Five reasons for Pakatan Harapan’s chastening defeat in Tanjung Piai


The Pakatan Harapan defeat in yesterday’s Tanjung Piai polls was the most predictable of all the by-elections held since the 2018 general election.

But the 15,086-vote margin of defeat must have stunned many pundits. Yet, the signs were there that a resounding defeat was on the cards.

What were the main factors behind this pummelling at the polls? How did the PH lose a seat – by a factor of 1:2.5 – to a coalition of parties that had propped up a globally derided kleptocracy until 2018?

1. You can’t outdo Umno and Pas in playing the race-religion card

Umno and Pas are masters at the game. PH, on the other hand, was voted in on a wave of hope for a new Malaysia that goes beyond the old politics of race and religion. And for a while after the general election, it had the upper hand.

The pushback from Umno and Pas came swiftly after they had licked their wounds, culminating in the rally to oppose the ratification of the International Convention on the Elimination of All Form of Racial Discrimination. They have deftly capitalised on Malay-Muslim insecurities that they would be marginalised under the new administration.
The Pakatan Harapan government blinked – and the rest is history. Full article on the Aliran website

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Mahathir has done his part in bringing down the corrupted BN/UMNO regime. However, he made the mistake of indulging in racial politics, trying to ape BN/UMNO. Putting incompetent Ministers and MBs from Pribumi Bersatu and Azmin Ali in the government is another mistake, as in courting UMNO and PAS. The majority of Malaysians want a clean, non-corrupted, non-racist and non-religious extremist government post GE14. However, Mahathir is unable to deliver what the people want and failed to steer the govt to fulfil the promises in the PH manifesto. The people will not accept BN/UMNO again and reject PAS as these… Read more »


Very clearly Bersatu is having the most number of ministers unfit or the jobs. Mahathir appointed them because of loyalty and not their capability. Clearly Bersatu leaders are non performers in their respective portfolia. It’s only who is the worst.


The fact remains that DAP ministers have out performed ministers who were in BN government. Well replace them with idiots from UMNO you will see the thieves all over the place. Tun’s idea of leaving the country in good hands will be failure …

Thalapathy Mutiara

Tanjung Piai tsunami to trigger one at TANJUNG in the north?
Politikus reshuffling then remnants of foes become friends & vice versa when new trinity formed umNO-Bersatu-Pas??? Or even more when Azmin seeking new base camp?
Anything is possible. Shriek n Tunglang can even in single forceful tone with or without Wei to combat potential demise of common interest?
Subscribe to for all to unfold……

Gan Sumareh

Padan Muka says Mariam Mokhtar; i think 15K majority a good sample to reflect the frus and furious of Rakyat.

Wei and Shriek and Tunglang what’dyour verdict????


The people reject Mahathir and Pribumi Bersatu in Tg Piai because we reject racism and corruption. However, we don’t want BN/UMNO/MCA/MIC back. The other component parties in PH – PKR, DAP and Amanah need to get the signal and reform accordingly. Don’t just follow Mahathir and Pribumi Bersatu blindly.


Most malays felt that Bossku and Zahid are innocent since they are still roaming free making comments on Facebook etc. They will remain free till GE15?

Easy to put Bossku to jail for SRC (alleged) money laundering case(?)
Zahid case is more straight forward since the money in his Yayasan (allegedly) never go to charity for to settle his credit card debt(?).


Gerakan diminishes into oblivion while a ray of false hope for MCA to cling on.

MAJU vision and mission statements are miles ahead of those rent seeking anf wealth hoarding politicians!


Aliran folks like Anil must stand as independent candidates in the next PRU, join forces with MAJU to seek endorsement. Time for action as more writings on blogs will serve little purpose, aside from self agitation.


DAP men keep pointing at the ’60 years of BN rule’ for every of their shortcoming, forgetting that a big chunk of the 60 years or more than ⅓ of the period was under the premiership of Mahathir. What a loser. Meanwhile, banging the drum on the 1MDB scandal is slowly proving to be the albatross around Harapan’s neck. Nobody, certainly not people who are struggling economically, care about this issue, especially when the legal process is ongoing and there are more immediate problems. Similarly, when accusing the MCA of remaining silent when it comes to the alleged crimes of… Read more »


The popularity of DAP has dropped drastically. People here feel that you guys are becoming yes man especially the top guys with the exception of a few good guys like Ronnie, Ramasamy, Ram n a few others. Where is your Malaysia for Malaysian? The people of Malaysia are hoping that the change of government will improve malaysia. People are getting real fed up with leaders still talking about race and religion as the major issues.

Xing XiaoXiang

PH Universe Trilogy:

1. Age of Mahathirism
2. Infinity War (Team M vs Team A)
3. Endgame (Rise of Muafakat Ummah)


Iron Man died and Black Widow sacrificed in Avengers Endgame. Thanos dissolved.

Wonder who will be the casualties in PH Endgame. Muafakat Ummah may not rise if Bossku and Yayasan-Komedi are quickly dissolved into Bamboo Resort.


PH Civil War – either Azmin or Anwar will be the casualty.
The collateral damage is Pakatan, including DAP.

How about getting PRC expert to ascertain if that Azmin video is genuine, not fake?


PH leaders today are in different parallel universe after GE14!

Non Malays have little influence once those ummah are muafakat (assuming no power struggle and no chaos in seat allocation) in the name of race and religion to oust PH giving rise to Barisan Ummah!!


Good comment from Mariam Mokhtar: Thank you to the Muslim politicians (you know who you are), who gave racism and religious extremism a new lease of life by saying “Islam needs protecting and the Malays need defending”. From whom or what? Tell us. As far as we can see, Malays and Muslims need protecting from daft Malays and Muslims who are consumed with a lust for power and material goods, and don’t know how to lead. Thank you to the non-Malay politicians, who are afraid that if they say too much, they may be ejected as MP or minister. You… Read more »


What a joke all this effort by Bersatu to shore up its Malay Muslim support resulted in even less Malay votes and it did what UMNO and PAS and MIC and MCA could not do in the last 20 years to gain the non Muslim vote. What a disaster. You did not gain any of the voters you were aiming for and lost the voters you had. In business this leads to bankruptcy. Time to honour the election results of GE14.


Pity Dominic brought Gerakan to Johor after rejection in Penang trying to be a third force ended up as spent force losing deposit (or Hokkiens call it losing underwear) in Tanjung Piai – a graveyard for Gerakan in the southernest tip of Asia continent?


Zahid & Najib signaled Mahathir to letak jawatan?


Time for DSAI to take over PH and to revamp cabinet. Boy lajak minister, black shoes minister and flying car minister should be replaced with competent ones.


M is for Malaysia?

Time for Che Det to retire and write the final chapter of The Malay Dilemma or The Malay Dignity?


2020 is the time for him to go graciously!!!

Otherwise Bossku will make a comeback!!!

Then tragedy for all!

Milk Tea

MCA should now put aside the outstanding victory and serve the rakyat well. Don’t follow the likes of DAP, all talk, no action. People reject PH because they keep blaming on previous government while our country slum to our worst economic years…Thailand is an example how miserable we are.


There is a limit to one’s lifespan and also ability to work effectively let alone lead and manage a nation. Surely, with team work and consensus by all PH leaders and parties and professional advice from experts, Anwar can and should not have any problem taking over the PM post from Mahathir at anytime and lead the nation to greater height. For Mahathir to say that “to change in midstream would create problems and confusion” is just an excuse to stay on when the situation in the country now requires new, fresh, ideas and leadership approaches. That excuse is the… Read more »


Shriek is silenced by the by-election defeat of PH!

I think he needs time to recover, with a new identity!


PH main fault is because of Mahathir-Bersatu, without which PH will fall. PH other failures to deliver is mostly over promising in the first place. What do you expect the rest of PH to do? PH was a faulty solution to a severe problem. No one talks about not knowing how severe the problem than most understand and still critics refuse to speak the hard truth. Malaysia is broken, may not be repairable at all. The divide may be permanent and forseeble at its root in race and religion long ignored. To fix Malaysia may take confronting global historical religion… Read more »


It’s not simple. Tg Piai voters thought they were protesting against Mahathir and Bersatu not the very heart of Malay Muslim politics, the same way Hong Kong protestor think they are only fighting for Hong Kong, not China, the same way Brexiteers think they are just fighting EU, not globalisation, socialist in US fighting the rich, not technology and globalisation.

We are becoming Hong Kong, Brexit, Trump’s MAGA, and Chile too. We could even end up like Maduro Venezuela.


Don’t confuse cause with effect. Nothing wrong with Venezuela except for Great Shaitan trying desperately (and failing) to rob it of its petroleum. If “free market” is so great, why is HK in a mess, and why are there 10s of millions of desperately poor people in USA?