‘Ini kalilah!’ Message from Anwar Ibrahim


Anwar has released the following statement:

“We stand today on the brink of history. We have reached the last twenty-four hours of a historic campaign that will change Malaysia forever. Across country, we have seen hundreds of thousands of Malaysians of all ethnicities come out to our ceramahs. The response in frontline states such as Johor, Sabah and Sarawak, the heartland and fortresses of Umno and Barisan Nasional, has been tremendous.

In preparation for our first few months of government, I am releasing a Pakatan Rakyat Roadmap outlining key actions that we will undertake in order to fulfill our manifesto promises. As I have always emphasized, the focus of this roadmap must be pro-rakyat and consist of measures that will have both immediate impact, and long-term benefits. These are reforms that BN has never dared to implement, but Pakatan Rakyat has the courage to do so – reforms that will bring back a renaissance, a genuine merdeka and democracy to Malaysia.

I want assure all Malaysians not to fear. This transition will not only be historic, but also peaceful. Pakatan Rakyat’s Security Advisory Council of former generals and police will help myself and other Pakatan Rakyat leaders through the process.

To the rakyat and supporters of Pakatan Rakyat, we thank you for your faith, your courage, and your vision. Sunday’s election will mark the decisive step in an amazing, peaceful, democratic revolution that will take Malaysia into a new era. Let us go out to vote in strength on Sunday. Encourage all your friends, relatives and neighbours to cast their ballots.

I warn the Election Commission and the Caretaker Government again – the rakyat will not tolerate any electoral fraud. We will be vigilant of all suspicious activities. We will ensure that only Malaysians will decide the fate of our nation, and Insyallah, we will succeed.

To all Malaysians: Our nation is a land of promise and fulfillment. Seize your destiny.

Ini kalilah!

Dato’ Seri Anwar Ibrahim


3 Janji 30 Hari, 10 Tindakan 100 Hari

6 Mei – Cuti Awam bagi memudahkan rakyat pulang dari kampung selepas mengundi.

30 hari pertama: Meringankan beban, mensejahterakan rakyat

1. 7 Mei – Menurunkan harga minyak serta merta

2. Membatalkan semua pinjaman hutang PTPTN

3. Pemulaan penghapusan tol lebuhraya secara berperingkat

100 hari pertama: Menjana Ekonomi Negara yang Memenfaatkan Rakyat

1. Menubuhkan Majlis Daya Saing Negara dengan mandat untuk menyediakan pelan induk untuk menghasilkan sejuta pekerjaan dalam bidang-bidang tambah nilai tinggi.

2. Menilai semua kontrak penswastaan yang merugikan rakyat menurut lunas undang-undang

3. Melancarkan inisiatif sektor perkhidmatan awam menuju kelas dunia (world class standard) serta menjadikannya bercirikan tatakelola baik, berkebajikan, berpendidikan tinggi dan mesra keluarga

4. Memberi peruntukan yang sepatutnya bagi Perbadanan Perumahan Negara mencapai sasaran pembinaan rumah seperti yang telah dijanjikan.

5. Membebaskan media dari campurtangan politik

6. Menjadikan Suruhanjaya Pencegahan Rasuah Malaysia (SPRM) badan yang lebih bebas dan bukan dibawah Jabatan Perdana Menteri

7. Menetapkan sasaran mengurangkan kadar kemiskinan yang merentasti semua kaum.

8. Melancarkan Agenda Merakyatkan Parlimen – memulakan gerakerja pindaan atau penghapusan semua undang-undang ‘anti-rakyat’:

§ Akta Percetakan dan Penerbitan 1984
§ Akta Universiti dan Kolej Universiti 1971
§ Memulangkan royalti hasil petroliam dan hidrokarbon 20% kepada Sabah, Sarawak, Terengganu dan Kelantan.

9. Memulakan penyelesaian permasalahan tanah adat Orang Asal di Semenanjung Malaysia, Sabah dan Sarawak

10. Menyelesaikan isu kewarganegaraan, terutamanya rakyat keturunan India dan pribumi Sabah dan Sarawak, dan permulaan proses pembersihan senarai kad pengenalan seluruh negara.

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To have the first ever black president is truly quite a tremendous feat but to have a probable gay person in office as the prime minister is a different matter. Will never be good for the morale.. Anyway glad to see that
they didnt win the election..


By the way, I really hope that the most masterpiece in this campaign is by capturing the Putra Jaya..then everything will not in vain…IT SHOW TIME!!!!!..INI KALILAH!!!!

Phua Kai Lit

It would be more appropriate as a victory speech.


I agree with publicising PR’s plan if they take over the fed govt but I do not think it is wise to count your eggs before they are hatched. This will only give your opponents more cause and reason to cheat using all means available. They should just pretend everything will be normal like in 2008 and catch them by surprise. Confidence is good but over confidence is not.

Boo Soon Yew

I DISAGREE imphee !! What Anwar has done is to lay down his cards in the oipen.. and say, “Look, if you vote for Pakatan Rajyat.. this is what you get, at least for the next 30 days after GE13″ .. with more to come in the next 30 days.. and so on.. till the 100 days” More crucially he has allayed fears of the day after by declaring a holiday when PR wins so that ALL Malaysians can be safely at home with our families to receive the results as they come in on Sunday night. Now my autistic… Read more »


Anwar, this is NOT GOOD ENOUGH! Please, within 100 days of tazking over, punish people like mahathir mohamed, ibrahim ali, zul nordin for crimes against malaysians!