‘Santa’ is still in town indulging in more vote-buying.

This time the PM has announced a RM1000 handout for Petronas employees. See The Malaysian Insider report here.

And the Election Commission remains shamefully silent.

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semuanya OK kot

No prizes for guessing what the salary increments across the board to 1.3 milion civil servants (or maybe 2 million in all icluding GLCs and pensioners) will do to the cost of goods, CPI and frozen income of 80% of Malaysians.


After the election you may see the same scenario of the Perak grab by buying adun to cross over.

Madcow Muar

he signed the pledge. no words from TI Malaysia?

Gerakan K

See open always. Stop the jealousy act now. Let everyone happy. Support BN for more windfall !!! Support PR you will get little or nothing !!!

p/s: BR1M will be annual affair if BN win this GE.

Ahmad Sobri

Oh! Yes, all those vote buying will win BN the elections? Think again, think very very hard. I received RM200 for returning to vote from UMNO but, I voted PAS in 2008. I will again receive RM 200 minimum in PRU 13 but again I will vote PAS, and PAS will win convincingly in where I vote. To all you folks out there, please go to BN pondoks after voting and collect your monies. They (allegedly) have the budget of 200 for each car ( outstation) which comes back to vote. Take the money and vote Pakatan Rakyat! Selamatkan Malaysia!… Read more »


Support BN now, get windfall now, pay back 10 times after
And become a bankrupt later

Be cautious. No Corruption, accountability and competency and FAIRNESS FOR ALL will be if PR win

Stephen Ng

Malaysia to go bankrupt under BN?
Watch this excellent video and learn for yourself:


Buying votes with cash is now acceptable?
It looks like corruption of the minds & hearts of Rakyat to prolong a regime for the next 5 years of continual leeching of national wealth till bankruptcy.
It looks like a desperado on salvation mission (of the self, not Rakyat di dahului) by hook or by crook (Janji sendiri ditepat, menang apacara pun tak kisah).

Tidak Gila Kuasa

Malaysians intelligence will be tested this coming GE13


This is another episode of ‘I help you,,you help me’. Never in the history the govt of the day gave out so many handouts and especially when GE is drawing near. This is clear case of bribery!