Government requests approval for another RM12.7bn for 2012


The government is requesting approval for an additional RM12.7bn under a “supplementary supply bill” for 2012 on top of amounts previously approved for that year.

The bulk of this was for the Education Ministry (RM3.4bn) and ‘Treasury General Services’ (RM3.4bn), said the business portal The Edge.

Previously, in mid-2012, the government had requested an additional RM13.8bn for 2012. (Much of this, RM11.2bn, was for Treasury General Services).

These two Bills would total up to RM26bn in additional expenditure for which approval was requested.

The original budgeted expediture for 2012 was RM231bn (see below).


So the RM26bn additional amount requested amounts to 11 per cent more than what was originally budgeted for 2012 expenditure. See this report in The Edge.

Why wasn’t this RM26bn budgeted in the original budget? Was this additional spending related to pre-GE13 spending? Next year, there could be a 2013 supplementary budget to be approved for more GE13 spending.

Political scientist Bridget Welsh has estimated the pre-election spending at RM57bn.

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KL Soo

Najib could well be spending more now that he realised the true crime rate has risen above his KPI and he could no longer attribute the problem to public perception like his cousin.

Zahid said he only has 1 policeman for 700 rakyat, unlike New York that has 1 policeman for every 35 New York residents. However, we must ask Zahid why his Home Ministry is silent on the number of staff in the Special Branch (SB) and the Special Task Force (STF) departments?


1 policeman for 700 rakyat and yet 10,000 policeman for one peaceful street walk ?


Surely the reader and people will be sour when prices increase are use to benefit their cronies. More like legal Ah Long & jaga kereta collecting 2.00 for every car queue. Furore over new RM2 charge at KLIA he payment of a facilitation fee to an entity that has been appointed as “taxi queue manager” at the Kuala Lumpur International Airport (KLIA) has gotten airport taxi users hot under the collar. A private company, Mesra Indah Jaya Sdn Bhd (MIJ), has been given the monopoly to sell taxi coupons at RM2 each, without which passengers cannot board metered taxis at… Read more »

Gerakan K (minion leader)

The sour-ness of readers here are astonishing !!! Anyway, any extra allocation IS legitimate provided it is approved by majority of MPs. Sound funny, isn’t it ??? Minority government as claimed by some bright souls able to pass extra budget with ease. Why the majority of MPs never blocked it ???

Andrew I

To save their own careers?


Likely due to expenses related to buying votes in GE13?


BN is a Bad example to rakyat who already high in household debt.


minority government approving wastages and corrupt spending?
would be sacked long time ago in private sector if simple yearly budget cant be done!!
a minion trying to defend the indefensible. hmm that’s expected.


What actually happened is that growth was higher than expected, they collected more than expected taxes and keep moving the goal post of the deficit reduction targets so that they could bust the original budget each time.

All it just says is that the govt fails to do what it says it will but lucky enough and sly enough to keep coming up with excuses. What is so surprising about that – it is UMNO/BN govt for decades..


What is the role of elected reps who make up the highest authority in the land? To rubber-stamp the hemhorrage of money.

Phua Kai Lit

Hey, our Minister of Finance has a degree in economics from a
world class British university !

Gerakan K

The extra allocation was approved by people’s representatives, i.e. the MPs. What is your complaint then ??? You need to understand basic democracy system.

don anamalai

What is the point of having a budget (bajet) when you always overspend?
It shows ill-discipline and attempt to deceive rakyat.


Now Japan consortium buying over the condo cows ? Could be more popular than infamous Kobe Beef since they are reared inside air-con condo ???


Spend spend spend like nobody business is a certain way to bankruptcy when expenditure consistently exceeds income. Prepare for the worst ladies and gentlemen , tighten your belt now.

Andrew I

I remember one minister saying you can always print more.

In Octopussy, the villain made sure he didn’t forget his plates when he had to run: you can always print your own.


Aiyoo sudah habiskah duit pocket?

rajraman.and spend the money as you wish like buy a cow and train the HM with cow brains but the balance how much you going to take for your pocket? Sorry cows you always become an example

Gerakan K

This writer seems more sour than the GE13 losing candidates/parties. I have no problem if the extra money being spent on education. By the way, recent financial data released by Bank Negara shown that our nation reserve is at very healthy level. I only believing official audited data and not someone from Wales.

Lain kalilah !!!


The peoples` debts are at its highest, the govt debts are at its highest approaching the bankruptcy status. These are all statistics from Bank Negara. Its simply moronic to call these healthy.

Andrew I

Gherkin is the result of an expensive education system.