Hulu Selangor: Pakatan faces uphill task


Just had a chat with a grassroots campaigner from Pas, who spent a couple of days in the outlying areas of Hulu Selangor.

He said Pakatan faces an uphill task in the remaining days of the campaign. At this point, he thinks Barisan has the edge among the kampung voters and, if things remain as they are, he feels the BN could clinch victory.

Contrary to perception, he claimed Pas has the most human resources and machinery on the ground among the Pakatan parties. He estimated that of the total Pakatan machinery in Hulu Selangor, Pas alone accounted for 80 per cent. “We are mostly in the outlying and rural areas and the kampungs, whereas the other parties tend to focus in the more accessible areas.”

The kampung folk rely a lot on mainstream media propaganda, he noted. “They have been bombarded with such stuff and it’s difficult to sway them.” Some of them have also been taken up by Najib’s talk of revamping the economy, and the personal attacks on Zaid “may” sway some voters.

He believes each side now has about 30 per cent of hardcore kampung voters in the bag. Much will depend on how Umno and Pakatan influence the fence-sitters.

A DAP campaigner, on the other hand, was a bit more sanguine: “I think we can do it. But margin not big.” Similarly, blog readers like Karma and O, who seem familiar with the ground, share that optimism. See Citizens’ Intelligence reports here.

Much is at stake. “If PKR loses this time, it means several things,” observes a political analyst. “Among them that there can be no change unless the structural contradictions of the BN system are allowed to unravel by themselves.” Meaning, Pakatan will have to hope that the BN or Umno implodes.

If Najib is overtaken by Muhyiddin, then the decline may come faster as the BN can only move further to the ‘right’ as a result, he adds. A defeat for Zaid would mean PKR would have run its course and the party may find it difficult to pick up the pieces especially in the aftermath of all those defections.

On the other hand, a BN defeat would spell trouble for the BN system of power-sharing. It would suggest that support for the component parties (apart from Umno) and the seat-sharing formula has collapsed and MCA and MIC candidates would in future be hard-pressed to win in other seats. Worse for the two parties, Umno may even lay claim on some of their traditional seats. It would also be a psychological blow ahead of the Sibu by-election.

So a lot to play for. Even though – regretfully, specific issues that matter do not appear to have been fore-fronted in this campaign, this by-election has implications that will extend well beyond Hulu Selangor.

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dash yankuro

your opinions matter diddly squat to me, frankly…you people can write as much as you want…truth is, i am sick of politics and people like you all who seem to have one opinion or the other… you smug people writing your opinions on cyberspace like your opinions are the be-all and end-all…funnily enuff, you are the people brought up on the current education system… like i said again, you people are just too much…kacang lupakan kulit…you bite the hand dat feeds you – u sit in front of your pc, smugly condemning people and lack accountability…ur argumnents are laughable too…… Read more »


Dear all Give Kak a break. As I’m in overseas, this blog is not neutral as it is more towards PR. Anyway, they can have ceramah. If I’m the candidate, I will allow Q&A at the rostrum. Let people pose question and see how smart the candidate is. What can you do for us rather than please vote for me. It is the same for both parties. ONly by election, go down and shake hand meet people. But when I was in my hometown, I think both oppossition and state government is active going to the ground which is good.… Read more »

Gamma Ray

Anil, Could you please enlightened me, why Anwar does not want to engage Uthaya.Why is it so difficult for Anwar to make some comittment. He once said and i quote Anak Melayu anak kita, Anak India anak kita,, Anak Cina anak kita….Uthaya is only asking land for Anak India to study peacefully.If Anwar cares for Anak India …dont you think he should do what uthaya has suggested. Go to the roots of the problem. Why Anwar is relenting? By the way i am not inclined to any political party. I will support any goverment that takes care of its people… Read more »


If I were PR leaders or Zaid, I would not rest on my laurel till the by-election is over.

The Chines voters not much of a problem the Indian voters need to be worked on but the Malay rural voters are a major problem. They are the ‘king maker’ here.

PR won HS by 198 votes (2009) but with thousands being transferred out of the area coupled with postal votes, Zaid is in trouble.

Let’s face it, PR need to work hard in the Malay rural areas or its goodbye and Fatimah’s analysis might just come true.


Malaysiakini report that Mahathir is going to step forward in Hulu Selangor. Zaid may have made a mistake by talking Mahathir in the first place..

RS Perumal

Lets face it guys and gals, we Malaysian and forgiving and very stupid to keep voting for BN, even though we know that they are corrupted and racist. While most Chinese are afraid of voting against the BN.


Now Kamal has displayed his certificate, presuming is authentic, the subject is closed…next please!


Let’s face it, It does not matter where a student did his course. In Malaysia or TIMBAKTU. If a student entered a twining programme with Olympia College in Kuala Lumpur attached to Edith Cowen University, the degree will be awarded upon completion and the student passed. A record of that student will be in The University.
Why scream your head off Fatimah Zuhri, just ask this bloke, Kamalanathan to display his certificate…that is an honorable thing to do, is’nt it?


And now (a couple of) rascals in the MCA are resorting to their old tricks again. Threatening the Chinese that there will be chaos if BN loses…

These imbeciles, just how can they sell out … this way? ….

Malaysians, do you think these rascals deserve your votes? We will never be threatened!


It is funny that all these people spend their time debating on what is happening in Hulu Selangor thinking on what they say in the cyberworld will have an effect for those in Hulu Selangor. Only if they realize that cyber world is only their own temporary relief without much effort, not what those voters in Hulu Selangor chose are their anticipated bread and butter issue for the reality that they face. Probably you would get the biggest spoilt votes or a low attendance count as it does not change what has been or what will be for them as… Read more »


Kak Fatimah,

… entered a twining programme with Olympia College in Kuala Lumpur …

Thank you for teaching me the subtle art of lying while putting up a bold face.

… a degree from Edith Cowan University …

Yeah, sure.


I don’t disagree with the sentiment about the kampung voter. If 30% is with BN and 30% is with PR, then the urban returnee voters can negate so long as Felda sentiment is mostly behind Zaid. BN mistake was to hold this on a weekend.

But I agree, the fight can still go either way. BN still have time to win this with massive money..


Hoi Fatimah Zuhri! Can u shut up and get lost….? Keep ur thoughts to urself! Dont try to influence the rakyat by your stupid commentary! U say Pakatan doesnt deserve to win? Why not? U STILL support Barisan bcos u have gained … in some way? Is it?……


Good write. Fair & square. I like the quote on “structural contradictions…..are allowed to unravel by themselves.” Your interpretation of it as an implosion is an apt description. Nature way of righting herself…whether socially or ecologically. There is some comfort in it for me, at least.


On the ground: 8 out 10 interviewed in the rural areas preferred Zaid. Many were excited to talk about Zaid. Many were also impressed with Zaid’s wife’s humbleness. When asked, why Zaid. Simple reason given: “Kami kenal dia. Dia tokoh politik. Dia pun orang baik.” When asked, what about Kamalanathan. “Kami tak begitu kenal dia. Datuk Palani, kami kenal.” When asked, “Who do you prefer between Palani and Nathan?” “Tentulah Datuk Palani. Dia dah lama di sini. Habis sekarang kita lebih sokong Datuk Zaid. En Palani, kami kurang yakin.” When asked whether BN’s choice of candidate was right, the reply… Read more »


On the ground: 8 out 10 interviewed in the rural areas preferred Zaid. Many were excited to talk about Zaid.

I sms the above sentence to my friend who is still in HS.

His laugh out, very loud !

Yet another of the mis-information spread by the so-called “supporters” to mis-led the Pakatan Rakyat.

dr. jeff balan

Kamalanathan against Zaid.

Holding hands with the DPM (the man who says he is malay first and malaysian second will see your downfall in the elections.
Morever a smart malaysian indian will cut his relationship with the one party who has destroyed the
future of all indians .
How can MIC under the SAMMY be the one who will find the light at the end of the dark tunnel for indians to get the respect that they deserve.
I am sorry kamala untill you prove that you will go against the system i cannot vouch for you


Dear Malaysians, It’s been 53yrs since British strangulation of economy and freedom.We were very fortunate to be untangled from the crutch. That’s history. How do we Malaysians fared after that? It’s uninmaginamal. With the Chinese runing helter skelter in business, Malays unable to catch-up in the scrumble and the Indian very unceremonously neglated and what say you about about aborigines? Including Sabah and Sarawak. Since Mahathir (faded away), it seems to be chaos politically due to every part being unable to address the poor public to a safer pasture of open greenies. All political parties slashing each other like nobody’s… Read more »


Let us together, put our shoulders to the wheels and push the PR wagon across the line!
“If There Is A Will, There Is A Way”


Even if Zaid lost this election I don’t think PKR need to throw him out. They need him to keep them honest. What if he still drink which I believe he don’t. He is not the one that simply throw people in jail or for reporting the truth. He is not the one that take money illegally or give contracts to his own people. Zaid is about what he believes in not what he can benefit in. That is why after all the UMNO or independent people in PKR leaves we will have better party. BN paint it like a… Read more »



stop trying to defend those who are racist and corrupt. dosa tau?


Whatever it is at times the attendance at the gathering may not reflect the end result.

If Be End prevails we might as well forget about politic.Just be a good boy and listen to what the master say..

Yes sir , yes sir 3 bags full. One for my master , one for the rotten and one for the insane.

I’ll be crying in the rain.



Fatimah Zuhri

Stop issuing challenges…just stick by your comments if disputed by other readers, just respond accordingly. We are not here to read all your “cock and bull” stories.
Let’s have a peaceful night!


Edith Cowan University in Perth lying fourth for students’ preferences……hmmmmm! I thought they only offer nursing courses!! hahaha.
Ok, seriously, those graduated from this University have nothing very much to shout about…but, still better than any of the universities in Bolehland!
Faking to have a university degree is a very serious matter…
Kamalanathan could easily dislodge any accusation of him being a cheat by displaying his degree…


Where the bulk of the Indian votes go, is at this point anybody’s guess.