Is Johor ripe for change?


Forecasting general election results based on the turnouts at rallies is usually unreliable, but then again, these photos from Johor should provide food for thought.

Johor ceramah crowds
Photo collage: Omak Kau blog

What’s your prediction? How many seats can Pakatan pick up in Johor? (In 2008, opposition parties won only one of the 26 parliamentary seats on offer.)

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MCA has to resort to money politics to win.

Vote for a better Malaysia. We owe this to ourselves, we owe this to our children, to future generations of Malaysians and to our country. ABU and UBAH.


According to Malaysiakini, DAP’s Labis parliamentary candidate S Ramakrishnan today claimed several of his election machinery core staff had been offered up to RM100,000 to sabotage his campaign.

Is Chua Tee Yong under threat?

Possible as MCA is becoming a historical relic after GE13?


Johor folks should vote Pakatan into office, then they can lure 1malaysia welfare to Johor to provide free food and concerts feauring foreign artists!

tuai rumah

I wouldn’t agree that crowd size is not accurate. If it is overwhelming, it definitely tells a good story. From what we can see so far, it’s not far fetch to predict that the BN is finished. Altantuya is going to have a happy birthday on the 6th May.


I am hoping for up to 6 Parliamentary seats in Johore and a total of 120 for Pakatan overall.


The wind of change is there but realistically the decision still lies with the Malays in Johor. I was just wondering, do BN give free dinner and lucky draws like in Penang ?


You can’t predict, if Tsunami inshore johor, it sweeps it off… and from the tremors feld on ground, i predict tsunami!

Anak Malaysia

I will cry if Pakatan wins. My heart will cry if BN wins. If Pakatan is to lose, it ought to be on those dirty hands & dubios voters. We may not have fair & clean election anymore in future because the democracy is completely dead & the justice is totally hijacked.



The whole country is ripe for CHANGE. With the momentum for change by the Chinese, BN in their deperados are now resorting to rcae and religion. Hopefully the Malay will not succumb to such tactics. After 2 weeks the Malays are waking up and time is too short.

May the Malay see the spirits of these large rally and muhibbah and change their mind on 505


As far as opposition supporters are concerned, Malaysia’s political landscape no longer what it used to be as people have awaken from their slumbers, and the victory was won.

Horatio Ho

I have stayed in JB for the last 15 years but have never heard of MB Ghani Othman uttering a word on ‘The Johor Way’. Now he is desperate to expound such concept on The Star full page ad as the yellow-green-red wave is engulfing JB and Gelang Patah as evident in the video news report on KiniTV: The Jalan Trus of JB city centre has never been promoted by Johor BN government as an harmony street despite having a church, chinese old temple, Indian muslim mosque, kota raya mosque and an Indian temple. Why Ghani Othman never… Read more »


bn will have a very tough time to retain the seats won in the past. As they say, dont dwell in the past. In earlier elections, PR did not wholeheartedly contest in johor but this ge13 is a different ball game. mca is shying away from holding ceramahs because it turns out to be an embrassment with only a handfull of attendees as compared to PRs where it is full house and standing space only. If not for the makan2 ceramahs of bn, youd see only flies there. Najib l;ooks dejected and perhaps lost hope and his smile is artificial… Read more »


I reckon with the Chinese groundswell of support for Pakatan, and lack of rural Malay support, realistically Pakatan can look at bagging 4-6 seats at most (notwithstanding a sudden tsunami in Johor). Dap should win the majority of those seats, while PKR has a slim chance of wresting the Johor Bahru seat from Shahrir Samad. Most of these ceramah turnouts DO not translate into votes necessarily. Many of them just come out to listen out of curiosity. Anil, as much as I want change, realistically, Malaysia is an ethnic-malay majority country. The federal government can only change if most Malays… Read more »


I fully agree with you. It is not that I don’t want PR to win but we must be realistic. If you want to win federal power you must win over the rural malay majority seats, not just the seats in these major towns. I agree too with your analysis of Johor that PR can get max 5 to 8 parliamentary seats. The odds are really against PR and I hope the PR supporters (many of whom read this blog, type over-confident comments simply because they are from the urban areas, but never do anything to help PR and have… Read more »


Malaysian Indians, Please vote PR comprising equal partners PKR, PAS & DAP unlike BN which is controlled by UMNOputras. Dont be fooled by some money given now & promised made by UMNOputras. BN have been in power for 56 years. In the last 30 over years, ever since Dr M came to power, corruptions & abuse of power by UMNOputras led BN have become worse siphoning off Billions of Ringgits through their Cronies including those in mCa & miC. Trillions of Riggits have been left the counrty, too. Put an end to these abuses now. Let us vote PR to… Read more »


However, I have no doubts that PAS will remain true to PR. Sure they will be lured with all means possible but they have proven to me that they are the most resistant to such offers and their will and fighting power is infinite. As far as I am concerned they are our trusted friends and truest partners, more so than those in PKR. I must remind you that Nik Aziz held on to power with only a one seat majority in 2004. Contrast this with the situation in Perak where the PR govt was brought down by a Chinese… Read more »


if you tune in to RTM/TV3 showing the barang naik folks activities, you get to see most of the attenddees are now not as spirited as before. Facial expressions show the desperaation as tsunami is invading !!!!!!


The uplifting speech by DSAI at Sutera Mall, Johor Bahru on 1 May:

Andy Loh

Hope it’s ok that I post this link here


Penduduk di JB dijemput hadir Ceramah di Taman Molek malam ini (3/5, Jumaat) 8pm.

Tempat: Cathay Restaurant. PTD 85473, Jalan Molek 2/4, Taman Molek, Johor Baru

Penceramah: Lim Kit Siang, Teo Nie Ching, Dr Boo Cheng Hau, Wong Shu Qi, Liow Cai Tung, Andrew Chen.