Johor: String of seats could fall to Pakatan


At least half a dozen parliamentary seats could easily fall to the opposition in the coming general election, say informed political observers.

That’s the view shared by a veteran Johor-based journalist and a Johor opposition politician, whom I met over the last couple of days. They both said that Pakatan could easily bag six or seven seats, perhaps more.

At present, the BN holds 25 parliamentary seats from Johor and Pakatan (DAP) has one. The BN’s seats are held by Umno (16), MCA (7), MIC (1) and Gerakan (1).

Umno’s seats, however, appear fairly solid, given the unique position of the party in the state and the handouts announced by Najib. Also, property owners have benefited from soaring prices, as a result of Singaporeans snapping up property in the state and driving up prices. Then there are those working in Singapore who earn higher salaries after converting to Malaysian currency.

On the other hand, those working in Johor or looking to buy their first property in the state could struggle to cope with the rising cost of living.

Pas, meanwhile, has relatively limited appeal in the state, compared to the support they enjoy in the northern and eastern states of the peninsula.

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Cik Bidayuh

Besides Sabah and Sarawak, Johor is the state to watch as any shift in the voting pattern will be detrimental to BN.

Anil ought to have a new column to generate discussion on snetiments of the voters in Johor. My Chinese friends told me that MCA is in some danger of losing votes because of their inaction and unconvicing arguments in matters pertaining to chinese education namely the independent school matters. Many have switched their support to Dong Zong as MCA is seen to be weak in upholding the chinese interest in independent schools.


Umno is on high alert as the friction between the party’s top two leaders has reached a “worrying level” and allies close to both president Najib Tun Razak and his deputy Muhyiddin Yassin are now scrambling to “manage” the fray, party sources said.

Jojo Sng


Any truth of BN Johor is supporting Muyhidin to replace Najib before the general election?

Seems like things are hitting up in Johor!


I hope there will be more such reports on Johor as the site is too concentrated on Penang issues.


In Johor, there are 12 constituencies that has more than 50% chinese majority; and 16 constituencies that has 40%-50% chinese. As MCA has irritated many chinese on the independent school issue, BN may be punished by the chinese voters in the coming GE in Johor.

Therefore it is wise for MCA not to continue its arrogant attitude towards Dong Zong.


The DAP dinner/ceramah at Muar on 3 September raised RM13K.
Total 197 dinner tables.
Good response as Muar people paid to listen Lim Guan Eng.


If wishes were horses, then beggars would ride.


My Umno friend said Shahril is afraid to defend his JB post.


I suspect there are two Ahmad Sobri … one is original while the other is a fake/copy, like his Master DUMNO. I used to see contracting comments from the same name in Malaysia Insider. Even the original Ahmad Sobri mentioned that in Malaysian Insider about his fake.

I guess the fake Ahmad Sobri has tailed him to Anilnetto blog.


tunglang can subscribe and read about Cosmopolitan magazine and inform readers why we should boycott Starbuck, Kim Garry etc


The perception I created of myself (with mistakes unintended) is mainly for strategic (competitive survival) comment of Penang street hawker food & protection of our unique Penang diversed Asian heritage in an onslaught of global economy & lifestyle. Nothing more than that as a concerned ‘Kay Poh’ Penangite looking for the right CHANGE to steer Penang state. If you still think I am 100% partisan against your hero, I can’t change this warped, politically inmatured (of blind-defensive) perception. Perhaps, less exchange of thoughts at the expense of my opportunity costs is the best from now on. To me, Cosmopolitan mag… Read more »


Cosmopolitan invades Belum Forest as well …LOL

may be that’s the only way you can get Penang Hokkien Mee when there is urge in the jungle only the eco resort can prepare one for you ?


Hello Bambi. This resort caters to the cosmo-weak-hearted & nifty legs allergic to blood sucking leeches & mosquitoes! A safe haven for wannabes wanting to go into Belum rainforest but at safe distance from the wild & pontianak! I can’t afford this kind of expensive lifestyle which btw won’t give me the real experiential taste of wild Belum. Even if I got money, I won’t step in for ‘setup’ experiences. As for hawker food, dream on if you are in Belum, not even a chance you will find Ori-maestro cuisine in this resort. Unless you are one of the Ori-Maestros… Read more »

Jungle Booker

why go to Belum Rainforest to escape from co$mopolitan Penang island ? The west coast of Penang island is quite “intact” awaiting you to set-up a traditional home (don’t spoil the tracks with your 4-wheel drive – go with Viva to protect the environment because no slope gradient now to worry afterall). You can start a homestay program there to earn retirement fund there. You can collaborate with Ah Soon to venture out together from Balik Pulau. In that sense, may be Penang traditionalist can continue to sustain their interest in your comments in I was told internet access… Read more »


Don’t go bonker!!!
Individuals have choices. Why should I tell you why I choose Belum, you are not even my friend? Your advice is cheeky but not intelligent, trying to be gau gau, to say the least. Go suck more bananas in Balik Pulau!!!


Lim Kit Siang, Salahuddin, Chua Jui Meng will contest in some parliament seat in Johor. PR got chance to win on 13 seat in coming GE13.


Johor MB expects to lose nine seats

Umno and Barisan Nasional is dicey in at least six more seats – Tanjung Piai, Gelang Patah, Pulai, Pasir Gudang Tebrau, Simpang Rengam and Parit Sulong. Which really means, Pakatan could end up with between nine and 15 seats.


LYC share price hit an intraday low of A62.5c today, compared to over A$1.20 when news first broke out about their Gebeng Plant last year. I think even the most optimistic of shareholders are getting cold feet and cutting loss. They know that BN is threading water. They know that Pakatan will review the current LYC agreement with BN. Chartists will not touch the stock with a ten foot pole.

Alan Chew

Let’s compare the age of the leaders:

Pakatan: Lim Guan Eng (51), Hadi Awang (65), Anwar (65)
– average: 60.3

BeeEnd: Najib (59), Chua SL (65), Palanivel (63)
– average: 62.3

So Chua SL should tell Johoreans that BeeEnd’s leader are nearing senility and dementia.


Tun Razak died at age 54. Yet Najib at age 59 today still go round the kampung to remind rural folks that he is the son of Razak to bank on his father’s popularity.

Gerakan K

As Penang voters, we must punish those Penang ADUNs who switched off their phone during Kg Buah Pala demolition. This is our first obligation as Penangite !!! Our local friends KENA BULI by the *orang Melaka* !!! How sad is that ??? Who can give me the full name list as my campaign materials still regarded as *not complete* without a mention for those cruel ADUN names. @Anak Tanjong Tokong Lama: MRL is legal, political, and social problems. Even in pakatan states, the way of operations are still the same. I heard that in Selangor (hey this is pakatan admin!),… Read more »

Andrew I

You know, you should keep it short like you usually do, Gherkin. Bandwidth is not the only thing that is being wasted here. Stop copying Ahmad’s style because there’s really no substance in what you are trying to say. Be original. Vote Pakatan.

Gerakan K

Test test test. Let me see if I can properly reply to Andrew I. Helo helo testing 1 2 3. Can you hear me ??? Helo helo ~

Andrew I original comment:
“You know, you should keep it short like you usually do, Gherkin. Bandwidth is not the only thing that is being wasted here. Stop copying Ahmad’s style because there’s really no substance in what you are trying to say. Be original. Vote Pakatan.”

Andrew I

Gherkin/BN: xerox machine.


Hee hee …………. olang kata cakap manyak ……….. isi tadak.


LOL!!! Even the blog function gets irritated, how come huh? We don’t seem to have problems.


Don`t blame him. GK He is now in desperation just like his pornstar adulterer icon speaking nonsense and aimlessly blowing in the wind


Wow wow I just love LGE. He gave me a 750k double storey house. Hey hey my 9 residents friends still waiting for the 300k or 3 millions. Any which way they are still waiting for the AMMO BN MIC to come. Sorry no where to be seen.


Its really hard to ask PAS to join BN. But its really not hard to entice a few with low moral to join. Yes with a few millions of immoral duit


Don’t be too confident. There are an unproportionately large number of rural seats. The problem with the opposition now is that they are concentrating on the wrong areas, urban or semi urban areas which they will win without having to do anything. They are not getting out of their comfort zone. Despite having so many seasoned politicians, they fail to grasp a simple fact- that the large majority of seats are rural. So what if you can sell 5000 or even 50000 tables in JB or KK or Kuching. It will still only give you 1 seat. You can’t even… Read more »


Still holding on to Cosmopolitan thinking.
Election power rest in the people of all walks of life, whether in the cosmo-city or in the interiors, all of which will add up & decide at the final count.
And manifesto promises to be shouted out loud (& clear & sincerely doable) should also bear in mind the people beyond the cosmo-city of bling-bling. These folks though not iT savvy have brains to think & weight what is beneficial to them in simple terms of reality, not politician-salesman talk of surreal October-jumpship in the Straits of Melaka.

Anak Tanjong Tokong Lama

Leongan, you wrote “One good example was a low-cost housing development project in Sg Abong, Muar, many years ago under MB Othman Saat. Few hundred units all to Malays without one for non Malay with the excuse that they were built on Malay Reserved Land (MRL). But the land was first acquired from a non Malay & purposely converted to MRL. UMNO just refused to give one to non Malay despite serious protest form non Malays & serious appeal from from MCA/MIC. No wonder one of the earliest state seats fell to DAP was in Muar.” Othman Saat was Johore… Read more »

change agent

Its time we realise which political party we need to align with in the comming 13GE.
Its good to give the newcommer a chance to prove themselves.
Long live malaysia


BN/UMNO have neglected others in Johor for too long, they are just too arrogant & hypocrite. One good example was a low-cost housing development project in Sg. Abong, Muar many years ago under MB Othman Saat. Few hundred units all to Malays without one for non Malay with the excuse that they were built on Malay Reserved Land (MRL). But the land was first acquired from a non Malay & purposely converted to MRL. UMNO just refused to give one to non Malay despite serious protest form non Malays & serious appeal from from MCA/MIC. No wonder one of the… Read more »


you are nonsense, gerakan?

Gerakan K



He knows that BN UMNO MCA and their sycophants will be thrashed with a 2 party system that is why he will say it is nonsesne

Gerakan K

Puzzled with your stance. Few days ago you said “porah pakatan” and now you are singing another tune ???

porah or come on ???

Andrew I

que sera sera.

Gerakan K

Ok, my comment above directed to Ahmad Sobri


Gerakan K, drink more Kopi-O kau kau.
Save your time for more money-making opportunities than be ‘trapped’ in this insane endless cycle of ‘lynching’ that do no good to your reputation & contribute no new daring ideas for the state’s future.
As for Mr. Ahmad Sobri, I hope he has his 2 Hoots intact, his principles unshaken by blog-mobs, now & then. Selamat Ahmad Sobri!


Kopi-O kau kau to mask the sour taste of bitterness?


Either you are relating to your habitual Starry-Eyed Buck bitter caffein tastes or you ‘got no taste’ at all of real kopitiam Kopi-O kau kau. Want a real life taste of Kopi-O? Go to this mamak stall (halal for your sake, no pork liao added) next to the famed mee goreng at MPPP food court @ Gurney Drive and order from this forever smiling, handsome mamak, a cuppa of Kopi-O. And enjoy the seaview while inhaling the aroma. Best visit in the morning where the crowd is no there yet. Or try catch me there on Saturday morning, good luck!… Read more »

tan tanjong bungah

Hi everyone, We JUST want to kick-start a 2-party system in the next GE! Personalities apart, the 2-party system would make the PEOPLE and their future generations be the master of their destiny, to do that we have no choice but to vote in PR as the new Federal Govt and let BN play their role as the opposition. Additional BN seats in Johor, Sabah and Sarawak falling to PR would go a long way in setting-up an effective 2-party system in the 13GE! A review of the respective roles of PR and BN can be put before the people… Read more »


ya 2 pary system can minimise abuse in executive power, judiciary and legislature.

see how BN response to look into gradual reduction in car prices after PKR has planned to do so.

Andrew I

Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery.

chin wei

RE : Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery Wan Saiful Wan Jan, chief executive of the Institute for Democracy and Economic Affairs (IDEAS), told The Malaysian Insider that “it’s unfortunate that we have a government that is copying what the opposition proposes.” “They should be the ones leading. Copying is not really leadership,” he said, adding that “they need to start coming up with policies of their own.” However, he notes that “it shows that it’s good for a country to have a strong opposition” as there would be “real competition” between politicians on “what is good policy for… Read more »

Andrew I

Thanks, saw it too. I’m surprised it has taken so long for people to realize this. It’s been the norm since 308.


The UMNO/BN think-tank has run out of ideas. Instead of coming up with their own (read: original) they have been stealing ideas from Pakatan. And the latest is agreeing to look into ways how to reduce price of cars.

Han Solo

Ulu Tiram Johor, where there is a high density of Indian residents, is slowly but surely waking up to harsh reality ……


Sensible (awakened) Johore folks leave for Singapore to earn better living (2.52 x exchange rate salary to counter rising cost of living).

If you are at causeway, you can see the difference between Johor (Wong Ah Fook streets filled with legal/illegal foreigners) and Spore’s Woodlands (area attracting 300 thousands Msians particularly Johorians whose talents are sought after).