Government sues Ambiga, Bersih committee


The government of Prime Minister Najib, who says he wants to make Malaysia the world’s best democracy, is reportedly suing Ambiga and the Bersih steering committee in connection with Bersih 3.0.

The government is seeking damages of RM122000 for damaged police vehicles in a civil suit at the Kuala Lumpur High Court. The writ was served after 3.00pm today.

When contacted, a Bersih steering committee said that 10 of the 16 members of the Bersih steering committee were named in the writ. Inexplicably, Pak Samad is not in the list.

This, after Anwar, Azmin and Badrul Hisham have been charged in court, also in connection with Bersih 3.0.

Not the best way to go about making Malaysia the world’s best democracy.

While all this was happening, Najib and Rosmah were at Georgetown University in the United States a couple of days ago to attend the convocation of their son, Nor Ashman, who received a Bachelor of Sciences in Foreign Affairs.

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Something has terribly gone wrong with our UMNO/BN government. They do not seem to understand what is right and wrong. They are still in denial mode. Whatever wrong moves they make and whatever stupidity they expose, when criticized, they just become more and more bellicose by throwing the book (read UMNO’s version of the justice) at all and sundry. … they … choose to be blind and deaf to all the atrocities committed by the PDRM and outsourced hooligans who (appear to be) the agents provocateur of UMNO. Najib and Hishamuddin should be ashamed of themselves for all the chaos… Read more »

Buttock Brainy

Something people like Dato’ kaptain pungung and petty actions council lead could not appreciate, is this, “you can buy into position/status but you can’t buy into respect”, “you can buy the media, buy the news, but you can’t buy trust”. You can sue, intimidate, but you can’t make Ambiga or Bersih to bow out!. Her name is Ambiga, recipient of Int. Woman of Courage Award, courageous is her trademark!. 428, Bersih leads the courageous all M’sian never experienced before! This is what Bersih has; is this enough to take down the evil? Why BN keep confirming they are on the… Read more »


lets sue BN for PKFZ.

gerakan k, you involved?


I have just received this email. Please copy and email to all to let the people understand. The whole nation is asking this same question !!! In the Malaysian Parliament recently, an UMNO MP during his speech told a story…….. “There was a father who gave RM100/- each to his 3 sons and asked them to buy things and fill up a room completely. “First son bought hay for RM100/- but couldn’t fill the room entirely. “Second son bought cotton for RM100/- but couldn’t fill the room entirely. “Third son bought a candle for RM1/- and lit it up and… Read more »

Andrew I

Haha, bet he wasn’t expecting that one. A very little Johnny type question. Johhny always asks the most awkward questions in class. I’ll post a little Johnny joke soon.


Sorry off topic but still relevant

SUPER GUAN ENG: Only 8 yrs old in 1969 and yet Umno says he started May 13

Ahmad Sobri

This UMNO folks, has got no grey matters, also to those in GELAKAN, Penang. Talking about GELAKAN, though today it is a political dinosaur, we read their Penang BN chief saying they are not subservient to UMNO, do you trust him? And also, Penang UMNO trying to hoodwink Penangnites, saying the CM will be from GELAKAN if UMNO wins? Can you trust the balance of power? In the hands of UMNO or GELAKAN? Another thing, GELAKAN is the most despicable political party in Malaysia. Think about it, this basically a party of MCA turncoats, who left MCA to form GELAKAN!… Read more »

Ahmad Sobri

Just do not understand who is behind all the latest silly antics of UMNO/Barisan Nasinal? Looks like the works of childish novice politicians? Very eerily similar to a silly commenter here? Burger protest, sexual harassments buttock protest, the incident in Merlimau, the incident at Speakers Square Pulau Pinang, the charging of DSAI, Azmin, Chegubard, the Azmin pictures, Ambiga and Bersih committee being sued. LOL, so funny. We just have to thank the political novices behind all these actions which will only spur the already angered Rakyat to vote them out! Clearly, the gomen is not in a mood to admit… Read more »

Gerakan K

1Malaysia PM Najib, you have my support for this action.

RM122000 is too conservative !!! They should ask for more !!! But since BERSIH is (allegedly) pakatan initiative, they will pay it. No problem for that. Just ask Tunku Aziz. He will share his RM50 000 experience.

Andrew I

Hello, welcome back. Which RM 50,000 did he experience? I thought he turned down the job offer. Yes, it’s too low for you. Your wife could earn that in less than a year, but it’s quite a lot for families who cannot put enough food on the table, despite this country producing oil since 1974.


Well well this is what the 1 assembly bill is.
Charge you in court and also milk you dry.
Geelakan, please don’t spin and liar….
Bersih is an NGO initiative


The 388 wrongfully arrested, some beaten & verbally abused during Bersih 428 may also sue the government. With all the glaring evidences in video, witnesses & press pics, who is going to tell lies? Gelakan minions like GK can continue to eat worm infested pop corns while it lasts until GE13. 2012 is truly an eventful, sleepless & ominous year for the lying & cheating & corrupting regime that is so desperate as to ask coconut head butt shakers to do a demo. My advice to GK not to continue burying ‘its’ head in the Kotor soil seeking the underworld… Read more »


If Bersih appeals to its supporters for 50sen each, GK, Bersih will rake in millions of RM! Let’s hope Bersih starts the ball rolling and let us humiliate your Pay Masters.