Johor state election outcome – your views


I spoke to a couple of PKR people following the elections closely.

One of them based in Johor Bahru said Barisan Nasional would win 31 of the 56 seats if the turnout does not exceed 65% of the votes.

A PKR insider, however, provided a grimmer picture: he said Pakatan Harapan would win less than 10 seats – a repeat of the Malacca election. A lot of money is at play. The other reason he said is that votes are being split with so many parties contesting while the staunch Umno supporters will continue supporting Umno. Finally, the lower turnout among PH supporters, especially those in Singapore, could hurt PH’s chances.

So far, turnout is only 46% at 3pm. But that could also be due to the large number of newly registered voters under the new automatic voter registration system, many of whom were too apathetic to register in the past.

Let’s see if the new young voters from 18 to 21 will make any difference and confound the analysts. By the way, Chile has just elected a 36-year-old as its president. How’s that for muda (young)!

Perhaps the parties in this election, apart from PSM, have lacked any meaningful message – apart from opposing corruption — that made them stand out from the rest of the parties in the field? For instance, how do these parties plan to empower the lower-income group? What are their plans for public healthcare, affordable housing, quality education and public transport – tangible areas that many can actually experience on the ground?

Where do the opposition parties go from here?

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I think it is simple. The people gave a chance to PH but they did not manage well. In fact they were incompetent. All the talk of kleptocrats has fallen on deaf ears because PH are no better. You have a party that has built a virtual tunnel in the metaverse that cost millions in studies. One of the leaders is in court for corruption… The other party is headed by a leader whose sons are billionaires and is well known for cronism. Not only that appointed an AG that let a tycoons son escape drug charges. Then we have… Read more »


What do you think will happen if Umno-Baru were to rule Singapore?
Will Singapore achieve greater heights?


New young Johor MB instead of Hasni.

Umno is split into different camps clamouring for power? Court cluster Vs Minister Cluster? Keluarga Malaysia civil war?

Omega 888

Johor State election is over. BN won the State election with a 2 third majority. The MB has been confirmed and appointed. Chapter on the Johor State election is closed. The Opposition lost the election badly. Are they still sore over it ?

MGR Maran

If Sabri delays GE15 to hang on then probably forced by election in Perak then Kedah?

UMNO going to wipe out PAS influence in the North now securing South ?

Gerakan from mosquito now back evolved into insignificant larvae.

Awaiting Aliran’s verdict n postmortem.


Johor poll ending with BN won 40 seats.

Mid credit scene: Abah willing to surrender PN leadership as Dominic got zero (once again).

Post credit scene: Umno court cluster (Bossku & Zahid) cannot wait to bubar parlimen for PRU, as Keluarga Malaysia PM fears he may not be the poster boy for PRU.


Waste time posting comments as it will not be published


Shriek may leave the site due to tunglang syndrome? Somehow anti-spam control could not contain the deluge of comments from alpha omega 888? Shriek may feel not valued, just like tunglang?

Omega 888

And ah thought you went into hibernation. Take your time shriek. We are not going any where. Will wait for you to catch up.


Unofficial as at 8.17pm according to China Press:
BN – 43
Harapan – 7
PKR – 3
PN – 1
Muda – 1

MGR Maran

If Gerakan Johor dooms today then a tombstone for Gerakan Penang next GE?

There are 88 jokes coming up in Anil’s blog, and many see the oomph factor in AnilNetto is almost gone now with 88 seeking to outclass shriek now after t-lang has perished ?