Johor stirring


Scenes from PKR ceramahs in Johor on 20 October.

Thanks to blog reader Mac Davis for the second video link.

If you are in Johor, share with us the latest sentiment on the ground.

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Orang Melayu di Johor adalah orang Melayu paling miskin di Malaysia, kerana kos hidup meningkat kerana orang asing yang semakin ramai datang ke Iskandar Malaysia, kata presiden Dewan Perniagaan Melayu Malaysia (DPMM), Datuk Syed Ali Alattas. Menurut Syed Ali, 80 peratus dari tanah di Iskandar Malaysia dimiliki orang asing menyebabkan Melayu di Johor kian terpinggir. “Pada tahun 1800, Melayu Johor adalah paling kaya di negara ini, tetapi kini yang paling miskin, kerana kedatangan orang asing yang membeli tanah di sini, kita tidak lagi mampu untuk menampung kos hidup, terutamanya di Johor Bahru. “Pembangunan Iskandar ini memundurkan dan meminggirkan orang Melayu… Read more »


Any new update on Johor voters’ sentiments since there have been numerous Pakatan ceramah in that state?
Appreciate your update as your blog is too focus on Penang lately.

Oon Wee Chin

Get your update at the DAP dinner at Stulang:
[Jamuan Makan Malam DAP]
7 p.m.
Venue: Cathay Seafood Restaurant,新山百合花园新国泰酒楼。
Address:Lot Ptd 85473, Jln Molek 2/4,Tmn Molek, JB, Johor.


Ceramah Pakatan in JB:

Tarikh: 2.12.2012 (Ahad)
Masa: 8.30 Pagi
Tempat: Pasar Pagi, Jalan Dedap 15, Taman Johor Jaya

– Jimmy Puah (PKR)
– Liow Cai Tung (DAP)
– Syed Othman Syed Abdullah (PAS)

Jom hadir ramai-ramai!


Himpunan Kebangkitan Rakyat Peringkat Negeri Johor

Tarikh: 1 Disember 2012 (Sabtu)

Masa : 3.00pm – 12 Tengah Malam
Tempat: Dataran Parit Salleh Ros Sri Gading Batu Pahat

Petang : Ekspedisi Anak Muda Bersama Ali XPDC

Malam: Ucapan Pemimpin NGO, Ucapan Pimpinan Pakatan Rakyat
Pimpinan Pakatan Rakyat Yang Hadir:
1. Tuan Guru Haji Abdul Hadi Awang
2. Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim
3. Saudara Lim Kit Siang
4. Tn. Hj. Mohamad Sabu
5. YB Salahuddin Ayub
6. Pimpinan Tertinggi Pakatan Rakyat Negeri Johor.


Ini suasana Himpunan di Batu Pahat:


There is talk about moving Muhyddin back to Johor as Mentri Besar, and the excuse will be that UMNO and BN is losing ground in this their strongest state. Muhyiddin will be touted as the right person to handle the job and the entire supreme council will be directed to back the plan, many of its members have already been approached…

Read more here:


Ceramah DAP di Johor:

Tarikh: 12 November 2012
Masa: 7.00PM
Tempat: Hapadan Restoran Snack Junction Road
38, Jalan Dedap 13, Taman Johor Jaya.
Johor Bahru

All are welcome.

Jom Ubah!


A survey by the PAS research centre concluded that Johor is no longer the BN party’s stronghold – 14 out of 26 Johor parliamentary constituencies enjoying less than 50% support for UMNO and BN.

Kui Jin

China Press. reported that “due to rain, guests/supporters were late, and the dinner was delayed until 8pm. When honourable Chua Soi Lek get up to give his speech, unfortunately, all dishes were already served; and the guests/supporters especially those who were at the side exit doors started to leave one by one. It was estimated about 20% of them left at that time.” This is an eyewitness account and CSL was not happy with that. His deputy Liar Tiong Lie even defended CSL by claiming that people left early to avoid traffic jam. Most Chinese went for the dinner and… Read more »

Lucy Kiew

People would stay up late into midnight to listen to DAP ceramah, that’s the difference between MCA and DAP supporters.


To the embarrassment of Chua SL at the mega dinner, many left the scene the moment he started his speech:

I guess people went there for cheap/free food only.

Don Anamalai

This is another good video reminder…


Another Chua speaking

This is the one :

Jeffrey Kiong

According to the analysis in the recent Astro AEC’s News Talk program, Pakatan is targeting 8 seats in Johor. This is highly possible as there are 9 seats in Johor that has more than 40% chinese majority. That is why MCA is desperate in having its mega dinner in Johor to lure chinese votes with free makan and lucky draw. My family got free tickets to the MCA mega dinner at Kulai (Johor) on Saturday night. Interesting that 20% of the attendees left the place during the speech of Chua Soi Lek after finished with the dinner. Apparently these people… Read more »


80% of the attendees at MCA Mega dinner at Kulai are elderly uncles/aunties who brought their young children along (presumably granchildren), the rest are mainly MCA members in their BN attire. We can assume that younger generation has already ignored MCA as they could access to alternative media/social media to know the real situation.


This is a good video commentary on dark side of Najib’s 2013 budget.
It is in Cantonese, though, but it is good to share it with the elderly people who has no access to alternative media.


Very good video with lots of facts not found on mainstream media. I hope there could be English or Malay versions for all to appreciate.


BTN do produce good products, like Gerakan K, very adamant, very consistent, very provocative, very bias, very supportive, very positive


BTN project has brainwashed many people like Gerakan K. These folks have to be rehabilitated once Pakatan forms the government.

Gerakan K

Sorry, MCA CSL is in Johor. No chance for pakatan despite recent rock and rolls show in oil and gas. Also our 1Malaysia PM Najib is in Pahang. No chance for pakatan despite recent rock and rolls show in Lynas.


CSL in Johor r just any where else is a gone case. The cheap in Pahang is in jeopardy unless he cheat. At one time he won by only a couple of hundred votes

alan chuah

Mind u the a couple of hundred last minutes PHANTOM poster votes …


Want to beat CSL easy lah. Just put picture of Alvin Tan up all over the place enough loh…


The best evaluation of Johor is really how the other side react. While MCA, MIC and others are in a panic mode, honestly, Abdul Ghani don’t look very scared compared to Sabah, Negeri Sembilan, Perak. The problem in Johor with Malay voters is that even if there are real messes for example in Pengerang, they have enough cash to plaster the problem and keep it Even if FGVH shares and palm oil prices continue to fall, it still can be fixed. The big failure in Johor for PR is not being able to get Ghani Othman to transfer to Federal… Read more »


Kevin’s observation about urban votes may be correct but it doesn’t mean that it is in the interest of a so called best democracy in the world, does it? EC will try to gerrymander to save its own skin but no patriotic Malaysian should stand idle watching their votes being watered down. Its time Malaysians put national interests ahead of their own as they will also sink along with the BN titanic when all the lifejackets are essentially controlled by their selected few.


I am not saying it is good democratic practice to delineate the constituencies in an uneven manner. If it was up to me the prime minister would be directly elected based on the total number of votes, not through MPs or parliament. I would like the executive to be completely independent of the legislative body. I would like that no parliamentarian can be in the executive and no executive can be in parliament. Complete separation of powers. MPs just formulate laws according to the ppls will and the government including the PM runs the govt in accordance to the laws… Read more »

Gerakan K

But stop imaging the USA as heaven. They are more war than others. They HUTANG $$$ more than others !!! They have school children shooting more than others !!!

Love Malaysia instead.


USA is not heaven and yet many Muslims want to migrate and live there. Yes Malaysia is a good place at one time before and immediately after independence where all of us Malay, Chinese, Indian and all race mixed around without referring to race or religion. Everything is fair to all. … Polarization is unheard of. It is after 53 years of Alliance and later BN UMNO together with their sycophants from MIC, MCA and later Gerakan that mismanage the country with so much scandals and corruptions and create a rift between religion and races that cause such polarization to… Read more »


gerakan k
some more pls.
you sound desperate, just like the desperate UMNO goons.
how much r you paid?
its ok. its expected….


Yes desperate just like the pornstar, adulterer…


Like he said before he is interested in the little privileges and crumbs given

Kim Quek

Ahmad Sobri’s analysis is accurate and perceptive. In fact the wind of change is sweeping through not only Johor, but the entire country including Sabah and Sarawak. Chinese have long recognised MCA as obsolete. And more and more Malays have also come to see Umno in the negative light – a self-serving party that has gone astray. The only uncertainty with respect to the coming election is to what extent BN will cheat. If the level of cheating doesn’t exceed that in the last election, Pakatan will be swept into power.


Hello Kim Quek I am very impressed by your short speech at the Freedom Festival held in JB recently, where you asked Johoreans to wake up. Unfortunately most Johoreans are ignorant about the fate of the nation as most of them are drawing their income from Singapore. They are blinded by the spending power derived from the strong SingDollar. I hope to see more independent ceramah in JB. The attendance at the MCA mega-dinner at Kulai is not an indication of support for MCA as many went for free food (tickets (said to be) sponsored by MCA Datuks) and lucky… Read more »

Gerakan K

Imagine pakatan, ehemm **Dap** only able to defend Penang. Who will be the CM ??? I guess it must be from PAS, right ??? You learn from Perak example. Then DCM I for Dap and DCM II for Pkr ??? It must be very chaotic and unstable team. Penangites, you better vote BN for more stable team. PR1MA for Penangites. No more no plastic bags days. Learn from Zambry’s Perak for example. BN can certainly do better if given a second chance !!!


ya learn from Zambry and the state is now in a deficit compared to Nizar while land are (allegedly) being given to their cronies instead of the poor people


Malaysian and Penagite would rather have a no plastic day than the corruption of billions being siphoned off. We certainly do not want such a govt from BNUMNO and their lame sycophants from Malaysian Cheap Association, Gilakan etc

Gerakan K

Forget to mention, RPK has lots of surprises for pakatan !!! Chua JM in particular !!! You don’t know until the very last minute !!! Selamatkan Malaysia ??? Johor = BN Waterloo ??? LOL, should be SELAMATKAN PAKATAN !!! Eh, there is no more pakat pakat pakatan after election. Mark my word, there is no more pakatan after election.


Can we believe a turn coat RPK who run away to England and made baseless accusation. Come back and be like Anwar & PKR people such as Rafizi who are not afraid to face jail or being sued by exposing the truth

Gerakan K

It is all about your report card. Last GE BN haters not going to vote against BN again. Our 1Malaysia PM Najib is much different than Abdullah Badawi. Our 1Malaysia PM Najib IS THE BEST MALAYSIAN PM so far. Every vital things are measurable in terms of KPI. BR1M, PR1MA, and many other 1Malaysia innovative programs ARE THE REASONS why BN will win BIG this time. My prediction, except Penang, BN will win back all pakatan states. Gerakan and BN Penang will perform better than expected in Penang but still unable to kick DAP out of office unless there are… Read more »


Beside all the other good report card by PR, Kg Buah Pala is the best with the best compensation. They are now happily living in a RM750,000/= double storey house instead of a 500 sq ft pigeons hole compensated by the BN UMNO Geelakan govt. LGE is the best CM among all not the sleeping type.


Ya CSL is the best and has set such a good example that he was admired that resulted in another pair of pornstar

Ahmad Sobri

Compared to the UMNO/sycophants campaign of race, religion, Hudud and Sex, I certainly find Pakatan Rakyat much more professional, much more dwelling on issues affecting the Rakyat, issues like spiralling inflation, spiralling crime rates, endemic corruptions, PTI, and so on so much more relevant than what is being dished out by UMNO/MCA so far. UMNO as usual is playing the race card and religion, MCA trying to be smart, is also trying to drag the Chinese community into their campaign of hate against HUDUD and SEX! What else in MCA with Chua Soi Lek at the helm? Surely, with the… Read more »

Gerakan K

Cantik !!! PAS hudud is more relevant for now, after witnessing illegal beer raid in pakatan state !!! PAS HUDUD is NON-NEGOTIABLE according to PAS TOP LEADERSHIP[1] !!! If pakatan win federal gomen, and since PAS HUDUD is NON-NEGOTIABLE, then you can imagine what will happen NEXT ??? Forget about Abdullah Badawi times. Vote BN now since BN under 1Malaysia PM Najiib excellent leadership !!! BN gives you CASH MONEY, stability, development and a secular Malaysia !!! p/s: If you love PAS hudud very much, just pack and go to Afghanistan. Let Malaysia alone ~ Reference: [1] Islamic state aim… Read more »


Karpal DAP, PR reiterate Malaysia is a secular country but Nazri M kutty and UMNO says Malaysia is an Islamic country. And the Cheap is so cheap that he would not say anything but remain dumb. We certainly would not want a cheap and dumb PM. Lets want the bold, competent and transparent and certainly Najib is not that one but Anwar

Gerakan K

@Yang: The truth to be told, and I guess you know it too. Under BN since independence and the formation of Malaysia, the BN definition of Malaysia as an Islamic nation just beause Islam is our official religion and that is all. You can gain plenty of benefits just because the name of Islamic nation. Look at OIC thingy and more obviously in the financial industry e.g. the sukuk things. Thus Malaysia is an Islamic nation by name and secular nation by practice. On the other hand, the **old BRITISH** law is still our primary law. That alone already can… Read more »


Only an ignorant would believe that. Step by step the reality will be that UMNO will implement hudud for all (Muslim & Non Muslim) The reality is that hudud is part of an Islamic country and when it our country become Islamic it affect all Muslim and Non Muslim That is very very scary. From being a secular, UMNO is now crying for our country to be an Islamic country and an Islamic country would include hudud , Yes hudud for ALL. ALL (Muslim and Non Muslim) And why is UMNO enticing PAS to join them in the hudud agenda.… Read more »


I am afraid your observations are based on the urban areas. This ceramah was in JB, an urban centre. I have said a million times that the important and vital seats are not in Pg KL or JB, they are in the rural and semi-rural areas. The urban areas give you one seat for every 50-60k ppl, some even more than that, whereas in rural areas, that same number of ppl can give u 3 or 4 seats. It makes political sense to go into these areas and spread Pakatan’s manifesto and show them what can be done. But PR… Read more »

Gerakan K

@kevin: Your observation is CORRECT but can’t understand the WHY. First of all, the pakatan think-tanks are smarter than you and me. Some even with Phds and specialized in political science. some are real warriors with plenty of real battle experiences for and against BN. Look at Anwar, Chua JM, LIM senior, Karpal S. and many others. So, every single thing mentioned by you is wellknown to them but they are powerless to do anything. Do you ever ask pakatan MP/ADUN/veteran members about the issues mentioned by yourself ??? Let’s examine one by one: 1) why pakatan teams go campaigning… Read more »


Johor will be the Waterloo for BN UMNO and their sycophants from Malaysian Cheap Association, Gilakan and MIC


Switching time in Johor.
Look at football in Johor : Johor FC now called Johor, while the previous Johor team is now called Johor FA.
So soon the local government will be switched from BN to Pakatan.
The “ubah” sentiment is very strong in Johor.
Sourtern Tsunami on the way …..