Four way-way contest in Sungai Siput


Parti Sosialis Malaysia’s Dr Jeyakumar Devaraj, the incumbent in the Sungai Siput parliamentary seat, will be up against BN, PH (PKR) and Pas. 

This will be the fight of his life, and a battle to retain PSM’s sole seat in Parliament.

In the last general election, Jeyakumar retained the seat with a 2,793-majority under a PKR ticket in a three-way contest with BN (MIC) and an independent.

Another PSM leader Rani Rasiah will be contesting in the state seat of Buntong.

Meanwhile, the Negri Sembilan MB has won the Rantau state seat unopposed. Some technicality may have created a problem over there. When nomination papers are purchased from the Electoral Commission, candidates are given three passes: one for the candidate, one for the proposer and another for the seconder. The passes bear the name, identity card number and photo. When was this ruling enforced and has it been done consistently? See Rafizi’s response below.

In Wangsa Maju, the PKR candidate had a narrow escape after failing to bring along her identity card.

Over in the Bukit Melawati state seat in Selangor, PKR has been unable to replace its candidate, whose address in the identity card was somewhere else.

PH candidates have been rejected at the state seats of Tawang and Kuala Balah in Kelantan and Bukit Pasir in Johor.

Tian Chua’s candidacy in the Batu parliamentary seat has been rejected, presumably because he had been fined RM2,000 earlier.

In an immediate response, Bersih said: “How can SPR disqualify Tian’s candidacy on the grounds of fine of RM2,000 in a court case when his candidacy was accepted in the last election despite the same situation? This is clearly a manipulation of rules by SPR and a clear injustice!”

Lawyer Eric Paulsen of Lawyers for Liberty tweeted: “This is wrong. The High Court judge was very clear during sentencing that following previous precedent, the fine of RM2000 would not disqualify him from GE.”

All these are totally shocking and unnecessary losses on technical grounds. Perhaps in future all the opposition candidates should have standby reps?

Already BN has a head-start with the Batu parliamentary seat while Sungai Siput looks uncertain. (Any BN candidates rejected today?)

Meanwhile, there’s going to be a four-way contest in Pekan. Najib will have to face off against PH, Pas and an independent. Over in Langkawi, Mahathir is up against BN and Pas.

Rafizi Ramli has just issued this statement regarding Rantau:


Negara dikejutkan dengan peristiwa Pegawai Pengurus Pilihanraya (“Returning Officer”) bagi kawasan Dewan Undangan Negeri (DUN) Rantau (dalam kawasan Parlimen Rembau) yang menolak kertas pencalonan calon PH, Dr Streram Sinnasamy untuk membolehkan wakil BN, Dato’ Seri Mohamad Hassan menang tanpa bertanding.

Alasan yang diberikan adalah tiada kertas pencalonan yang dikemukakan sehingga jam 10 pagi iaitu tarikh akhir mengemukakan pencalonan.

Dr Streram Sinnasamy telah berada di perkarangan dewan pencalonan sejak pukul 8 pagi lagi. Beliau tidak dibenarkan masuk oleh pihak RO yang bertugas dan pegawai-pegawai polis atas alasan tiada pas masuk SPR. Beliau terus dihalang sehingga jam 10.03 pagi.

Pada jam 10.03 pagi, tiba-tiba pegawai RO membenarkan pula borang-borang pencalonan Dr Streram Sinnasamy dibawa masuk tetapi kemudiannya diumumkan tidak boleh diterima kerana telah melepasi tempoh waktu.

Saya dimaklumkan oleh wakil-wakil PH di dalam dewan bahawa Pengarah SPR Negeri Sembilan sebenarnya telah mengarahkan RO di situ untuk membenarkan Dr Streram mengemukakan borang penamaan seawal 930 pagi lagi, tetapi RO berkenaan melengah-lengahkan sehingga hanya membenarkan pada pukul 1003 pagi untuk dijadikan alasan menolak borang pencalonan.

Kerusi DUN Rantau adalah kerusi yang mempunyai pengundi India yang tinggi. Pecahan pengundi di DUN Rantau adalah: Melayu (53%), Cina (19%) dan India (27%).

PH melalui KEADILAN telah mengarahkan Dr Streram Sinnasamy untuk menawarkan khidmat rakyat di DUN Rantau sejak 2 tahun lalu. Dr Streram adalah seorang pakar anasthethis yang berkhidmat di Nilai Specialist dan telah banyak berkhidmat dengan pengundi-pengundi di Rantau terutamanya pengundi India.

Sejak setahun lalu, kedudukan Dato’ Seri Mohamad Hassan nampak goyang apabila peralihan undi yang besar dijangka akan berlaku di kalangan pengundi-pengundi terutamanya pengundi India, yang dalam PRU yang lalu memberi sokongan kepada BN.

Tindakan tidak membenarkan calon PH mengemukakan borang pencalonan untuk menang percuma adalah satu tindakan yang bacul di pihak Dato’ Seri Mohamad Hassan dan Khairy Jamaluddin.

Saya percaya pengundi-pengundi, terutamanya pengundi India di Negeri Sembilan dan seluruh negara dapat menilai sendiri bagaimana pimpinan tertinggi BN seperti Mohamad Hassan dan Khairy Jamaluddin sangat takut dengan kebangkitan dan kesatuan rakyat pelbagai kaum yang menuntut perubahan di Putrajaya.

Saya akan hadir ke Rembau pada hari Isnin untuk mempastikan pengundi-pengundi di Rembau menghukum Khairy Jamaluddin yang bersekongkol dengan Mohamad Hassan untuk menang percuma kerana takut bertarung.

Saya juga menyeru pengundi-pengundi India di Rembau untuk memberikan undi secara besar-besaran kepada calon PH di Rembau, Kolonel (B) Rosli untuk menghukum Khairy Jamaluddin dan Barisan Nasional. Sekiranya PH mendapat 60% sokongan pengundi India di Rembau, Khairy Jamaluddin akan ditewaskan.

Menewaskan Khairy Jamaluddin di Rembau adalah jalan terbaik untuk menghukum Mohamad Hassan, Khairy Jamaluddin dan Barisan Nasional yang berkomplot menafikan seorang profesional India mencabar Mohamad Hassan, dalam keadaan BN semakin goyah.

Sebarkan kepada seberapa ramai pengundi di Rembau, di Negeri Sembilan dan di seluruh negara.


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Ho Wan Lai
Ho Wan Lai
28 Apr 2018 6.55pm

Lesson learnt from Marvel’s superheroes movies is that you need strong alliance to achieve the positive results, otherwise get crushed no matter how idealistic if to run individually without partners.

29 Apr 2018 11.26am

Now is not the time to go ‘solo’, Jeyakumar.
See what is happening to PH candidates.
Together we win, divide we perish.

Timothy Selvaraj
Timothy Selvaraj
4 May 2018 7.02pm

After 60 years rule BN/UMNO are more confident to take Rayat’s money without shame. This corrupt practices must stop. Vote for change – Pakatan did a good job in Selangor and Penang. Surely they will do a better job in in Putrajaya. Vote Pakatan

Tan Yong Hua
Tan Yong Hua
4 May 2018 2.48pm

509 is the final chance for all voter to
throw all of MALAYSIA and welcome Pakatan Harapan to Putrajaya.

Hidup Tun Mahathir. Hidup Rakyat.

29 Apr 2018 9.25am

To the disappointment of many of my Indian friends, they felt the local political scene is devoid of local Indian heroes. But my Indian barber told me Rajnikanth is no real hero either in real life despite trying to rejuvenate his Sivaji persona in ‘Kaala’ (India’s Black Panther).

29 Apr 2018 1.23pm
Reply to  Song

Yes, no credible Indian leader.
Just vote Harapan.

BB resident
BB resident
17 May 2018 12.51pm

PSM central committee member S Arutchelvan (known as “Arul”) spoke to Green Left Weekly after GE14: Since 2016, the PSM has made it clear that we do not accept Mahathir leading the opposition. We do accept the fact, however, that he was key in pulling in the Malay votes for this election. We reiterate that winning the election is only half the battle. Now we will have to see if Mahathir is really for total reform or not. We fared badly, not due to our ideas or campaigns, but because we were victims of the people’s tsunami desperately seeking to… Read more »

9 May 2018 3.57pm

Jeyakumar says BN may win Sungai Siput, blames ‘unwise’ Harapan Yap Jia Hee 9 May 2018, 3:26 pm (Updated 9 May 2018, 3:52 pm) A A GE14 | Seven hours after polling began, two-term Sungai Siput incumbent Dr D Michael Jeyakumar believes he might lose the parliament seat in Perak. He also said BN could recapture the seat which was once the stronghold of former MIC president S Samy Vellu due to the split in votes for the opposition. “If PSM contested against BN alone, we can win. Editor’s Pick A political storm is coming “But now with PKR and… Read more »

8 May 2018 12.06pm

Do the people of Malaysia want Malaysia to have a Prime Minister who is recognised all over the world as a thief?

If they want a PM who is honest, they must vote Pakatan.

2 May 2018 10.43am

I still dont understand why pkr mainstream and pas are so afraid of these socialist candidates? Isnt it Dr Jeya who fight for the poor and oppressed? How you talk about Islamic priciples when u fail to assist the poor and least fortunate?
Arent Felda and Felcra scehemes part of socialist concept to raise poor Malays from rich and aristocratic Malay feudals?