addresses voters


This is Anwar Ibrahim addressing the Himpunan Reformasi 2.0 at Kajang Stadium last night.

Among other things, Anwar touches on the country’s radar system and his thoughts on Captain Zaharie Ahmad Shah.

Thanks to blog visitor Don Anamalai for the video link.

Have you read P Ramakrishnan’s message to the voters of Kajang?

What are your thoughts on the Kajang by-election? Will PKR posted a larger majority or smaller?

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22 Mar 2014 11.04pm

The way Awang bark, he knew PKR Kak Wan is in a very precarious position. Anyway I wish Awang & Kak Wan good luck. This time is the momentum when Chew will slash PKR majorities by half but next time no more chance for PR DAP, PAS & PKR

Rich Daddy
Rich Daddy
22 Mar 2014 8.18pm

Buang masa, tenaga dan wang.

Awang Selamat Ori
Awang Selamat Ori
22 Mar 2014 6.49pm

PR will win hands down, with regards to the majority, it does not matter. A win is a win is a win whichever way you look at it. This is PRK not PRU, therefore the Rakyat is not interested. If there is a fall in majority for PKR, MCA with uncle Yang grinning from ear to ear, will be shouting their throats hoarse for a defeat! This is the sad situation today for UMNObaru/BN. They are void of ideas to run the country, except to harp on race and religion. I think uncle Yang will accept Wan Junaidi’s alleged assertion… Read more »

22 Mar 2014 6.45pm

The MCA sacrificial lamb Chew MF is said to be promised a cabinet position regardless of the outcome of this by-election?

Awang Selamat Ori
Awang Selamat Ori
22 Mar 2014 6.41pm

Rama said, “the process never die, until we die”. But, uncle Yang became turncoat half way just because his business suffered(?) Uncle Yang should spend more of his time with his grand children during his twilight years, it will be more meaningful and fruitful. By the way, uncle Yang, please go to Kajang to shore up support for your UMNObaru/BN candidate. She is sure to lose! 100%! Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim must be saluted for his courage to take on the establishment for the betterment for future generations of Malaysians. UMNObaru/BN had wrecked the whole system of administration, today, just… Read more »