It’s Azmin vs Rafizi – Nominations for top PKR posts


Anwar Ibrahim will be president of the party while Wan Azizah won’t be contesting.

The nominations:

Anwar Ibrahim

Timbalan Presiden
Mohamed Azmin Ali
Rafizi Ramli

Naib Presiden
William Leong
Michael Thamil
Nurul Izzah Anwar
Johari Abdul
Kesavan Subramaniam
Dr Xavier Jayakumar

Ketua Wanita PKR
Fuziah Salleh
Haniza Talha

Timb Ketua Wanita PKR

Dr Daroyah Alwi
Rodziah Ismail

Naib Ketua Wanita PKR
Chrisnadia Sinam
Faezah Ariffin
Rahimah Majid
Chua Yee Ling
S Wasanthee
G Sivamalar
J Sangeetha

Ketua AMK
Akmal Nasir
Najwan Halimi
Dr Afif Bahardin

Timb Ketua AMK
Naqiuddin Nazri
Raymond Ahuar
Mohd Hilman Idham

Naib Ketua AMK
Thibali Subramaniam
Chua Wei Keat
Ahmad Syukri
Mohd Nazree
Loh Ker Chean
Jestin Raj
Sian Sy Jen

Let’s hear what you think about this.

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7 Aug 2018 1.52pm

Beware of ANWAR and his Islamic agenda.

15 Aug 2018 3.26pm
Reply to  Yew

For DSAI to become next PM is not an issue, the real concern is, will he forget his root after becoming PM? Many thought MM was a changed man after victory on 10 May 2018 but when he insisted to start Proton 2.0 and revamp Khazanah to help bumiputras, this sent shockwave to everyone. Will DSAI become like MM and turn into different DSAI pre-1998?

Cygnus Knight
Cygnus Knight
2 Oct 2018 2.30pm

Umno’s culture of idolising leaders is now creeping into PKR, warned its deputy president Azmin Ali.

Calling for this Umno culture of “hand kissing” to be curbed, he said: “I would like to remind all party members to be loyal to the struggle and not become obsessed with leaders as it is not a healthy culture.”

6 Aug 2018 2.02am

First major point to me – Anwar is returned unchallenged as President, and Azizah out of the party leadership. This bodes well for the immediate futurfe of PKR, as Anwar is the one leader who can quell the wayward ambitions of some of the 2nd echelon of leaders and handle the growing chasm between the two main factions in the party. Azizah stepping back means that she is not going to make all of us suffer with more of her fumbling, shallow thinking and poor leadership. Her sacrifices and contributions [especially holding PKR together while Anwar was jailed] are not… Read more »