Jalan Sungai folks’ turn to go to the polls


Some one thousand low-cost flat dwellers in Jalan Sungai are casting their ballots over a three-day period ending tomorrow.

A child casts her token money coupons at the Jalan Sungai flats in Penang last night

The project is undertaken by the Penang Women’s Development Corporation, but the entire process has won widespread acceptance among the residents, who have taken ‘ownership’ of the ‘elections’.

The tally by the end of the second day of balloting showed that residents had unsurprisingly voted overwhelmingly for improved maintenance and upgrading of the flats (lift maintenance, functioning water pumps for proper water supply, etc). This is unlike the Ampangan flat residents on the mainland whose top choice was a recreational park.

The total voter turnout is expected to be 65-70 per cent by the time polling is concluded tomorrow.

Read my IPS article here on the process.

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i was at the Sg Pinang for 2 days and saw the process of voting. It was very encouraging to see children aged 10, 11, 12 and oldies aged 60++, 70++ all came to vote for what they felt should be upgraded in their living space. We should practice this more and get more people participation in decision making.


Did they by any chance also vote for who will by paying for the ” improved maintenance and upgrading”etc…………

Your hubby

Organizing cooking classes are better than this, Penang Women’s Development Corporation!


For your hubby you are nothing but one who think women are in the kitchen and to serve you. No they are not, they are the one who can also work, act, manage and make decision. They can be very much better then you. And their decision to organise this balloting show they are much much way up then you. And for your info its a male that is writing this message to tell you not to discriminate against women.

JS Yeap

‘Your Hubby’, you know you’re a cowardly twit when you make a remark that disparages women and hide behind a pseudonym. Reveal your identity — so you can (face the music from) your own wife.