Blocked from Merlimau talk, Ambiga addresses all Malaysians


Ambiga and the Bersih team have sent a message to all Malaysians after she was forced to cancel her speaking engagement in Merlimau following reports that it could be harassed or disrupted.

The concerns were not unfounded. A mob reportedly pelted two DAP state assembly person and their supporters as they were leaving the event organised by the Malacca Pas Supporters Club. The entrance to the event had been blocked by a group of 200 red-shirted people.

The red-shirted group in Merlimau - Photograph:

We are seeing the same kind of disturbing fascist behaviour rearing its ugly head again.

And what does the “reformist” Prime Minister have to say about this kind of hooliganism by such mobs?

Ambiga says she only wants to speak about clean and fair elections and she cannot understand why anyone would have a problem with that.

As part of the Jom 100 campaign, she, Pak Samad and the Bersih team are calling for a 100 per cent voter turnout to overcome any possible attempt to cheat at the polls or to intimidate voters through violence and hooliganism: “Keluar mengundi, lawan penipuan!”

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It will be good if Ambiga were to be given a chance to contest – to takeon some heavyweights from UMNO in Melaka. With the harassment she has been subjected to and her office being broken into -it is as though some people who are privy to such personal information have leaked them out this to their “abangs”, PR should consider this option. And the tagline of her campaign should be :- ‘Your personal details can be leaked out by the very people entrusted to safeguard you- I am a victim, tomorrow it could be you!? Do you want to… Read more »


Hyenas, a species of the canine is a much better choice …

Good to get such species as pet canine which will protect Ambiga & her property from wild & violent trespassers. But have to keep the Hyenas within compound (legally for free range roaming …).

Buttock Brainy

Slowly-slowly, we paint the meaning to the colors. Red for cowardice, yellow for courageous. The red dodges, excuses, avoids, hides, shows only the hidden hand and color of red. Show their butts and asked who can the boss is, if not the butt? The yellow, persistence, confront directly on their nose and face. Answered, voters are the boss! until their votes casted. The colors were taken … waiting the whistle to be blown. A battle of resourceful cowardice against courageous of few goodmen/women … who will triumph? Can the voters ‘energized’ by the courageous? Will the voters bite the election… Read more »


Pronoucements of the democratic, reformist PM:
– He and (uspecified) associates would “defend” Putrajaya even at the cost of “broken bones and lost lives.”
– In answer to a journalist asking whether his goverment would hand over power peacefully if it lost the elections: “I don’t have the answet to that.”


– In answer to a journalist asking whether his goverment would hand over power peacefully if it lost the elections: “I don’t have the answet to that.”
Sure there is ‘plan B’ in his un-gentleman scheming of not handing over in case he lose badly. Learnt from his past predecessors of the 60’s. This shows he has no sincere respect for the Rakyat’s majority decision to vote for PR.
So why should he tell us by playing dumb, dumb & helpless.


Umno is really stupid.
They are doing so much to demonise Ambiga and we rakyat knew it.
More people turned ABU because of the silly antics of Umno and their controlled NGOs.


gerakan k

well done with your UMNO reforms. yup, into an ugly thuggerish gang. mugabe, UMNO has learned well from you.


Unsurprising given that Melaka is Ali Rustam’s backyard – a well-known UMNO ‘tai-kor’ especially through Belia 4B organisation.


Also not surprising is that our N… PM choses one who was found guilty of money politics to be a the CM

Gerakan K

Anil: “.. event organised by the Malacca Pas Supporters Club”

Enough evidence already, BERSIH is pakatan initiative. I predict Ambiga will contest MP and ADUN seats under pakatan.

Andrew I

Your people could organize one too, but then that would be like shooting your own foot.


Does it matter whose initiative it is if it is for free and fair election.
But it matter when thuggery, violence and mobster rule the day
And who are these thugs and mobster from.
Your guess is as good as mine.

Geelakan does not bother whether there is violence or thuggery. What matter to him just like his N… & AMMO is corruption and MMM


If ever Ambiga contests MP and ADUN seats under pakatan, will you call the Polis & FRU?
I can sense your Boh Lan Hoot is shaking like those butt shakers!
Keep on burying your head like your mentor political eunuch cum ostrich until after GE13.
Good night!


All these burger, butt and the mobster from Merlimau are racist just like geelakan. Why they target Ambiga and not Pak Samad or the rest. Its a pity that Uthayama is too blind to see this point and wanted to split the votes of PR at next Ge.

Drogba 4 Bersih

with such ugly mob behavior, can you ever wonder what a scenario will be like when Pakatan takes over Putrajaya on GE13 ?
Don’t need to guess as someones are scheming the fear tactics again and again !

Ahmad Sobri

Our PM, reformist? Well, it is for you to judge. Since 2009, just what had he done to say what he meant? NOTHING! He says one thing and the next day, his deputy will do the opposite. Clearly, Najib is not in control of his party and the country! He is a mere puppet put up there by the real power that be, and Najib is happy to sit there and enjoy all the benefits of being a PM! Sad indeed to see the country deteriorating to such an extent! Until and unless we wake up and send this sick… Read more »


Agree with Sobri. Yes let us spread the message, CHANGE.
Let us make sure that its 100% turnout to overcome any possible attempt to cheat..

ABU Change is what we need. Vote Pakatan Rakyat (PR)


james loh

If we compare Bersih 3.0 crowd and this crowd at Malacca you’ll notice a great difference. Bersih 3.0 is well represented by peace loving Malaysian of all races. This is the kind of Malaysia we want. We must not let Hang Samseng continue destroying Malaysia.

100% voters turnout is the only way to save Malaysia!