Striking jackpot in Galas


Some folks have struck jackpot over in Galas. Seems like it’s raining money over there. (Ho hum, so what else is new in such ‘buy’ elections.) 

Check out this Merdeka Review piece. Before that, we read reports of Pas allegedly offering RM200-RM250 in transport costs to out-of-town voters and Umno allegedly handing out cash to party ‘election workers’.

In Sibu, it was “you help me, I help you”. That obviously backfired. In Galas, it seems more like “I help you… will you help me?”

When will we ever get rid of such unethical practices?

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The more I read GK’s comments, the more I suspect he is a PR implant trying to help PR win votes by reverse psychology.

Gerakan K

I also wanted to know how “reverse psychology” works ???

Would you please share with us ???


gerakan k,

what a clean party you support. whats the name?

UMNO dirt? plentiful. go join your buddy khir for a world tour. of course with nanny in tow and at the expense of the state. hmm. no wonder you love UMNO so much, no?

Gerakan K

Dear anil,

no wonder our pathetic standing in the Corruption Perceptions Index (CPI).

Even prominent political party like PAS openly offer “jackpot” in Galas[1]

That one also counted for the next review of CPI. Let’s us observe who is responsible for the current state of CPI.

[1]Kelantan Umno Youth wants MACC probe on Pas offer (

Gerakan K

Dear Ito and Huda,

I’m so disappointing in both of you… Stop promoting corruption practice here !!!

Insaf lah Ito and Huda…!!!


It is a pity that most Malaysians, being naive and dumb as they have been engineered to be, will continue to be swayed with the public relations promos that the PM Najib and his wife, Rosmah Mansor, are doing. Despite promising to hear out what the rakyat have to say in how the country is governed, the regime continues in what it knows best, i.e. arbitrary abuse of power and passing down the cost to the people by increasing everything. The people are burdened with high soaring prices of goods and the leaders get allocations to renovate their official homes.… Read more »

Gerakan K

Very funny !!! There were people denying and confirming that allegation. But, it was reported here as “jackpot” even though there is no substantial evidence to support it. Nevertheless, as reported in NST (this one got solid proof), PAS had clearly attempted to offer “jackpot” in Galas[1]. Some interesting paragraph in the report: ————– PAS Election Advisor Datuk Abdul Halim Abdul Rahman announced yesterday that the party offered between RM200 and RM250 in transportation cost to 1,557 voters outside Kelantan to come to the state and vote in the by-election, and claimed that the payment was not a bribe. ————–… Read more »


Referring to NST has already nullified your so called evidence.


Any money given by bn is not ‘duit haram’?

Just take it so long as you do not vote for them.
The free t-shirt will be handy for washing your car.


True. That’s the rakyat’s duit anyway. Take whatever they’re giving and vote for an alternative government.