Japan’s LDP dumped in massive opposition win


This Merdeka brings news that Japan’s LDP has been dumped after virtually unbroken rule since 1955.

The new Democratic Party-led government, which is expected to adopt a less subservient relationship with the United States and to expand the welfare state, is forecasted to win 308 of the 480 seats in the lower house.

What does the next general election have in store for Malaysia?

Would we really see a new Malaysia then?

Or do we have to change ourselves first?

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Sigh! will we ever have our dreams come true of having another government besides a BN government. People in Malaysia are too complacent and do not like to change things no matter how bad things are. They will grumble, curse and make a lot of noise but when it comes to elections they don’t even bother to register to vote or don’t bother to go out and vote. They’ll rather go to watch a movie. That’s how seriously some Malaysians take the process of democracy and the priviledge of voting. Time to buck up and take responsibility for our nation… Read more »

Chauncey Gardener

It has happened before in India (Congress Party) and Taiwan (KMT) where the once seemingly invicible political parties had to eat humble pie.

Perhaps the omens are here in Malaysia.


“a less subservient relationship with the United States”

You know, the United States is not all that bad. Better the US than China, or a militaristic Japan like during WW2.

“to expand the welfare state”

That’s a bad idea. Who’s going to shoulder the cost? The future generation? Expect more people to abuse the welfare system.


The LDP have not played dirty to win elections the past 54 years even though the party have been infested with corrupt politicians.

I can’t say the same about BN on playing clean.


Malaysians are now wise enough and they are now for a 2-party system. The wind of change will reach Malaysia comes the next GE. Malaysians should elect representatives who are willing to work for the people – let it be BN or PR. The best should rein. They should discard the ‘cari makan’ type of politicians. The wind of change saw a change of governmne tin Australia, the US and now in Japan. This is a good sign for the people.


UMNO/BN is exactly a clone of LDP.
So definitely UMNO/BN is going to suffer the same fate as LDP. It will be actually quite good for them and the country.
After GE12, they said that they need to Change or else the Rakyat will change them; but old habits die hard. So biz as usual. But the Rakyat, especially the young voters, are not so easily sway by their rhetorics.
Also the older generation are wiser and are saying enough is enough.


In the next GE, BN will face the same fate!!!

New Malaysian

I agree with you xtheman: At least 5,000 of those in Permatang Pasir!


it is very unlikely la……malaysia still have a lot of hardcore brain dead people that still vote for BN.


People are getting matured day by day. Thanks to Internet , the world in your finger tips. One are able to stand in his own leg instead follows on other people’s leg who use the power to speak. No more hidden agenda and falsifying actual fact. You screw up ..you go to hell. Time does matter, so do for Malaysia in coming GE. The more closer the more harder ruling government are falling. Looks like there will be a massive landslide win for Pakatan in coming GE. They tarnished the minority group as there is no more tomorrow. They forgot… Read more »


The thing is we cannot AFFORD another BN government. They are stealing us blind, and the next on their menu seems to be the re-privatisation of the PLUS highway.

I expect land (grabbing) under UMNO to continue post 08 as their motto is grab whatever you can while you can – and if you have a lot, (perhaps) park abroad and apply for permanent residence in that country?

Voters have to wake up and smell the coffee. The trend is good but there’s still a lot to be done.


It is high time we dump the UMNO, MCA and MIC…

If others can do it, so can we.


Malaysia will probably see this in 13th GE if the current momentum continues. Change is the only way to move forward.