Interview with Nurul Izzah (Video)


The Islam Channel interviews Lembah Pantai candidate, Nurul Izzah Anwar.

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Raja Nong Chik has yet to answer fully to the allegation that his daughter got a RM3 million contract in a dubious way. In the meantime I prefer the openness of Nurul whom the young voters can relate to.

Haji Idris

Chikadee got to play clean as current reputation in the web not that bersih; but would the paymaster allow that ?????

dr hamid ibrahim

i like her clarity of expression. she does not sound
the normal malay speaking so miserably. it is easy
for foreigners to understand her. we wish her well


Lembah Pantai folks especially don’t hesitate to vote in Nurul. I have little idea about her until I watched one of her speeches. I salute her and now a fan.

Do spend some time and you can gauge her character thru thius video yourself :

Dawn of a new nation

She WILL be our first lady Prime Minister ! The old men’s club politics of hypocrisy, pretension, merry gandering,sly, lazy, deal makings full time, and race-religion divisiveness, fool-making of the people should be immediately stopped,publicly shamed, strongly rebuked once and for all in order for us to rise up again as a great united nation.