It’s raining money III: How it’s distributed


Here’s a glimpse into how the cash handouts of RM500 (for households with a monthly income of less than RM3000) are being distributed.

Successful applicants receive a letter from the Finance Ministry with a reference at the top that probably indicates the relevant parliamentary constituency and state seat e.g. P43 N8.

A photostat letter is enclosed. The masthead of this shows that it is supposed to be from the ICU (Implementation Coordination Unit) of the Prime Minister’s Department. The letter to a successful Butterworth-based applicant that I sighted has a masthead that mentions the name of the “Penyelaras Dun Bagan Jermal” (Bagan Jermal state seat coordinator) in Jalan Kampung Benggali in Butterworth. This person happens to be a local MCA party official. Using this MCA official in effect by-passes the elected representative: in the 2008 general election, the DAP’s Lim Hock Seng defeated the MCA candidate by 5873 votes for the N8 Bagan Jermal state seat.

In the letter, the applicant was requested to attend a handing over ceremony this week at the MCA Bagan Service Centre in Jalan Kampung Benggali. At this handing over ceremony, successful applicants will probably be given vouchers which they can exchange for cash.

Should party people and political party service centres be allowed to squeeze political mileage out of the distribution of government (public) money? This is public money, and it should be distributed by government offices and public servants not political party service centres and unelected party functionaries.

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Everyone better pray that those money are not from the oversupply side : MONEY PRINTING. Though the overall amount is not huge compare to the GDP, Malaysian should be reminded that how Zimbabwe get itchy on oversupplying money to “buy” its government servant, hence create hyperinflation that collapse zimbabwe.

Sor Ham

and rm500 os for every 5 years before GE. That makes it just rm100 per year, rm20 per month. What can u get with rm20 per mth today? maybe just good enough for a daily meal while these thieves steal rm500 from you daily.

Ayabush Kahmar

May the Governments ready to consider a proposal to impose mandatory sentence on parents dumping or abandoned elderly age by their children; The Maintenance of Parents Act.

The Bantuan Rakyat 1Malaysia (BR1M) is “the nationwide scheme is aimed at helping those with a monthly household income of RM3, 000 and below can be imposed; why not impose a monthly scheme allowance RM500 to 600 to those needy elderly citizen above 58 and without any monthly income.

The Government should provide more allowance to sure needy senior citizen who were enables special diets.


Yes I will take the money, and will not vote for BN but PR, hahahaha


Good thats right.


If the govt is sincere about helping poor household, it should give them monthly allowance instead of this one-time pay-off ! Election time is near – this ‘kind’ gesture make me sick!


At least many people got the money. My aged mum [about 90 yrs] didn’t get anything! Can I appreal for her?


Did you apply through the BN agent or personally. If you have done that personally, they would have given you a slip otherwise check with the BN agent if it is done by the BN agent. A 90 years living alone, her application should have been approved so check with the BN agent otherwise the money could have been pocketed by you know what ?????. This morning I was told by my wife that even a doctor mother also get the RM500.00


Q: even a doctor mother also get the RM500.00! Technically, if the said mother stays alone at a particular address, she qualifies for the RM500 even though the doctor son may earn 5 figure income and may stay elsewhere. Now this is an ‘technical analysis’ flaw many may take advantage of to profit from ‘free’ money at the expense of our national coffers. Especially by those less filial piety to take care of the aged parents under the same roof or by those working & living abroad leaving the home alone parents to care for themselves. Now this is what… Read more »


The way the money is distributed is a waste of productivity time.
Why let people queue up long hours under hot sun?
It is be a Bn way of getting publicity so that RTM/TV3 can capture the moment to score points.


Just ask applicant to put their vank account number on their application form, then credit the RM500 to the accoutn upon approval.

But BN want to waste rakyat’s time. They want rakyat to talk about it to gain milege of the BR1M scheme. My neighbour had to listen to 2-hour ‘BN ceramah’ (propaganda talk) before receiving the RM500 at the ‘ceremony’.

Gerakan K

Who cares ??? The most important point is people get RM 500 from BN government. Nobody cares about such petty thing.

Andrew I

And where did the BN government get the RM500 from? You?


Whose money is it being distributed?
Ah Kong’s money = Rakyat’s money = tax payers’ money. That’s it.
And we Rakyat give no written permission in Parliament for it (Rakyat’s money) to be brandished and splurged as BN’s ‘free’ money.

Get your coffer money perspective correct and truthful, Gerakan K.
Who cares? means being utterly irresponsible, imprudent, lie-to-steal and manipulatively cunning (and double-crossing too)!
Too apocalypse, we still have these ‘infernal’ mindsets running the beloved country to the ‘Pit’.

Din Yunus

Even now Perkasa is giving out ‘pek kim’ to chinese in the Chinese new year.

Rakyat is so hard-press for free money, no pantang whatsover!


‘Pek Kim’ is condolence money for funeral-lah!
Are you sure of Perkasa’s deed?
This is very ‘Shoi’ loh to the pantang Chinese!


of course he GK does not care whether the money is corruptible or will bankrupt the country as long as he get it just like what Ammo have been doing for the past 53 years. Anyway it is our money and he is using it for corruptible practice , pre election propaganda


Agreed that it is the rakyat’s money and to involve political parties in the distribution process is indeed wrong and an abuse. But let us not be be biased and worst still be hypocrites. When the PR government of Penang distributes the RM100 to senior citizens, etc. party member’s who aren’t elected as well as elected assemblymen are often present to aid in the distribution and registration of senior citizens. We give credit when it is due but we should furnish criticism when it too is due. In this case, both parties should let civil servants and the staff of… Read more »