Has your polling station been changed? Please check!


Blog reader Desmond has sent us this alert. We would do well to check the SPR website to find out our polling station.

Upon checking, I found that my son’s voting station has been changed from St. Xavier’s Branch School to Peng Hwa School Penang without his knowledge.

My brother-in-law and son have been moved from Tanjung Bungah School to Batu Feringghi School also without their consent and knowledge.

Then a week later my brother-in-law’s voting station has been changed again this time from Batu Feringghi School back to Tanjung Bungah School.

But his son is still at Batu Feringghi School!

This all happened after polling day was announced.

Please check with your subscribers and ask all to monitor and check regularly and inform you also if their voting station have been changed from now till 5 May 2013 and you will get a better picture through your feedback.

Seems like SPR is doing alot last minute of shifting of polling stations.

How many are they shifting here and there…? The rakyat have the right to know … and WHY are they doing this at the last minute? This is not right.

Please get feedback to find out if this is an isolated case or is it a planned and designed change to either catch voters off guard if they do not check regularly from mow to 5 May?

If voters do not check regularly from now till 5 May, then they may go to their regular voting station only to find out they have been moved somewhere else. Who is responsible and who is to be blamed? SPR?

Please alert others and get feedback to find out if this is rampant. – Desmond

You can check your polling station here.

Has your polling station been changed? (Mine has been changed since 2008.) – Anil

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semac san

Nothing surprising. Even the Selangor MB got his voting station transferred.

1. Check now. In case of a serious irregularity that prevents you from voting – e.g. you have been transferred far away without request/notice or your name or sex changed – insist on lodging a police report immediately. If anyone tries to prevent or thwart you, lodge a repot against that person also.

2. Go early to vote, even though there is a risk of a long wait. This is the least you can sacrifice for your country.


ya just checked everything is the same and ok for me,wife and son,tq

Loo ST

Expect to see more sabotage within the BN camp when those not selected vent their frustration.

Ong Chin Wen will be another giant-killer in GE13. Teng Chang Yeow’s political career will now be buried in Bukit Tengah come May 5. …


Yes, it’s happened to a friend of mine. She was moved out of Kelana Jaya constituency in P.J. Selangor. She found out last week when I asked her to check.


Please ask everyone you know to check – not only do they change the polling stations, they change your DUN/Parliament. My sis-in-law told us her friends’ were changed from Kepong to Subang, SPR is messing the whole list. I was at lunch just now, the lady at the next table told us her mom, who’s probably in her 80’s, who has been living and voting in Klang for years, was changed to Bukit Bintang!!! The old lady stays with another daughter, and her’s was left in Klang, yep, same house, different DUN/Parliament!! I just checked, mine is still the same… Read more »


What things they dare not do?

Expect these (could) happen on eve of polling:

1. Your name or details may be deleted or changed.

2. Robbery. Target on IC only.

3. … Lock up. Release u after polling end.

4. Only God knows.


There are a lot of changes this time round. My wife and I both have our polling station changed even though our Parliament and DUN remain the same, PJ Utara and Damansara Utama. The funny thing is my brother and his son will be voting in different polling stations even though they have the same address and are staying in the same house… Something fishy going on?


My polling station got changed too. Need to advice everyone to check before going to vote.

Gerakan K (Team)

Finding the losing excuses ??? Brother, it is too soon !!!

Andrew I

You should know all about excuses.

Donat Anthony Theseira

If there is an inherent distrust of the SPR (EC) who do you think caused it?
There are ifs about it.


Does the kawasan undi changed?
Are you still in same DUN & Parlimen?

I thot tempat undi doesn’t matter, right? As long as your DUN & parlimen still same


Five BN Selangor candidates alleged to have fake degrees


A corrupted cops in their legion
A tainted electerol roll.
Multi billions dollars sandals Scorpene, PKFZ
Tainted people for CM
Vote buying
Continuing with crutches mentality
And so many many more

Don`t you think a change is needed.

Ah Chye

No surprise. They will do anything to remain power. If SPR & BN can be trusted. The sun will rise from the west side.


Yes my polling station has also been changed.
They are trying it to make it harder for you to vote by making running around until you give up.
But don`t give up as your vote is very important.


anyone can advise- what can be done if this happen????


Nothing can be done now.
Check your polling station and make sure you go to that polling station on that day.
To get final confirmation check with DAP or Pakatan Rakyat

Batu Ferringhian

I’ve checked several of my friends

1. was shifted from Tanjung Bungah to Taman Seaview!
2. was registered without his knowledge
3. gender was changed from male to female

it seems non-Malay voters are the main target.

Please find out and report any irregularities


Did you check your i/c. The gender might not be as what you are.
Last time my wife check his i/c and found out that her gender is Male.

Batu Ferringhian

my details are correct…so far. i check on a daily basis and i check my families as well as my close friends.

you can never be too careful

Peng Tuck Kwok

No change in my area – 104 / 31 / 18 – USJ 12. Still attached to SEK. KEB. USJ 12 UEP SUBANG JAYA.

I know there’s a inherent distrust of SPR or anything government organized but this could just be due to practical reasons like logistics and so on if the location gets changed.