Gearing up for Bukit Gantang



BN/Umno flags already fluttering in the Taiping-Bukit Gantang  area Photo by Jong

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kaki l

How come suddenly after this Perak political crisis, UMNO becomes the ‘grrreat protector of the Palace? Why are they diverting issues and who are they trying to bluff?

come on la friend…politic also like a sports what…last time liverpool are on top of BPL because they are unbeaten…but now MU are running away because of the form…. The Pakatan goverment really dont know how to manage Perak State.lots of issue, isu tanah, isu tabika, isu about malay contractor, isu about JKKK, this thing dont simple take for granted…now u see zamri yang syok2 naik camry…hahahhaha


PAS cant win because malays consider PR now as Penderhaka Raja (PR)while the non malays currently are very upset and sadden when Ngeh and all the PR exco became “Menteri Pasola”.what a shame for Penipu Rakyat Gov in perak having thier meting bawah pokok….


PAS will surely win..!1..takbir..!!


This time around BN will be very careful on’spending’.They failed in P.Pauh n KT despite pouring in millions here n there.BN will capitalise on Anwar’s issue n ‘insolence’ towards the palace other than playing on economic matters.No fear.BN is expected to lose more.Tho ‘ceramah’is banned,there are other ways we can work out to win over voters.God Willing we will thrash BN.


all talk only lah.
give 1000 each sure they support BN.


And over here at the other Bukit, Selambau that is … Fed Minister hosting a big do on 15th Feb, to what else … campaign before nominations . So what else is new !


UMNO will pour money to Bukit Gantang in coming 2 months. Voters in this area will get at least few hundreds ringgit which is good during economy downturn. This UMNO (may) think money can buy frogs from PR as well as voters. They will get another big know-out on 7 April.


Oh, just sink them. Sink them bad. Because Najib is in power. It must be a landslide. 1600 majority is not enough. You need more. If UMNO loses Bukit Gantang, Zam can bury his head in the sand

Oh by the way, Since we have a DAP speaker in state assembly, we can make a living hell for BN. Sack and Bar 3 jokers from coming into state assembly. Chase Zam and his gang out of the state assembly whenever possible. Have a hostile takeover. Forcing Zam to ask for dissolution


Just 2 days ago, the umno puteri said they are moving into the ground… I think this is significant. I am concerned that with simultaneous elections, pakatan may be low on resources….

The EC’s partiality is really disgusting…. what concerns me most is, in the past, when people do bad things, they will take pains to camoflage… nowadays, they are just blatant, and put it in your face.. perhaps this is waht is predicted in the bible, the days of lawlessness…..


BN, again, flaunts the law more and more blatantly with no sign of regret. While PDRM is restricting traffic and ceramah, though it has no business doing this, to inconvenience the Rakyat.

Rakyat of the two Bukit, SHOW BN THE DOOR! Unless and until it respects law and constitution.


How come suddenly after this Perak political crisis, UMNO becomes the ‘grrreat protector of the Palace? Why are they diverting issues and who are they trying to bluff?

HRH the Sultan of Selangor is upset, Perakians are upset, the whole nation is upset and I am upset too! Let’s remember as always, ‘Respect is Mutual and must be earned!’ !!!!


Flags and buntings
Up and away by Harm Noh
And the Mai Chai hides in the shadow
Busy calculating what gains to pocket

Isn’t it illegal?
There shouldn’t be any campaign
What will the EC chairman say?
A muted web, see no distraction?

On the streets
The message is clear
Harm Noh took the state government
Through the back doors

Now the UMNO and BN flags and buntings
Flapping illegally EC doesn’t see
Hope PR doesn’t fall into its trap
Follow the illegal Mat Rempit


I doubt the efficiency of BN and Umno’s Flags. It is useless. The Perakians do not buy their way of promoting to the people. People have a reliable choice in their heart.


It’s PAS that will win again.


Will Putrajaya or the Palace ever heed the voice of the people? I don’t think so, not yet.

Honest view

Haha, kiasu? Sure ‘Su’ lah, Umno and BN.


My observation has convinced me, PAS ‘ground troopers’ are by far the most effective way to gain support from the electorates, than, all the bantings BN can display. PAS votes are not easily bought,
changing their minds is like moving the mountain…PAS Kelatan State
is a fine example. PR needs just to get the non-muslim votes. At the present political climate, PR has the edge.


So this is democracy according to BN? Already campaigning before nomination day?
Oh I forgot, Perak felled into their hands. It’s theirs to manipulate how they like!