Is Sabah still a ‘fixed deposit’?


If the opposition parties can avoid three-cornered contests in Sabah, then the state’s reputation as a BN ‘fixed deposit’ could be thrown into doubt.

Check out this piece by Arnold Puyok featured in Aliran Monthly for a better understanding of what’s going on there.

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tan tanjong bungah

Hi everyone, It is sheer arrogance for UMNO and PBB to claim that Sabah and Sarawak are their fixed deposits when BN is responsible for making them (despite their rich natural resources) the poorest and third poorest states in Malaysia!! Sabahans and Sarawakians should wake up now as it is now or never (itu kalilah) for them to break free from being shackled by BN UMNO and PBB by joining the rest of the Nation to put in place an effective 2-party system in the next GE! Vote out UMNO, PBB and their corrupt allies in the 13GE, and only… Read more »

Your hubby

PAS should contest more seats in Sabah because there are lots of muslim majority area there. Just advertise hudud to muslim and Dap just advertise more-condos to chinese. And PKR just advertise Anwar as the next PM to everyone else. That fixed deposit will cracked open in no time. Just remember don’t ask Karpal Singh to campaign in muslim area.


Sabah people don’t need condo. They have more than enough land for landed properties. As for hudud and condo and whether Anwar will be PM or whether Karpal will campaign in muslim area, you do not have to teach them. They know what to do.

More important is don’t treat and discriminate women for the kitchen or for your own pleasure.

Just make sure that AMMO BN don’t steal the people land and make sure you voice that out. Then you would be doing the people and country a great service.


Whatever it is, let us withdraw that Fixed deposit and vote out AMMO BN

Phua Kai Lit

There is always the possibility that some of these “three-cornered fights” are secretly sponsored by the ruling regime to divide the opposition vote (through the so-called “third candidate”).

Vote wisely in so-called “three cornered fights” !

Chua Lam Guan

Firslty check out Aliran’s own credit and its claims to being an independent “people’s justice” forum.