High drama in Perak


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sultan asked him to resign and he dare to go against Sultan’s wish?


low life? PKR are bunch of hyprocrite

PKR crossover to BN is ok

BN crossover to PKR is dirty , lowlife , scum etc?

nice double standard oh and btw what happened to nizar statement of “its all up to the Sultan”

Angela Ooi

… Am waiting to see how good things can be for these BN lowlife **** of society.


Why..why…why…is this happening. indeed a sad day for democracy…i don’t see any common sense in all this party hopping…we the rakyat voted and now we have these unscrupulous nincompoops wasting taxpayers money and time to vote for a change..
please Your Highness revert your decision and allow for fresh elections..this is the only way to see your rakyat yearning for change against the BN


The (woman) and the 3 other aduns are the most disgraceful politicians that this country ever had to elect. …

These (people) have failed the very people who elected them. Their constituents should chase them out of their constituencies every time they try to step into their old terrain.

The constituents surely cannot trust these “p…..’ to handle their interests any more. Hopefully Anwar will be wiser in selecting more faithful (people) in future for ADUNS and MPs.


Some are like alam flora now. Semua pun angkut…hhhahaha


Pakatan was correct in sacking both assemblymen while warning the 3rd person from DAP of consequences. Though in the beginning all three had denied vehemently of their defection they now have proven people’s suspicion of their alleged defecting correct. In Najib’s case he has shown how desperate he is in snatching power from PR. It’s in the hand of Sultan now. He was one the best CJ we have ever had. Once more he is going make a decision, a decision this country will take as lesson and precedence in the future. He has the responsibility to show politicians that… Read more »


permainan politik yg sangat kotor.. (mungkin) lps ni 2 org adun yg bakal disebut kes rasuah akan terlepas dari tuduhan memandangkan mereka kini menyertai BN?…tak malu ke umno menerima 2 aduan rasuah ini..kata anti rasuah..
sangat kelakar..menghilangkan diri kemuadian join BN..
betul kata tun..pak lah patut reject kemasukan mereka..

ken destino

Funny Malaysia… Do these 4 reps represent the people who voted them in? Party hopping is unethical. Karpal said it right. If party hopping is allowed, what is the use of having elections and making people vote. Hopping either way is just immoral.


This bloke Nasaruddin from UMNO jumped twice within a week,this alone should create doubt in the Sultan’s mind that anything can happen again. Therefore, the Sultan must bear in mind there is uncertainty of a strong govt. He should allow the electorates of Perak to decide and give a fresh mandate to a deserving party…whether its BN or PR.
The winner takes all!


Eh, how can Najib seek an audience with the Perak Sultan when he is not a Perak assemblyman?? In what capacity ah??? Suka-suka boleh pergi istana kah?? I thought only those ADUNs who enjoy the support of the majority of the fellow ADUNs can see the Sultan to inform him and seek approval to form a govt?? No??


I am praying hard for a wise decision from the Sultan of Perak. As a Perakian, the conclusion of this tussle is of utmost important to me.


Your choice of items to vote did not include the choice of BN governing the state, among other things. Thus, the polls is limited in this respect. The results would therefore be as myopic as the design of the survey. All the best.


The Sultan should leave it the the Rakyat to decide.

Hidup BN

Saudara Anwar Ibrahim,

… Dulu lu pandai cakap besar pasal 916 tapi sampai sekarang 916 tu sekadar CERITA DONGGENG. Kalau berani cakap, berani jugalah nak buktikan. …

Apabila BN main balik cara yang sama, janganlah kau nak mengadu. BN pandai cakap tapi pandai buat juga. Saya nak minta lu mengundur diri dari politik …

Padan muka Pakatan Rakyat sekarang. Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha!!!!


YES!!! YES!!! YES!!! Pakatan Rakyat have FALLEN in PERAK!!! BN have taken over!!! Let us all celebrate & rejoice the reincarnation of the MIGHTY BARISAN NASIONAL!!! This is a slap in Anwar Ibrahim’s face. He’… started all the hype with his so-called 916 takeover but till date it’s all a FAIRY TALE. … only good in talking but useless in walking his talk. Now that BN have given back Anwar Ibrahim the taste of his own medicine, I bet Anwar is in a state of shock….Hahahahahahahaha!!! Mark my word….This is the beginning of PAKATAN RAKYAT downfall. The mighty BN had… Read more »


Meena, what car does BN bought? BMW, Merc? …