It’s game on: PN vs PH vs BN vs….


With Pas now allying itself with Bersatu in PN, it is game on for the coming general election. The lines have been drawn (well, not quite, but still…).

So in the coming general election, it will probably be PN vs PH vs BN vs Warisan-Pejuang vs PSM vs Muda vs Maju independents vs other independents…

Will GPS remain with PN?

We can expect the smaller players to try and align themselves to the three main coalitions ahead of the general election.

But who will Umno ally itself to after the general election? Will there be post-election realignments for the sake of power?

Who should we vote for? This time, we’d better make sure we vote for candidates who are committed to:

  • the people rather than big corporations
  • to unity in diversity/inclusiveness rather than their own communal/racial/religious agendas
  • to ecological protection rather than corporate and crony profits
  • to empowering the poor and marginalised rather than enriching the top 5%
  • to parliamentary democracy rather than authoritarian/dictatorial rule

The priority right now is to restore and repair our parliamentary democracy and to stop unsustainable mega-projects – especially now that there will be no oversight on government spending with the passing of the latest ordinance.

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Insight Talk by DAP’s Howard Lee
Semua Salah DAP?


Meanwhile Anwar recruits comedian to replace PKR outgoing katak…


CNA’s Insight: Umno’s Rise and Fall
The future of Barisan Nasional


Can Malaysia’s DAP capture the Muslim and non-Chinese vote? Anthony Loke may be about to find out.

At a pivotal moment for the country, Malaysia’s biggest opposition party must overcome sniping by critics who paint it as ‘anti-Malay’ and ‘anti-Islam’.

A favourite to take the party’s reins is Anthony Loke Siew Fook, an ethnic Chinese politician fluent in Cantonese, whose appeal is said to cross ethnic and religious divides.


Anwar Ibrahim membidas barisan menteri kerajaan Perikatan Nasional yang disifatkan tidak serius menyelesaikan masalah rakyat yang terkesan akibat Covid-19.

“Kalau bulan Mei tahun lalu, kita boleh faham. Orang kata berilah peluang, menteri-menteri ni baru nak dapat kendali tugas mereka. Sudah setahun, ada menteri muka pun tak nampak!” katanya dalam satu kenyataan video berhubung perkembangan Covid-19 semalam.


I see a bleak future for Malaysians, says a worried Rafidah, as religion is exploited to win political votes.


5 Pakatan MPs file police report over ex-IGP’s claims

Wonder why Ayahanda Rani Kulup and Tok Singa tak buat lapuran on this matter.


The Mastermind Behind the $4 Billion 1MDB Con

It’s one of the biggest thefts in history. More than $4 billion from Malaysian’s state-owned investment fund was siphoned off and the money spent on items including a private jet, a super-yacht, mansions and even Hollywood movie The Wolf of Wall Street. The 1MDB corruption scandal toppled the Malaysian government and set off investigations across the globe.


Likely Ceasefire of Umno civil war (Kluster Mahkamah Vs Kluster Menteri Vs Ku Li Vs …) during Ramadan month?

But tension is on the rise in DAP after Ronnie’s remark, according to MCA’s Star:


Prof Tajuddin Rasdi: Will there be a New BN or No BN?

He further argues that Annuar Musa may be our next prime minister

After the Audiogate incident, Zahid and Anwar is out of contention?


Have you watched Godzilla Vs Kong?

Here in Bolehverse, we are witnessing Abahzilla teaming up with LebaiKong to take on MechaKomedi!


A vs B vs C vs D etc during GE15.

After GE15 new alignment foes become friends to have majority to lead country and hold cabinet positions.

Ethics and integrity sidelined for power game.


Penang’s new undersea water pipeline to meet demand | Free Malaysia Today (FMT)

New pipelines going to destroy the environment? Why cant Peng land Kias use less water? Where are those activists and budding supports? KBKB about fishermen’s destroy livelihood. The pipelines cut across tiger, frog and toads’ path. Now they cant cross to greener field with the pipeline blocking their paths. Orso sea floor will be dredged and whole stretch of fishing ground will be gone. Double, triple standards?


Undersea cable bypassing us, but telecomm-wiring up Singapore and Indonesia to US.

Costly mistake by Wee Ka Siong for not providing cabotage exemption (for foreign ships to conduct undersea cable repairs)? Or due to Azmin ‘selective’ pick of quality investment to align with PN’s lack of vision?


Even tourists and backpackers are bypassing us. I was in LOS capital and this yankee told me he prefers Thai as he need not to hear sound of prayers and shops will close and shut down