Four years since 8 March 2008


Few people remembered the fourth anniversary of 8 March 2012 today. Maybe because everyone is focusing so intently on the coming general election.

Another general election comes along and hopes for change continue to burn brightly.

The hopes for serious reforms and a viable two coalition system have not dimmed with the passage of time. Rather there is great expectation over the coming general election.

In most informed conversations, the talk invariably shifts to the general election with many expressing fervent hope for change. “It’s now or never” is the common refrain.

That said, we should remember that democracy is more than just elections. Other vital ingredients in a democracy include public participation in the decision-making process, free media, freedom of assembly, freedom of expression and respect for the basic rights enshrined in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. Plus the political, civil, economic, social and cultural rights found in the related UN Covenants.

We need people-centred sustainable development – not corporate-led unsustainable neo-liberal development. People (and Nature) before profits.

It’s all part of a wider struggle for people-centred globalisation, a globalisation of solidarity – rather than corporate-led globalisation.

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Ong Ong

In the last 4 years, I see the NGO in Penang are very active. =D


It has been an interesting 4 years. Clearly some changes are permanent meaning PR is here to stay and if they stay long enough, certaintly will take over UMNO-Perkasa/BN. Its also certain that UMNO-Perkasa/BN is incapable of reform. Getting rid of UMNO-Perkasa/BN out of office is a favour to them. The question really is do Malaysian know what to do what is best for them? The question may not be that simple..In hindsight, Malaysian voters have been very lucky, not particularly wise, but not moronic either. But UMNO-Perkasa/BN are capable of the biggest incompetencies. NFC aside, even the recent outburst… Read more »


If the STPM is scrapped, the standard of our u graduates will definitely drop. In the 60s the standard of HSC is very high. Even if you have good Senior Cambridge results, you would still have to sit for the qualifying test (QT) before you can be admitted to Form 6. Well so much so for our education system, it is now going down the drain mediocre

Ahmad Sobri

Four years on, there had been much changes. Changes initiated by Barisan Nasional and NOT Pakatan Rakyat! Changes that brought the ugly faces of absolute arrogance, total intimidation and the introduction of violence WIITHOUT the interference of the police and ABSOLUTE silence from the Government. The intimidations, so bad, that those thugs were metres away from the Ketua Menteri! We had never had it so bad, but, aye, it is now all before our eyes, and for all to see. The demonstrations carried out right in the centre of the city, of Pulau Pinang, causing untold losses to businesses, especially… Read more »


Dear Ahmad Sobri.

You have put your case succinctly.
I cannot have expressed it any better to maintain the STPM.
I agree with you fully.


My Form 6 HSC Cert of 1970’s still holds better value than any of our Malaysian matriculation today! Cambridge Value, not ApaNamaValue. During my time we think more than rote study. We questioned, we debated rather than gulped wholesale the volumes of study facts. Yes, lots of researching and tons of notes but the studying was not like today. We didn’t go to tuition centres but studied after school hrs in school libraries. No computers, no online access. By the time we reached home (usually 3pm) where got time for tuition. Some of us had to cook our own 3… Read more »


Sobri, the end result speaks for itself in the private sector employment. A hard-to-deny fact of life, even the ostrich BLH could feel it in its cranial void deep underground. Sad to say this, the more globalized our nation becomes or unwillingly becomes, the more graduate work-beggars we will see in the corridors of work interviews in the future. No amount of ‘adjusting’ our education system to placate the kampung jaguhs of katak-katak will help the nation as a whole. Better to take the bitter pills of reality for education reform for progress for all (than regress) NOW than end… Read more »

Ahmad Sobri

Dear Wira and Tunglang, Thank you for your interests and support, the fact is the scrapping of the STPM is to satisfy the need of one particular group of students. And you know who. This scrapping of the STPM is not to upgrade the quality of our education, but, moreso to put into universities, students who does not deserve to be there, but for political convenience. So will the Chinese, Indians, Kadazans, Ibans, Dayaks has a chance to compete and rightfully given places in public universities? This is a blatant attempt to deny the huge quality minorities from entering public… Read more »


What do you mean by “public participation in the decision-making process”?


What is the SOP for this consultation? Also I hope you agree final say lies with those elected into office.


308 Tsunami to happen again ….


Post 308 – shortlived Pakatan’s reign in Perak because alledgely
Kidex (Kinrara-Damansara Expressway) concession was awarded to Umno-linked firms “as a reward for Perak’s fall”(the contract’s whopping RM2.2 billion price tag as proof).

How can a highway of 50km cost RM2.2 billion and then the Banting-Taiping highway, which was initially supposed to be RM3 billion, costs RM7.07 billion for a much longer distance ???

So my dear friends this coming GE13 vote against Corruption !!!


“We need people-centred sustainable development – not corporate-led unsustainable neo-liberal development. People (and Nature) before profits.”

Aye! It must always be people before profit, profits are to sustain lives, not crush it, the earth must be protected too, not plundered & robbed of it’s forests.


Keep the momentum on, vote for change, vote for a brighter future for our next generation, vote for a fair, equal and caring new Malaysia.


Yea yea yea !!! We want a a new dawn… We want a NEW Malaysia and not One Tipu Malaysia.

By the way guys, you know the farmer who put up Pakatan’s flag during the recent Sarawak’s election, his subsidies were cancelled, so DAP (Neo Nie Ching) is raising fund for him….

Any amount is welcomed.

You can read the news @ Malaysiakini (for details).

Banyak terima kasih !

Syiok Syiok

every vote counts.
so if you think bn after 50 plus years raise your standard of living then by all means vote for them.
howver, if your disposable income cannot meet daily basic expenses and big ticket items (like a house/home, a car, able to buy new phones/gadgets every now and then) then you better think real hard.
furthermore, if your basic rights being infringed by the authority you also need to think hard.

For me, my choice has been made up because don’t need to think too hard


Lets make it another historical event.
Kick out Najib, Ammo and Barang Naik


Let us vote for Ah Soon Khor to become the next CM. He has many ideas and many talks. But we are still waiting if he stand against LGE and not caught with pants down as PR is oredi making preparation.


Ah Soon Khor

Confirm or not so. Otherwise parties will not join the fight like the Good, Bad or Ugly. Let it be a direct draw. At the same time, your supporters will give you 200% help.


ask yourself if it is not PR scores the upset in 308, do you think BN especially UMNO would change? kita kena bersyukur kepada Allah yang membawa perubahan kepada Malaysia !!!!!!