Crowd throngs Kajang Stadium in show of solidarity with Anwar Ibrahim

The crowd at Kajang Stadium tonight - Photograph: Fahmi Fadzil

Thousands have turned up at Kajang Stadium in a show of solidarity with Anwar Ibrahim hours after the Court of Appeal overturned his acquittal on a charge of sodomy, casting a cloud over his candidacy for the Kajang by-election.

Photograph: Philip Golingai
Photograph: Philip Golingai

The turnout was despite a couple of attempts made on social media to spread misinformation – that the venue had been changed to another location instead of Stadium Kajang.

At 12.30am, Nurul Izzah rose to address the people of Kajang. Once again, she faces the prospect of her father being locked away. The last time it happened, it propelled her into one of the most recognisable faces in the reformasi movement.

When the going gets tough... : Nurul Izzah, future prime minister? - Photograph: Nurul Izzah
When the going gets tough… : Nurul Izzah, future prime minister? – Photograph: Nurul Izzah

Where will it lead her this time around?

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Shakirin AlIkram

A BUMNO Blogger said we are supporters of a convicted sodomiser – I say bring it on coz if the Court that is doing the `Gulity as charged’ is the same genre as the those in the 1998 trials then … Look at the swelling and loving him crowd. Now to get the 5.6 million who voted us filling up stadiums and fields until his FCA. Let us route this Homo-multiDNA lovers out from Putrajaya starting with #N25. I hated what Rafizi (n Azmin Ali) had engineered BUT I hated the miscarriage of Justice more for the repeat of 15years… Read more »


I would bet that whoever, even if it was Azmin, that PKR puts up as their Kajang candidate will now be sure to win by a landslide unless there was widescale cheating. And the chances are that Najib and his gang were not cognisant of this? Even blur as they are, I’d say that they were aware of the self-inflicted hara-kiri. So were they simply shrugging off a massive Chew Mei Fun loss as “so what”? I’d say so. The floundering Najib regime is thrashing out, trying to save their sorry hides. By hook or by crook. And in so… Read more »

Pak Tim

Who Ainil?

Pak Tim

You know nothing about politics in Malaysia. Only a Muslim Male can be the PM and DPM in Malaysia.


Enigma, Yes you are right. Everyone know that PR will win Kajang outright. Since you are so engrossed in the belief that PR leaders like Anwar, LGE are so … perfect, manipulation may not be the right word. But think hard about it, Whether manipulation or not, it is a fact that this is a STRATEGY to influence the court decision on Anwar sodomy case. Why must the Kajang adun resign at a time knowing full well that the case will soon be heard. And frankly speaking I don`t understand why you are so upset with manipulation the meaning of… Read more »

Pak Tim

It is high time the Rakyat tell this minority government, not to waste public funds on this kind of trial. The public is not interested. The Kajang electorate will speak on behalf of the nation.

Shakirin AlIkram

The verdict and sentence have made … out of the trio on the bench NOW see how PR make `car siew pau’ of CMF come 23.03.14. YOU just see the tip of the iceberg how UMNO is hated by the entire Selangor. He has said before, there will be thousands more AI in his `enforced hiatus’ BUT some fools tread the same waters even after two GEs.ITS actually the fear that Langat2 will be revoked after his Kajang win and hence the alacrity to sign a 2nd Agreement to get the 2billion Jap funds going, also on Tusday! Could MB… Read more »

Pak Tim

This latest development shows what a sad and sorry state our justice system is in. It is nothing but a tool beholden to this minority government. The nation’s hope for change now rest on the Kajang electorate to send a clear message that the Rakyat will not stand for this.

Abeng Ahmad

Lets show BN the ‘people power’. If they can resort to ‘the impossible’, PR also have theirs.

Pak Tim

This is spring time, maybe it is ripe for a Malaysian Spring!


As usual PR DAP & PKR are banking on sympathy votes. The field is not as full as one is made to think. It is empty and scatter in the background. This Kajang move is not about the MB post or anything else but to influence the court proceeding and to win sympathy votes for PR DAP PKR and PAS especially DAP & PKR to which the people is getting more illusion by the day. They need to rejuvenate with rally, court case, racial and religious Allah issues to stay on course otherwise they will go into oblivion.



I think you are delusional. PR do not need to resort to manipulation or dirty tactics to win kajang.

It is indeed BN who is fearful.

Shakirin AlIkram

See you on 23 March 2014 and make you lick your spitoon, dude!


4cm clear prove as daylight.

Phua Kai Lit

Nurul Izzah, the next Prime Minister of Malaysia !


angan-angan mat jenin

Rich Daddy


Shakirin AlIkram

GTH w you and your UMNO- loving … kissers

Pak Tim

Don’t waste your energy on rich daddy, he only kiss money given …

Pak Tim

This is a clear message that BN has no confidence at all at wining in Kajang.