It’s raining elections…


2011 is shaping up to be a year full of elections: two or three by-elections, the Sarawak state election (could be in April) and perhaps a general election.

(MStar quoted the Election Commission chief as saying that the Merlimau (Melaka) state seat rep from Umno had passed away at 2.30pm. But at 4.29pm, the Malaysian Insider corrected its earlier twitter flash of his death as follows: “Merlimau rep Mohd Hidhir on life support, Malacca Umno confirms & denies EC report of his death.” Finally, just before 9.00pm another news flash reported that Umno had confirmed that the rep had passed away.)

What do you all think of Tenang? Anyway, this is Normala Sudirman, the Pakatan (Pas) candidate for the Tenang by-election….

So far 13 by-elections have been held, with the winning tally 8-5 in Pakatan’s favour.

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… Perhaps the trade off is profitable as the people of Merlimau will soon be experiencing a “durian runtuh”


Vote the Pas lady in folks..!! The future of this country is in your hands…bn regime is run by (those).. who ultimately look at enriching themselves instead of taking care of the Rakyat’s welfare…they have lost their head and sense of direction…its you , Tenang folks who need to show the direction…vote PAS in..!!!


What’s happened to national health?

Too many of our YB’s dropping off.

If Malaysian political parties do not take care of their leaders health, can they take care of those in the ulus and and jungles? Couldn’t they take care of themselves?

What do you reckon is the diet profile of young mothers in the ulu is?

What about those under puberty?

Will they grow up as good citizens with just sambal mixed with 1Malaysia soup?

But … the Menteri Liow sed there is 1 doctor for every 2,000 Malaysians. How ah?

Maybe I should check on my bomoh! 🙄

Lok Ming Xian

Barisan Nasional (BN) had failed to stop cronyism at the expense of the public.

BN’s cronyism had become progressively worse in its half-century rule and the past two decades had seen the ruling coalition enriching a few while increasing the public’s burden with its Barang Naik (BN) strategy.

People in Tenang must avoid BN at all cost.


Mebbe Cikgu can talk health in Tenang.

She’s a teacher & she needs healthy students for the future. Is the Health Ministry really taking care of pre-natal health of mothers? Not a diet just with too much salt and kicap. Prices are rising like mad! Meat is expensive. Eggs, too! What about milk? Fish is costly. How you get gemilang human capital with innovation like that? It’s OK with Rosmah. She can shed off that fat for one whole Tenang kampung. Rosmah will give all the money to those idiotic young wizards who seem to need every help!

Cheng Poh Heng

Why would anyone want to listen to a (film) “…star” and lame duck stooge, who has no shame and it totally devoid of any credibility?
Correction. The goodies are not from BN but are from the public coffers. Those who take the goodies are only taking what rightfully belongs to them, as taxpayers or children of taxpayers.
Cheng Poh Heng


The people in Tenang must ask themselves why BN cannot offer them those ‘goodies’ while the BN rep is still living?

It shows the insincerity of BN in trying to bribe them with those promises.

Vote PAS!!!

Phua Kai Lit

Dear Anil We should (following the continuous stream of advice from “K” and “Gerakan K”) not be so negative all the time! After all, we have a wonderful UMNO/BN govt that truly cares for the welfare of the people: The more buy-elections the better. 1. Benefits the local infrastructure More roads, mosques, bridges etc. “Satu lagi projek BN”. Who can quarrel with that? Unless they never materialise or collapse prematurely? 2. Fiscal stimulus to the local economy as UMNO/BN comes bearing cash and gifts aplenty. To make up for the subsidy cuts such as round after round of petrol price… Read more »


With so many ‘benefits’, more people will pray for their ADUN to (leave the scene)…


Ever wonder why so many by elections this time ?
Is Allah giving us a sign that the end is coming for someone.

Lok Ming Xian

Chua Soi Lek and Koh Tsu Koon never censure Ridhuan Tee of Utusan who has been making senseless attack on chinese, that’s why they are the stooges for uMNO and I will never believe in mca and gerakan.


Tenangnites, vote for change! Look at how all the PR States are performing despite the destabilizing efforts by UMNO/BN at every opportunity! The control of corruption at high level had certainly brought benefits for the ordinary Rakyat! Compare, the PR run states against the best of BN run states and you can see the stark difference! Selangor, Penang, Kedah, and Kelantan against, Johor, Sabah, Sarawak and Pahang! The richest states in Malaysia, Sarawak and Sabah had the poorest inhabitants! Compare Johore against Selangor and Pahang against Penang, just where do UMNO/BN stand? Tak tau malu ke? And just see the… Read more »


Yes, certainly PAS has chosen a good candidate. We want fresh faces, winnable, honest and dedicated! The honesty in the PAS candidate can be seen from her efforts to approach all. And the pornstar, CSL, had said that this lady, went around shaking hands with a glove on, and if this is the kind of character that we want, then, vote PAS! I did not see Normala wearing gloves do you? Even if she wears a glove to shake hands with the people, what is so wrong about that? If her religion states that she needs to wear a glove,… Read more »

Andrew I

Haha, not wearing glove. Maybe it was a nature show about the adventures of a monkey cup plant. Don’t know if NatGeo might be interested.


If Normala Sudirman had stood in Bayan Lepas in March 2008 instead of that stoic face lady who grimaced whenever Anwar Ibrahim cracked a joke, PAS would have won that seat from UMNO.


He died…. we have another by election. What a … year.


This is one and the only way to get those … out of the way come GE13!! Look there are so cases unsolve: the killing in police custody, in MACC custody, and always people dying of natural causes ,the many mansions of those at the helm and many more ! Remember the country is going to bankrupt and the withdrawal of many subsidies resulting in rising prices. The hardest hit who ? The rakyat are suffering!!


…CSL said ‘If we vote for PAS, we are telling the Malays that we can accept the nation to be ruled according to Islam. Look how stupid this … CSL is. UMNO has already been talking to PAS on unity talk and what if it succeed.

Its either hypocrisy from MCA & CSL or its either the chicken and lame duck from MCA talking


Are we witnessing the curse of the rakyat? UMNO/BN, take note, this is just the beginning … is this, the beginning of the fall and the end of the evil regime?!

najib manaukau

The main issue here is the coming GE wherein Umno must be kicked out under all circumstances in order to have the millions of problems solved
once and for all.
So make sure everyone comes out to vote and have the corrupted Umno representatives (voted out) for all they are worth. This is the only sole solution to the million of problems Malaysia is having !

Lok Ming Xian

Agreed 100%. I hope the voters in Tenang heed the advice too. CSL is trying the same old mca trick to scare the Chinese voters of PAS. I live in Kedah and I can assure you that PAS is better than Umno as there has been marked reduction in corruption since PAS took over. The Chinese are still free to consume pork, drink beer and buy 4D/Toto as before. So the Chinese in Tenang could still take the goodies from BN and vote for PAS. You get the best of both worlds. Do not buy in any cheap talk by… Read more »


at least, the people will have some benefits from the instant maggi mee projects by BN. Klang and Bukit Merlimau will benefit next….