Flanked by Mahathir, Najib has a message


Najib touts a philosophy of moderation and says we must reject those who play the racial card to avoid polarisation. And yet…

… he is seen next to Mahathir, the patron of Perkasa.

Was Najib’s message directed at Mahathir and Perkasa? But the PM (Najib, that is!) has never publicly reprimanded the group, has he?

Look at 0:30 and notice the red (riot police?) truck and a phalanx of red-helmeted police at the scene as Najib arrived at the Tow Boh Keong temple in Ipoh yesterday. Ipoh residents reported seeing road blocks in town. Who were they expecting?

Najib said he was surprised by the huge turnout: “Who said the Chinese in Perak do not support Barisan?” But hey, it was lunch!

After lunch, Ipoh was hit by a heavy storm at around 4.00pm.

I remember a similar heavy storm at 4.00pm – in Penang on polling day, 2008….

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At 76. seen it ALL

I get confused everytime I listened to him. Does he understand what he is talking about. ? My conclusion…
………..a philosophy of moderation………. what about apartheid ?

………..avoid polarisation…………….does he really stand against it ?

………..1Malaysia for all races………I cannot understand it. Explain clearly please.

………..etc etc…..etc many

Amazed at the rubbish he dares to utter.


As naive as they can be, BN think by dishing out goodies, they will win the hearts of the voters. But they can just dream on because most of us have decided that our votes will go to Pakatan regardless. By the way, some generous people in BN sponsored cars came to our area yesterday and gave out goodies like plastic bag with BN logo embossed on it to my father. But he told me he will vote for the opposition. Well, old folks like him who used to be loyal supporters of BN has changed their minds.


MCA got no winnable candidates in the eyes of jibby, so MCA has to loan out its seat. Talk about premature death of MCA. CSL and Yen Yen are known liabilities, so they only focus on their pension now.


Lies and hypocrisy at the sacred Tow Boh Keong Temple, even the Gods are angry – demonstrated their fury with a tornado and superstorm that wrecked the temple area, blew off all the tents! Count their blessings, they got off in good time.

Why the heavy presence of security personnel – PDRM red-helmets, uniformed and SB personnel in hundreds with red-maria stationed right infront of the temple, why, why the need to?
Is Ipoh-Malaysia so unsafe? Who are they afraid of? And as Anilnetto aptly asked, “Who were they expecting?” …Suluk Invaders?


When will this chicken gather enough courage to debate DSAI live on national telecast? Or for that matter, when will any of the BN ministers find the gumption to do so against any one of the Pakatan Generals if they so desire? NEVER? I thought so.


Rancangan BN kalau menang PRU13:


Najib is playing a double game, pacifying the Chinese / Indian when fronting them but the above picture shows him supporting the racist MM & perkasa.


This is what we call a double headed …
And the Hindraf is so stupid to fall into his trap

No matter wwaht let us make the change for all Malaysian whether Malay, Indian or Chinese and others


Hindraf loves to dance with the wolves in Blue. Nak …. the cast!

Ahmad Sobri

If you love and think what Mahathir did was right, vote BN. If you think things like what Mahathir did or allegedly did, like ” Correct, correct, correct”, the giving away of citizenship to foreigners, the huge forex losses and other uncountable mistakes, VOTE Pakatan Rakyat! Mahathir would had been political history had he not “retired” in 2002, the Malays voted against him overwhelmingly in 1999, only the Chinese saved him after the “Suqiu” pledge. What did he call the Chinese later? Wakakakaa, allegedly he called the Chinese, “communists” This man does not deserve your vote, his support for Perkasa… Read more »


Think about what this event really mean. Its in English, Mahathir was invited – the old Chinese business crowd that cut their sweet deals with Mahathir in yesteryears – their votes don’t matter – they got one foot in their graves and their children/grandchildren have either migrated or if they are losers joined MCA like Chua Tee Yong. The real question is why Najib is wasting time with them? To fool the other Chinese – the problem is the ones that can and need to be fooled – MANDARIN is their first language. Again and Again, I see Najib going… Read more »

Phua Kai Lit

They look like passengers in the ballroom of the Titanic !


I like your metaphor – Titanic = sinking ship!

Andrew I

And you know which man will be trying to join the ladies and children in the life boat queue.


Ini kalilah he has to GO!
Of all the places he(Najib) has to be in the close company of that sinner racist M kutty, Chairman of Perkasa and utter lies in the Tow Boh Keong Temple of “Kew Ong Yeah” who tolerates no lies and preaches honesty, purity and integrity! I’m not a Taoist but I respect devotees’ beliefs!


Reject those who play the racial card and Ah Cheap is lying.
Who is standing beside him that is playing the racial card.

Let us all vote out RACIST & LIAR


It sounded like a K. thief publicly blaming the victims for robbing their own home! I have never in my life seen, read & heard such a dastard claim of dishonesty of unmeasurable proportion. If Malaysian leaders of the past 50 donkey years have been so good to all, preaching & practicing sacrificing to many, I would not have to struggle all my life but be given equal opportunities, handouts, free loadings & aids of all kind not unlike what ye 1PM has dished out so merrily but too late-ly. Life for all Malaysians would have been much, much better… Read more »


Yes MCE results for 1975 and 1976 were manipulated and a lot of us suffered but that is history, let us make new history for our future generation, time to make your vote count and time for the great change


My Vote is final. Send this racist regime “Khi Holland”! (go to hell).
Then only talk about a New Malaysia.


After 56 years of Merdeka, UMNO is still insisting that the May13 issue is relevant for their political survival. Koh TK of Gerakan is lending his support to this skewed strategy promoted by UMNO and has earned the wrath of the Chinese and non-Muslims voters.
Since the screening of the movie “Tanda Putera” is backed by UMNO (and financed by BN via Finas) and with the tacit support from BN component parties, all peace-loving rakyat should now rally behind Pakatan Rakyat to trounce Barisan Nasional in the next general election. Ini Kali Lah!


ha2 gelakan k
ibrahim the frog has to get greenlight from najib for next move.
ibrahim-1Malaysia? my toes are laughing

Gerakan K (Team)

Transformation is HARD but 1Malaysia PM Najib still stick to 1Malaysia vision despite strong resistance from Perkasa and Dr. M.

That alone tells you something about our 1Malaysia PM Najib efforts for the betterment of whole Malaysia. He deserves 5 years mandate from all rational Malaysians except Taliban wanna-be.


Najib transformation is a bluff. Yes its hard but has he condemn m kuty and Perkasa for the racial card.

He has not done so and so everything he said cannot be trusted and is a BIG BLUFF to the rakyat and country

Can w trust (him)!!!!

We have enough of 55 years of … deceits and 20 years of Wannabe


Najib can only offer moneyfesto, ie giving rakyat freebies while putting nation into the abyss of debt now at least RM502 billion, future generation will have to suffer like the Greeks. Ubah is the remedy.


And we have one big wannabe liar and deceit here in Anil blog

Andrew I

A case of the left hand not knowing what the right is doing.


This 1PM is acting like (political) Ostrich Boh Hoot of Penang Gelakan.
He still need the patronage of this Father of Malaysian Racism to juice up his art of double-edged rhetorics? Who is catching who’s … from the back?
Nobody is nyanok (easy to forget past misdeeds) comes Election time.
BTW, this Deep Blue Ocean regime has many cheap talks but Pecah Janji propensities.


Tunglang must be happy with free makan offered by BN in Penang, right?

Also got free concert at Han Chiangmai ground, going or not?

Still No No No to BN from me!


Sometimes I wonder who is the one actually running this country?!?
After so many years being ******* by BN, still want to give another 5 years?
BN deserves to be kicked out!
And they said that the only way to save BN is to let them be Opposition in the Parliament.
Then they only know that RAKYAT is BOSS!!!!

Ahmad Sobri

Two years ago, I commented on Anil’s blog, I wrote about 24. Just what is 24, I asked. Today it had transformed into an NGO, how laughable indeed, it has become known as kongsi 24! Can anyone tell me what 24 is and what is kongsi 24? Kongsi gelap ka?


Look who is beside the caretaker PM – the de facto PM. Talking about racial polarisation, how to create wealth but (his administration is) the one who has taken the country wealth during his watch up to almost 52% of GDP. What about the Govt guarantees for his cronies which is close to RM100B?