It’s raining money!


Just spotted this Chinese newspaper hot off the press.


Could someone kindly translate this?

This cash giveaway at Air Itam is the talk among hawkers at another 1Malaysia free dinner tonight at Perak Road at the back of Van Praagh Road.

Blog contact SamG is at the scene. He spoke to a hawker, who said he is getting RM3000 per night to prepare 200 plates, which usually goes for around RM4/plate elsewhere. (The 1Malaysia hawkers are having a good time! And so are the diners who are tucking in – especially as they don’t have to listen to any speeches.

P.S. But another contact on another night said a hawker mentioned that she was being paid RM1000 to prepare 300 plates of char koay teow.

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Lawan Tetap Lawan

PR should use this as evidence and make police reports.


UMNO, BN, MCA, Gerakan names are so rotten that they have to use 1Malaysia. How come 1Malaysia posters and banners are allowed if they are not standing for election?


Saw this comment on malaysiakini:

In south korea, anyone caught bribing votes , etc bribe with 1million won, if caught will be fined 50million won. In malaysia they can even take loud speaker around asking people to take money take money.. sighed.. After change, we need to alter the law for this bribing.. anyone caught bribing will be fine 100times the amount of money being given out, and not to forget those who taken bribe money, are to be ban from voting for lifetime.


A full page of Goh CL on (Sin Chew newspaper) giving money to the electorate. Many residents were questioning how a bankrupt Goh can still give money.

Money politics is killing democracy in Penang.

Cool Babe

That’s Goh Choon Lai, a desperate man pretending to be a philanthropist. His main agenda is trying to sell flats on his newly acquired land in Ayer Itam. Heard about the 9,999 units of flats that Najib will build if BN wins? That’s (allegedly) on his land. He’s been in cahoots with BN since the 90’s.

Phua Kai Lit

We should worry about the macroeconomic effects of such
financial profligacy. How will this affect the
finances of the government and the overall Malaysian economy?


You give whatever you want to give, i take whatever i want to take, you and i vote whoever we want to vote, this is named democracy. But, ini kalilah…. ubah, feel the democracy, if you want to feel it.


The Bangladeshis that are working on the project in Solok Tan Jit Seng/ Jalan Tan Jit Seng had all dissapeared since the last 2 days!!!!!

18 Squadron

Hope history doesn’t repeat itself like what had happened in China on the opium supplied by the Brits to the Chinese and finally lose Hong Kong to the Brits. Hope the Penang Chinese are not bought by money from the despicable BN parties. Wake up you fellow Penangites, dont be fooled by BN’s money. Vote wisely !!!


On the one hand, receiving free monies, free food, free lucky draws & free-of-collateral ‘soft’ loans seems to be a ‘blessing of being in a Pakatan state of BeEnd envy-trophy. On the other hand, the consequence of such ‘bribing’ may be humongous after the fallout of GE13. Don’t be fooled (illusioned) by this one opportunity of a lifespan of 5-yearly GE trickery. Any Ori-Maestro or hawker worth his blood, sweat & tears of hard work & sincerity should know the virtue of diligence as against instant but fleeting windfall of dubious practice & questionable source. Imagine having to pocket Rm1000… Read more »


Penang Street Food show the ugly sides to the world with many Tham Chiak Kuis going after free food and be “indebted” to vote for the evils ?????? (bisikan syaitan).

Woll the descendants of Ori-maestro sifus forget the motto of hard work (blood sweat money) and be tempted to go after instant-get-rich mentality and willing to sell souls/secret recipes for immediate monetary rewards ??????

GE13 truly reveals the dirty kroni we all should take note of.


Hawkers participating in 1Malaysia Penang Welfare free food scheme have actually degraded the image of Penang Food. They will suffer in the future as tourists will not be willing to pay for such food in the opinion that they should be provided free.


penangites will eat , take whatever is given but votes all goes to Pakatan ( this is what I was told ) Ubah is real !!!!


This is the dirtiest election ever.
And in KL BN is distributing rice.
From day 1 its free food, concert and cash vouchers
That is why I never call his real name except Ah Cheat or Cheap which is correct
Making a report is useless as MACC and police will not act.

The only recourse now is to tell the people that we must change and vote PR – DAP, PAS or PKR

Tell the people, your friends, relatives Ini Kali Lah UBAH


PENANG PEOPLE are a very special group, clever, and well-informed. It is not easy to bluff them. I am now 76 and had seen it from the beginning. This Barisan is now at a very desperate stage, and is to be despised and pitied. You are much mistaken to ever think we could be so easily bribed and bought with a plate of char koay teow. Show us you can WIN this election as a true Malaysian gentleman and we will take our hat off for you. No more apartheid NO no NO

Penang Ah Mah

if you read the advertised ad in chinese nite papers, you would noticed $politikBarangNaik.
Somehow some previously-connected developers appear do not like open tender system hence try mislead the poors (and those easily conned greedy folks) that they are part of the schemes to build “cheap homes” in penang.


Hope the Rifle Range flat owner will not be taken for a ride by Ah Cheat. Its not 400 sq ft for an exchange of 800 sq ft. You will be given preference to buy the unit if it is built at 300k per unit and thats not affordable housing.

Cool Babe

Someone translated this: (using Google Translate) [Qingsheng donated 255 million to 6 units Wu Chun to send more than 10 million red envelopes] (Penang) Penang industry giant Wu Chun to celebrate 52 birthday, a donation of 255 million ringgit to 6 units, while chatter “Penang’s Chen Shui-bian” to the civilian population, and delivered more than 10 million ringgit red envelope on the spot! Labour Day night, the charity celebrating his birthday Wu Chun to attend a charity gala held by a horse Penang welfare agencies in Asia in accordance with the cloth father Lake Garden, donated 255 million ringgit to… Read more »


The act of throwing millions around in such a casual fashion is despicable. It is illegal during elections to use money to buy votes. It goes to show that through BN’s nepotism and corruptions, this dude made tons of easy money in construction industry. He had … the shareholders of PERNAS before it went bankrupt. Now, he is flashing a few millions to help BN beat LGE. … I wonder where does he get the millions from?


BN is spending money like there is no tomorrow for them. We end it will be the end for BN but life goes on. Why must they spend like a drunken sailor?

Penang Ah Kong

enjoy the Koay Teow & vote PR, after all, its our money that the Be End are spending.

Penang Ah Pek

Hard to believe. It could be a set up.

joe lin

My brother is a hawker in air itam. They received RM700 each day from 2/5 – 5/5 to prepare 200 plates of food!


despicable acts of desperation