It’s raining money


“Have you applied for the RM500 already?”

While the global economic crisis provides an air of foreboding over trade-reliant Malaysia, Prime Minister Najib Razak’s government is splurging on a wide range of cash handouts ahead of elections many analysts expect him to declare later this year.

Across the country, political conversations invariably lead to the question, “Have you applied for the 500 ringgit (US$157) already?”, referring to a one-off government cash handout to households with a total monthly income of less than 3,000 ringgit.

At income tax offices in Penang, scores of people have recently queued up at desks placed outside the main entrance to the buildings. Here, extra clerks have been deployed to receive application forms for the 500 ringgit handout and to assist those who need help filling out the forms.

Full article in Asia Times.

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Ask all the folks old and young to apply. Closing date is 9-1-2012

Andrew I

Oh, so that’s why Gherkin says there’s a street party on the 9th. No more claims after that.

How about petrol vouchers instead of RM500, redeemable at any Petronas station? With government subsidies. it would create a win – win even more situation. After 38 years of oil production, this is a drop in the ocean, no?


Hasil has put up full page color ad on newspaper recently.

It is a reminder that you can take the RM500, they will come after you soon for those tax you have not been paying all these years.

You cannot hide once you have provided your details in the BR1M form.

Sorry if you have fallen into the trap.


Durbin : Absolutely right.


those tham chiak kui thought with RM500 they can buy 168 days supply of asam laksa (RM500/RM3~=168 bowls).
eventually HASIL (may) knock on their doors claiming back-dated income tax of RM5000 instead.


I took pains to explain to my son as he was growing through his teens that there is no such thing as the government’s money despite the many times assorted ministers and mouthpieces have used terms to that effect. Classic example: The government will compensate a toll concessionaire with RM xxx million is that the rakyat does not have to pay a contractual toll hike.. I cannot help wondering if some of the ministers and mouuthpieces actually truly believe that somehow government funds does belong to the government, distinct from the government administering the rakyat’s money. Worse, if a certain… Read more »


It’s itchy time for 2-way back scratching out of view for obvious reasons. With the current heat of coming GE, the itchy impulse is naturally to scratch for it (RM500) and dig your conscience later at the ballot box.
The catch though: there may be a ‘link’ to your vote choice thro’ the tax files. Unless one is truly earning less than 3k per month.


Look at the new house which is now worth RM 880,000/=. Check at Mudah website and there is one for sale at RM880,000 (negotiable). The 24 residents can still stay at their own place called KG Buah Pala with a house worth over RM 800,000/- and land for their religious purpose while the Barang Naik Ammo Najis govt sent Sugu and the 9 over to the mainland far away from their own place called KB Pala. Who is sabotaging so. Pl wake up goonkin


Yang, i looked at the houses just now, so beautiful, to my envy.

The 24 families are now living comfortably in their new clean home while the 9 are licking their wounds…

The 9 families have been played out by Hindraf, MIC, etc. I remember Mr Samy promised them something… see what happens now…

This is actually a record – squatters are compensated with such nice houses compared to low cost flats under BN all this while, and still people can be so blind by voting BN again and again every 5 year !!!

Andrew I

Ya. Remember the time when Gherkin was jumping up and down like (someone who had) just finished a bowl of belacan over Buah Pala?

I think Anil should compile all his rubbish into one post. Then we can all have pop corn and enjoy the thoughts of a true blue idiot.


And add more thumb-downs!
And ‘darts’ with “Ouch” sound effects if only Anil can program it here as a first for Malaysian bloggers.


Gerakan K is so silly that i think he is from Pakatan to discredit BN especially UMNO. How can our local graduate write with such poor English and have poor analyticl skills ? If indeed he is from BN, then I feel sorry for Malaysia.
I am true bred Malay bumniputra but i have long migrated and settled down in South Africa.


Zul, am happy for you !!!

Gerakan K

What a bias report by aliran treasurer, Mr Anil !!!

I heard nothing when LGE’s version of raining money. Why only target my 1Malaysia PM Najib ??? Answer now !!!

Gerakan K

Anil, can you verify this claim:

Penang sabotaging federal housing aid (


LGE don`t buy election because they give out after election. Ammo … buy election because they pay out immediately before election. This is call bribery. Understood goon


Who is sabotaging who ?? The PR state government has never consented nor approved any demolition of Kampung Buah Pala. Any action taken is by the private developer via a court order issued by the relevant courts. The state government respected the decision of those remaining in Kampung Buah Pala to reject any compensation offer and to fight it out in courts.n The 9 rather have a 220,000 house on the mainland then the 800,000 house at their own place KB Pala. So who is to be blame. All parties must therefore realise that it is only because of the… Read more »

Andrew I

He obviously doesn’t read.


He won`t understand because he is so ignorant that he can only see Barang Naik


Gelak k, he is just being kwai lan, to get some attention, that’s all.

I dont think a clever person like him will vote for BN. I bet he is a Pakatan supporter but make kacau in Anil’s blog, that is all !!!


LGE’s administration gave money also but alas didn’t give RM250 MIILLION for the COWS!
Yup very bias!!!


Scraps for the poor Rakyat but RM250 MIILLION for the COWS!


No matter what, many will still not vote Najib Ammo & Be End. By giving you RM 500 Barang Naik will take back from you 4 times or more after the GE;

So just take the money and to ensure that he does not take back 4 times or more then vote PR


what is RM500 if RM250,000,000 being leaked out to feed the “cows” ?