GE13: Bersih’s special announcement


Bersih reps Pak Samad and Maria Chin Abdullah update us on developments ahead of GE13.

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Election kopitiam talk (a short video)

Joseph Ooi

Senai Airport was in Choas yesterday because about more than 1000people blocked the
incoming of foreigners into the state of Johore. Upon checking on thier I/C some has i/cs with
validity date dated 2014 on the card. What is happening in Malaysia now?. Cannot believe it
that i/c have validity date and I see now in my own i/c. We aregoing back today to make our
vote count.


For the sake of our children and future generations we need to reject this votes buying by Umno and pursue our goal for a better Malaysia tell Umno enough is enough we have suffered for far too long under Umno UBAH ini-kalilah vote PAS DAP PKR our only hope is to send ANWAR to putrajaya to put back Malaysia on the right track.


Go out and make sure there is no fraud. Please Please Please as this is our only chance to oust the corrupt Ah Cheap BN UMNO and their sycophants