Johor Education Dept Director on video


Listen to Johor Education Department director Markom Giran caught on video urging teachers/counsellors to work for a victory for the “government” in the Tenang by-election.

Among other things, he urges them to colour-code areas according to the degree of support for the BN (blue) on the one hand, to hardcore support for the opposition (green), on the other. Attention would be focussed on grey areas. Counsellors were also urged to talk to the pupils’ parents and visit their homes as part of this effort.

While he is at it, perhaps Markom might also want to tell us what action has been taken against racist teachers in the state.

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AL Goh

I think the Johor Education Department director Markom Giran has got his priority wrong and mixed up. The director should be removed or suspended as he is showing bad example to others. Government servant should not get involved in Politics. Please resign if he wishes to take part in politics.


depending on who is the current paymaster.

if Pakatan forms new government in next GE, there will be another batch of kaki ampu.

Fact of life.


Shame to our level of education director…worst that TADIKA IQ…..My TADIKA son can talk and think better than this not clever director……
Dont talk lah if you cannot differenciate between UMNO and govermant..My TADIKA son know what is party and who is govarment………KESIAN…dah lah bodoh …..


ini UMNO punya orang. apa boleh buat. sidek the shortie memang support him. semua kaki UMNO. What education. Semua ok UMNO. Memang orang china sama mic percaya UMNO.



grow taller lah. easier to pluck low hanging fruits. resign as chief and join UMNO. very very good benefits. loads of goodies. MACC wont touch you, no worries. shortie no shame ah?


leceh lah. when are we Malaysians going to realise the education system sudah koyak. entah lah one can only hope for better days ahead.


Mr/En. Sewel Why hope for better days when you can rally your friends to take action for change? I live in JB abd my kids joined hundreds of others crossing the causeway daily to study in Singapore school for better education and future and better job prospects with higher earning pay and the opportunity to be permanent resident in Singapore. The top ‘O’ Level students in Singapore has been a Malaysian for 3 years running. This is an inspiration to my kids despite the hardship they have to endure daily (waking up early and long traveling hours to school). But… Read more »


There many of this type of people like Markom in the school sytem. Products of the BTN. Some are even Phd’s who are great talkers. You can tolerate even those profuse talkers if they do their jobs well and are ethical professionally. It’s a great shame that the large numbers in the teaching profession are yet to respond constructively at the enormous amount of real work that needs doing in the education area, particularly the public one. And this can only be attained by changing the present government, and freeing the iron clamp on our most important public servants, teachers… Read more »


If the pace continue, Malay culture are doom, and it won’ take long that Malay culture will destroy by their own kind if they continue support ketuanan umno mindset….


He sure is doing a great job. His boss will be pleased. Great video, well done Pengarah Pendidikan!

You are caught in the lowest most undesirable job ever, I mean look at the merry go round in the schools — you poor thing — you deserve much better. Let me see what i can do about promoting you to where you should be — sitting on the podium among the roses.”


Saudara LJ,
YOu are looking at the next Chief Secretary of either Penang, Kedah or Kelantan. Someone who can’t pidato and has no idea what to do to improve things. Someone who stood by the Johor Headmistress who called Indian…. He is doing a good job by UMNO yardstick


This … Markom, an UMNO … sniffer should leave the civil service … as an unprincipled creep, he should not waste the taxpayers’ money campaigning for wonder we get racist jerks in the teaching profession down South, made uncalled disgusting remarks at students of other non-malay races and still got away scot free!
It is time to bring in the pest controllers!!


I assume this director is an UMNO member. Else he would not go to this extent. This is an indication of the corruption of the soul. UMNO people do not understand the difference between what is right and what is wrong.
Given this indication, why on earth would anyone vote BN. Between BN and PAS, I would vote PAS. At least they are honest and they can tell the difference between right and wrong. Not UMNO. They can rob you and tell you it is their right.


The issue is with people like these running the Education Dept, OUR children will NEVER get a good enough education..


This is the type of directors we have, what more for Education ? I weep for my country

najib manaukau

Here is a typical example of what Umno is and will always be, a proof of why a … Director is regardless of his qualification, his job (appears to be) to ensure those under his care are Umno supporters. He is doing a good job at it otherwise he (may) not be considered for anymore promotion in future.


Sdr Anil,

Apakah manusia ini pengarah pendidikan negeri? Pertama sekali dia mesti pergi balik ke sekolah dan meningkatkan keupayaan berpidato. Macam orang menjual ikan di pasar pertuturannya dan pada masa yang sama dia sungguh nampak macam tu je.

Sepatutnya, dia seharusnya digantung (jawatannya) tetapi dalam 1Malaysia Boleh itu memang tidak akan berlaku.


Chauncey Gardener

Just wondering whether he will kow tow if there is a change in govt arising from GE13 ?

telur dua

He should also recommend that BN supporters and non-supporters be tattooed on the forehead accordingly.

What a …….


Has the Director any ideas on how to improve education among the rakyat?? Are all the teachers yes men/women? This is the reason why the schools are in trouble. People who are appointed to high administrative posts are not competent in their jobs but are appointed because they are UMNO supporters. We are in big trouble. Where is the professionalism?

Jalil Din

This is definitely the consequences of attending BTN curriculum: BN is good for you, opposition is bad for you.

That’s why I enrol my kids to private chinese school, learning Mandarin and avoid senseless remarks from jokers like this Director. My chldren are interacting well with the Chinese and do not have to depend on umno for their future.


Only in UMNO’s Malaysia, this guy will not be sacked for his indiscretion but instead be riding on a fast track promotion to higher positions.

He is definitely of suitable state secretary material for any state ruled by Pakatan Rakyat.


Has the Director any ideas on how to improve education among the rakyat??


If he is a good educator, he should have asked the following questions on behalf of the people of Johor:

1) Why is Johor Corp heavily in debt of RM3.6 billion? Is it mismanagement or something else?

2) Why Dana Johor is now only worth half of its original value (RM1 to 50 sen)?